we are crowd, we are anonymous

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  • A word of warning

    It is not may intention to make you feel offended,

    this talk is

    my view of the world,my experience,

    my life,my twisted sense of humour

    Respect it!!!

  • We Are Crowd

  • We Are Anonymous

  • Who am I?Journeyman through

    space, time and technology

    devoted follower in church of JVM

    Archaeologist of legacy code

  • ..But today...I am going to talk(or at least try)

    about feelings & emotions

  • ...PRIDE...

  • ...Meaning of life...

  • Software is eating the worldBy Marc Andreessen


    Complexity is eating softwareFor lunch

  • We Are GODS

  • If software is everywhereAnd

    Became a vital part of our livesWhy

    there is so much frustration

  • I am feeling lucky!

  • codebases we work with, suck

    Architects are stupid (I want to become one)

    I hate trend setters at conferences

    technology X sucks big time, and Y is new cool

    My manager doesn't understand how to do software

    All these processes and deadlines are sick

  • Why?

  • Hegemony of Mediocrity

  • Myth of 10x programmerWe don't trust you

    Clean code is expensive

    Workforce shortage

  • Decision Fatigue

    Distractions, distractions

    10-15 minutes Penalty

    Meetings, emails, MessengersOpen space

  • Disconnected fromOur creation

  • What we deliverIs not

    What customers get

    We tend to forget about it

    We live in an illusion that code

    Is important

  • We are hidden behind:

    Organization layers(sales, support, product)



  • How many times you have heard from your customer

    I saw your recent change to registration form, from the first look I

    knew it was you who coded it

    I think this pagination on orders page was probably coded by Tomasz, it must

    have been him

  • We Are Anonymous

  • Revolution is


  • stop complaining, criticizing and whining

    Be full of respect for the past generations,

    because the way you talk about old code today,

    will be the same way people will be

    talking about your code years from now

  • Be full of care about future generations,

    they will have to live with your legacy code

    Be full of childish curiosity, embrace failures,

    be open, experiment and share

  • Being proud of what you are doing is most rewarding thing in our life

    Be proud of who you are, dont accept mediocrity

    but dont punish people for it

    Dont make people feel bad about it (I know it is hard, trust me)

  • if code is bad, change it,

    if your not happy with a conference talk,

    submit your own,

    if you think your manager is an a**hole, become one,

    for a moment,

  • Do anything, to be proud ofwho you are,

    pride of your work will come later,


    Once you gain,Experience,Confidence,

    Respect & trust

  • Let the eternal stream of byte codeFlows through your body