warning cigarettes cause wildfires

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Warning Cigarettes Cause Wildfires. Designing Products To Help Protect Our Environment While saving You Money. "New" Personal Cigarette & Cigarillo Snuffer. Dear News media - TV, - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Warning Cigarettes Cause Wildfires

Dear News media - TV,

My name is Tom Bennett and I am the President of CSP Limited. I recently retired from the fire fighting profession after 27 years and I am excited to share my invention with you.

In my career as a professional fire fighter, I learned that fires often startedbecause of human error. I knew that I wanted to design a product that wasresponsible, could help prevent fires,provide a useful tool in reducing smoking, reduce unwantedlitter, andsave everyone money.

CSP Limitedhasdone justthat!"New" Personal Cigarette & Cigarillo Snuffer

Save Money, Reduce Smoking, Help Prevent Fires and Protect Our Environment.Designing Products To Help Protect Our Environment While saving You Money.

The Place To Park Your Butt ! Save money with the Pocket Butty!

Easy as 1, 2, 3 ...No more wasting that partially smoked cigarette!

1. Twist open.

2. Place the lit end of your smoke into the cap - it is extinguished in seconds!

3. Screw your Pocket Butty closed and throw it in your pocket or purse for later. It Floats!It's Water resistantNo More Stinky Butt!Great Stocking Stuffer!

It is proven that when times are tough and unemployment rates are going up, low ticket, impulse sales such as Pocket Butty go through the roof!

Toll Free: 1-888-619-3020 Bus. & Fax: 1-250-741-1236 csplimited@shaw.ca

CSP Limited1613 Extension Rd.Nanaimo, BCV9X 1A6www.pocketbutty.com

It's " The Place To Park Your Butt . "

Thank you!THANK YOU!