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Warrior of the Nemesis

PreviewName: Revenge of the Titians (ROT)TypeMMORPGWebgame


ThemeWestern mythology

Payment methodtool/equipment,membership.

ROT is a MMORPG webgame based on the Greek mythology,

Background A crack in time has appeared once more on the land of Atlantis. It was used to be sealed by the crystal of the Goddess of the Moon to send the evil back to where they belong. Now the dark army is challenging the crystal which cannot sustain very long. And the four tribes of the descendant of God are fighting together with the crystal to protect the land.

Warriors of the four tribes, namely soldier, archer ,magician and prophet are the main roles in the game. They will fight against the dark enemy with their team spirit, magic and adventure.

Artwork Style ROT displays a wonderful mysterious world including towns, vallies,snow mountains etc with refined picture and shadow effect by using the most updated development techniques. Players can enjoy a surreal world full of sensations.

Introduction of different occupation player can choose whatever they want occupation-wise. warriorborn for battle, perfect defense, severe physical damage. They know how to survive, and are the main protectors in the team, which is vital for the game. magicianmanipulator of elements. Know how to use magic, relatively weak in defense, yet good at remote attack.

Introduction of different occupationprophetwise, good at defense. User of magic wands and beads. He is a nature leader and every team wants him.

archervery agile, can shoot his prey in one shot. Relatively weak in defense, not suitable for near body attack, but very good at agility. They can avoid danger and shot enemy precisely. they are the least predictable factor in the game.

Battle System Players can move in eight directions. They can fight continuously and change outfit. Enemies may feel dizzy, stiff or even freezed.

Tool/Equipment and weapons players can either get tool/equipment via instance system and big boss, or by combing materials they collect. They can build their unique weapons by methods like embedding, drilling etc.

Riders, mark of social positions: Speed up! Players can enjoy higher speed and social status by selecting different riders.

Pets, your loyal friends Pets are the most loyal friends to players. They can bring fun as well as enhance players capacity to play. Everyone will envy you for your unique pet!

Army system Players can form their own army in the game. They can speed up the build up process by participating different events.They will get money, equipment, techniques etc by doing so with friends.

Instance system Fun with playing instance system ! You will encounter Golden Hall, Psychic Tower, Pandora, trial of God

Battles for honor and trophies PK is vital for a game. Players can enhance their skills, win honors by fighting with their teams. ROT has a lot of PK designed for feelings of battle and intensity.

Online events Enjoy various online events here: Spring Spa, Trial of Gods, Feast of Crow, Legend of Stars, Reward post, Top boss.

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