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Vacation Planning. Consumer Math 2012-2013. How to Plan A Vacation. Choose a location Choose means to get there Estimating distances and travel times Reading a map Bus and train travel Air travel Passport Renting a car Package plans Packing Medications - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Vacation PlanningConsumer Math 2012-20131

How to Plan A VacationChoose a locationChoose means to get thereEstimating distances and travel timesReading a mapBus and train travelAir travelPassportRenting a carPackage plansPackingMedicationsAgenda based on what each person wants to doDetermining the cost of a tripThe most economical way to travel

2International Travel Tips3Create a more secure, democratic, and prosperous world for the benefit of the American people and the international community. ~Department of State Your PassportRenew your passport 6 - 9 months before it expiresDenial of country entry if your passport is due to expire

Know Your EmbassyKnow the locationContact information for the U.S. embassy or consulate

Copies of DocumentationCreate a travel planRegister with the U.S. State Department; allows them to: Assist you and Contact family or friends in case of an emergency.

Don't Leave Home Without HelpHave 24/7 access to emergency assistance services (TGI)Keep the assistance hotline number with you at all times for:Rebooking hotels and flightsCoordinating emergency medical evacuationsCaution Caution Caution You are about to enter foreign ground. Be aware of some safety tips for International and Domestic TravelEducate Yourself RegardingImmigration practices,Health conditions, Political disturbances,Currency and entry regulationsCrime and security information

Don't Miss Your FlightArrive at the airport 3 hours prior to departure. Check in at the ticket counter with photo identification & passport.

Dont be a foreign tourist target

Don't Be A Target of CrimeAvoid wearing conspicuous clothing or jewelryDo not carry excessive amounts of cash or credit cardsDo not leave unattended luggage in public areas andDo not accept packages from strangers.

Don't Get Stuck In Customs

Caution Caution Caution You are about to enter foreign ground. Be aware of some safety tips for International and Domestic$140 (Adult 1st Time and Renewal)$60 Expedited ServiceUsesNeeded for international air travelVacationWork-relatedPreferred for domestic air travelIf issued when you were under 155 years expirationIf issued when you were over 1610 years expiration

6Check With Governmental AgenciesDepartment of Homeland Security (post 9/11)www.dhs.govDepartment of Customs and Border Controlwww.cbp.govTransportation Security



Road Tripping (5/8)How to use a road map (worksheet)How long will it take to get there?GasHow much will gas cost?Are hybrids worth it?

Top 10 Current Hybrids long will it take?Time = Distance SpeedEx: The speed limit is 65 mph. How long will it take you to go 130 miles to your friends house in Pennsylvania?10Example 2Ex: You have to drive 325 miles on the highway, 90 miles on country roads, and 10 miles on local road. Use the chart below to find the total time to reach your destination.

11RoadSpeed LimitHighway65 mphCountry45 mphLocal25 mphExampleFind each gas mileage:

12Number of Miles TraveledNumber of Gallons of Gas (from receipt)Gas Mileage315 Miles15 gallons440.1 Miles13.5 gallonsHypermiling: Gas Cost13ExampleFind the cost of gas for each trip14Total MilesGas MileagePrice of Gas per GallonCost of Gas for Trip800 miles32 mpg$3.40420 miles35 mpg$3.25ReviewInternational TravelDomestic TravelEstimating CostsEstimating DistanceEstimating MPGEstimating Cost of Gas15Quiz Day16

Do hybrids make sense?Worksheets17

Lodging & Food18Flying19


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