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  • 1. Water balanceon Earth

2. an artificial lake built at the turn of 40s and 50s surface 1,4ha average depth 1,2m 3. Fitness trails. Bike lanes.Home for many species of animals. 4. RECREATIONGood conditions to do sports.Many bike lanes.BREEDING Jetties for fishermen.It delivers industrial water fortechnological processes.A source of drinking water foranimals. 5. We asked many questions.We were very curious.Nothing escaped our attention. 6. We found out how muchpeople know about the body of water called Janina.We questioned 70people, asking them 11 7. Do all members of your familyknow the body of water Janina? 60 57 50Number of people 40 30 20 10 8 5 0yes, all most of them nobody knowsMost of people know the body of water called Janina but theydo not have enough knowledge about it.They use bike lanes in the area of the body of water.They do not fish there.People know sources of pollution of the body of water. 8. Lectures Sightseeing Work record 9. Mechanical biological chemical water purification plant Gigablok:- based on the activated sludge method- disposal of biogenes - grit chamber - sludge higienisation facility- sludge digestion chambers 10. light orange colour odour-free, not transparentafter filtration the sediment wasred pH 10 high nitrate content 10mg/l 11. water polluted with heavy metals water polluted with detergentsthird class water quality water eutrophication 12. We have learnt how to improve the condition of the enviroment.We have learnt creative and precise solutions for the localenviroment.We have raised our sense of responsibility for this part of Earth where we live. 13. We have made a poster which summarizes our work and writtenan article to the locan newspaper We have raised our sense ofresponsibility for the piece ofEarth we live on. 14. Thanks foryourattention!