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We CAN Do Robotics. Merry Willis Carmel Elementary School Cherokee County Schools. merry.willis@cherokee.k12.ga.us http://goo.gl/H5QUB. Please be a good digital neighbor!. Please use bandwidth wisely dont download or stream large files. . The WeDo System. Sample Models. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



We CAN Do RoboticsMerry WillisCarmel Elementary SchoolCherokee County Schools


Please be a good digital neighbor!Please use bandwidth wisely dont download or stream large files.

The WeDo System

Sample ModelsLook what they can do!

WeDo software runs great on Windows, Mac and Linux computer OS. Because of the simpler nature it works well with netbooks and smaller displays all you need is a USB port!Getting Started with studentsIntroducing the kitsIntroducing the softwareK-23-5Centers? Whole Group? Small Groups?Dont Forget the Parents!What Comes in the Box?USB Hub provides power and communication for the Sensors and Motors.Motor provides motion (rotational) at different power levelsTilt Sensor Useful for cause and effect programming can send signal when tilted in 6 different ways. Motion Sensor Detects motion, also useful for cause and effect. Range of 15 cm or 6 inches.Software What makes it all work!Building Elements Various Lego pieces to build your creations with!PowerPoint overview of elementsElement Bingo GameThe Softwarehttp://aux.legoeducation.us/WeDoMastery/Introduction.html

Included Activities in the Teachers Guide4 thematic UnitsAmazing Mechanisms Physical Science FocusWild Animals Technology FocusPlay Soccer Mathematics FocusAdventure Stories Language FocusGetting Started Guide with overviews of parts and building

There are also Extension Activities that can be purchased. Classroom Management TipsNumber the kits or separate into part containersHave an Inventory Squad to help make sure kits are completeGroups of three are SOMETIMES difficult. When learning the programming and building groups of 2 are ideal for challenges groups of 5 or more (with the larger classes) work well Think about introducing in a centers rotation requires less kits, more cost effective.Ask parents for donations of old Lego sets the pieces will come in handy! (Especially the little-bitty rods, cams, bushings and pegs!) Use ebay to buy bulk lots of bricks. Boxtops and CokeRewards have a great bulk brick set as well!Invest in a brick separator (I actually bought one per student kit) it will reduce the amount of times you have to help students break apart pieces! http://shop.lego.com/en-US/Brick-Separator-630?p=630WeDo Possibilities!http://clickbrick.wordpress.com/tag/lego-wedo/

The Creative Building ChallengeEasy Design a device that will move a paperclip in some fashion. Intermediate Design a model of a see saw or other moving playground equipment. Advanced Create a vehicle that will move along the ground. Great Resource: http://www.legoengineering.com/get-started/ We Do Kits and Scratch Programming SoftwareYES! They work together! Can be an input or output device unlimited possibilities a controller for a game, an action upon completion!Scratch and WeDo resource site (MIT)WeDo / Scratch Mini GuideScratch and WeDo ideasChain Reaction ExampleSo What's the cost?http://www.legoeducation.us/eng/search/wedoLook at Bundles!Get Started and add more as you get funds:Get a site license for the software ($299.95), then add the $129.99 kits as finances allow more expensive than a bundle in the long run, but allows you to gradually addFind $$$$$Lego Education Grant Services:http://www.legoeducation.us/eng/grants/ or subscribe to their emails (monthly)


Community Resources

Expansion PossibilitiesResource KitsScenery KitsIndividual Elements (Ideal if going with Scratch for programming)MotorHubTilt SensorMotion SensorLIGHTS!!Questions and IdeasWhat questions do you have?

What are some ideas that you have for implementing Lego WeDo Robotics in your classroom?

We hope you enjoyed this GaETC session. Please give your feedback at www.gaetc.org/evaluate

Merry WillisCarmel Elementary SchoolCherokee County School Districtmerry.willis@cherokee.k12.ga.ushttp://goo.gl/H5QUB