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WHAT WE DO? Live and Learn is your partner, set up with the aim of harnessing the value of diversified pathways to learning. In keeping with the global emphasis on learning and its many facets, the team at Live and Learn believes that exposure to varied work environments, classroom learning enriched with socially and economically relevant work situations and mid career opportunities to engage with learning opportunities for alternative skill formation leads to more productive individuals and a more creative, dynamic and evolving society.WHO WE ARE? Live and Learn comprises of an experienced team of professionals from India's premier learning institutes with decades of experience in different work domains. The organization works with a vast network of partners in sectors of education, corporate entities, non government organizations, associations, independent professionals and artists. With growing interest in India as an economy and its traditional treasure trove of history, culture and arts, 'Live and Learn' can be your perfect partner for designing your perfect window to India and all it offers to live and to learn.VOLUNTEERING MEANING Volunteering is one of the best ways in which normal people that have their own lives to tend to, can give back to the society. Volunteering allows people to help those in need of help and at the same time feel themselves as part of the larger community. Volunteering is considered a sacred act which teaches one a lot of values and lessons about life and its hardship. After volunteering you develop feelings like kindness, humility and compassion. It gives you a good feeling and makes you happy inside.

WHY VOLUNTEER? Across the globe there are millions of people who are need of our help; these people by the virtue of their ill fate have been born in conditions so stressing and crude that they are left at times with no other choice but to leave through them. Such people, who have been abandoned by their governments at times, are destined to be hopeless as nobody comes up to them to lend a helping hand. But today there are number of social organizations that provide a helping hand to these people so that they can stand for themselves and work their way out of this vicious cycle of poverty and humbleness. Volunteering provides you with an easy way of showing your concern and doing your share to fight this fight for the people who cant do it for themselves.

HISTORICAL PRETEXT Volunteering has a long and illustrious history which dates back to the time the first civilizations were formed. Its earliest traces can be found in the Indus-Valley and the Vedic Civilization. Volunteering has been carried forward for centuries by monks, students and common people as an act of reverence for god and a genuine need to help the needy. The monks in Christianity and the Gurudwara system are two most prominent examples of community volunteer for the poor and needy. In India, this act is given a lot of importance and is considered sacred.

VOLUNTEER TOURISM Volunteer tourism refers to the activity where you combine the two ideas of volunteering and vacationing. The idea is to volunteer and side by side enjoy your vacations so that you volunteer in a place that has high tourism value and volunteering opportunities. Volunteering tourism is a recent phenomenon which has gained a lot of fans in people who are really geared on contributing to the society and since it is difficult to find time for anything now a days, vacations are being utilized for the purpose.

INDIA AS A VOLUNTEERING HUB India is one of the worlds most visited tourist destinations due to its cultural diversity, history, people and the hospitality it provides to the world. It is the epitome of culture in the world. It is true that India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world but it also true that one third of its population s crippled by the curse of poverty and are struggling to even get two square meals a day. In this regard volunteering in India has great potential and there are more than 450,000 NGOs which are working in diverse issues who can be great resort for any sort of volunteering work.Live and Learn provides a diverse arrays of volunteering programs as well as internships in different fields. It is your one-stop-shop for any kind of volunteering work or initiative you want to be part of in India, we also prepare customized tours with our partners for Volunteer Tourism.For more information on our programs visit us atwww.liveandlearn.in