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  • 1. Guitar Banjo (4-string, GDAE) Fiddle (Violin) Keyboards (Piano, or more recently electronic keyboards) Harmonicas Accordion Instruments

2. Aerophone Bellows (Elbow Pipe) Two octave range (Chanter, double) Regulator (3, Double) Drone (3, Single) Uilleann Pipes 3. Prominent in Celtic music (not exclusively Irish) Mostly diatonic, sometimes chromatic Major, Minor, Mixolydian Celtic Harp 4. Open Frame Drum Bar, crossbar Hand inside to alter tone and timber Bodhrn 5. 6. Aerophone, Reeds Concertina Higher Pitch Less common Buttons on either side to change pitch Diatonic Concertina & Accordion 7. 8. Developed from Greek Bouzouki GDAD Modern Folk Octave Mandolin/Irish Bouzouki 9. Reel - generic term (simple) Jig Specific dance to music in compound time Jig all over Europe Jigs & Reels 10. Political Wartime, Heroism, Anti-government/oppression Any style (Reel, Jig, Pub, Celtic trad, Irish Rebel Music 11. Noel Hill Seamus Ennis The Clancy Brothers John McCormack Tommy Makem The Pogues Notable Artists


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