vocabulary words american literature week #9. asylum

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Vocabulary WordsAmerican LiteratureWeek #9Asylum

AsylumDefinition: (n) a shelter from danger or hardship

Synonym: refuge, sanctuary, safety

Antonym: danger, exposureConditionalYou may not apply for or keep a drivers permit or license if you withdraw from school (if you are under age 18), have a total of 10 unexcused absences or have any conduct infractions.

ConditionalDefinition: (adj) qualified by reservations

Synonym: provisional, restricted

Antonym: unlimited, openConformist

Conformist Definition: (n) someone who follows established standards of conduct Synonym: follower, traditionalist, sheep

Antonym: rebel, radical, renegadeHaughty

HaughtyDefinition: (adj) having or showing arrogant superiority and disdain

Synonym: stuck-up, condescending

Antonym: humble, unassumingIntuitive

Intuitive Definition: (adj) spontaneously derived from natural tendency

Synonym: instinctive, perceptive, natural

Antonym: insensitive, thick-headed11Precocious

PrecociousDefinition: (adj) characterized by exceptionally early development and maturity Synonym: bright, gifted, advanced

Antonym: immature, slowSubmissive

Submissive Definition: (adj) willingness to serve or submit to orders of others

Synonym: obedient, meek

Antonym: assertive, aggressiveTactful

TactfulDefinition: (adj) having or showing a sense of what is fitting or appropriate

Synonym: polite, diplomatic, careful

Antonym: rude, careless, insensitiveTransient

TransientDefinition: (adj) fleeting; temporary

Synonym: brief, passing

Antonym: permanent, stableWary

WaryDefinition: (adj) marked by keen caution and watchful prudence

Synonym: suspicious, guarded

Antonym: careless, unsuspecting, naive


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