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This booklet offers you ideas for visiting Estonia and for spending your vacation at major sights in Estonian counties. We hope that this book provides you now and again with reasons to wander off your regular route and get to know the sights worth seeing, as well as our greatest asset - our people.


  • Map of Estonia Accommodation Dining out Active holidays Nature holidays Sightseeings And GPS-coordinates

    Plus summer events and articles

    Have a memorable vacation!




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  • LEIGO SUMMER 2012LEIGO SUMMER CONCERTS 9th to 23rd of June9th of June The songs of Olav EhalaConcert begins 20.00 Tickets 6-12 EUR16th of June Kaunimate Aastate VennaskondConcert begins 20.00 Tickets 6-12 EUR23rd of June Jaani bossartmis, a different St. Johns Day in Leigo. Raivo Tafenau Band and Sergio BastosConcert begins 20.00 and ends at half past midnight. After that records with good music will be played. Tickets 6-12 EUR.

    15TH ANNIVERSARY of LEIGO JRVEMUUSIKA3rd of AugustIiris VesikMari Boine (Norway)Rock-concert Hommikupuu by Siiri SisaskConcert begins ca 17.00Ticket prices start from 19 EUR4th of August Neeme Jrvi 75Cecil Corbel (France)Estonian National Youth Symphony Orchestra, conductor Neeme JrviSuuri avamnge lbi aegadeL. van Beethoven Symphony No 5Concert begins 17.00 Ticket prices start from 17 EUR

    Program will be supplemented. Follow our website! 5091 344

    Golf practice & accommodation for two in luxurious GMP Clubhotel in Otep

    1 night in 2 room apartment 298 EUR / in suite 306 EUR2 nights in 2 room apartment 398 EUR / in suite 414 EUR4 nights in 2 room apartment 598 EUR / in suite 629 EUR*2 room apartment accommodates up to 2 adults and 2 children (0-7 y)*Suite accommodates 2 adults and up to 1 child (0-7 y)

    The offer includes:*Welcome drinks in apartment*Free WiFi and SAT-TV in apartment* 2 hours of private sauna with nature park and lake views* Hotel gym, storage space and private car parking * Golf practice in a picturesque Otep Golf Center. *On completing the golf practicing course, participants will receive internationally recognised Green Card certificate* Snacks and a drink in Golf Centre a la carte reastaurant

    Information and +372 5010 504Golf centre is open to everyone, contact:,, +372 5623 9302

    GMP Clubhotel is a unique hotel in Otep, by the lake Phajrv and only 4km from Otep golf cources. The hotel has 22 luxuriously furnished 1-, 2- and 3-room apartments, a la carte restaurant Phajrve, sauna complex, gym, storage spaces and private car parking.

  • 2Important numbersContents



    Interesting facts

    Harju county (Harjumaa)

    Ida-Viru county (Ida-Virumaa)

    Jrva county (Jrvamaa)

    Lne-Viru county (Lne-Virumaa)

    Rapla county (Raplamaa)

    Western Estonia (Lne-Eesti)

    Hiiu county (Hiiumaa)

    Lne county (Lnemaa)

    Prnu county (Prnumaa)

    Saare county (Saaremaa)

    Jgeva county (Jgevamaa)

    Plva county (Plvamaa)

    Tartu county (Tartumaa)

    Valga county (Valgamaa)

    Viljandi county (Viljandimaa)

    Vru county (Vrumaa)

    Important numbersPolice 110 Ambulance 112 Road Emergencies 1888 Lock Emergencies 24h 1556 Info 1182; 1188 Railway Station 1447Bus Station 12550


    Publishing and the sales of advertisementsVacation in Estonia 2012 - Motivation O Kiisa 8, Tallinn 11313 Phone. +372 683 5145; www.puhkuseestis.eeThe publisher has done everything to ensure accurate information. The materials presented in the book come from our partners and the publisher is not held responsible for its accuracy.NB! Protect the environment and don`t throw the book into a trash bin! Keep it for your next trip or give it to a friend.


    Hotel/hostel accommodation

    Cabins accommodation

    Cottage accommodation

    Camping site

    Swimming up to 3km away


    Hiking trails



    Horseback riding

    Caravan parking



  • 3Welcome!

    Dear friend!

    This booklet offers you ideas for visiting Es-tonia and for spending your vacation at major sights in Estonian counties. We hope that this booklet provides you now and again with rea-sons to wander off your regular route and get to know the sights worth seeing, as well as our greatest asset our people. Wherever we stopped while compiling this book be it a coastal village, ancient burial grounds or ruins of an old castle, we always met people who stressed: The greatest asset of this place is its local people! We are truly rich because of ourselves. We have willpower to accomplish things, courage, spirit and simple kindness. We are glad that there is increasingly more co-operation on attempts to preserve our natural resources, revive communities and pay more attention to our historic values. Our children proudly wear the Estonian national costumes at our Song and Dance Celebrations. Young en-trepreneurs in villages and tourist farms can tell you stories of their great-grandparents lives and are eager to do so. We assure you that everyone who was involved in the compilation of this booklet welcomes you here in Estonia contact us, and a wonderful experience is guaranteed.You will find it a pleasure to spend your vaca-tion in Estonia.

    Vacation in Estonia team.

    EditorsEditor in chief: Dorris TiitreEditors: Jevgenia Izotova Viktor Fantanov Margit TtrubetskyDesign and layout: Ranno Pi Oleg TeretebkovProject managers: Helen Piip, Maret Miido, Maarja Pssim, Marge Rammus, Kaida Aas, Helen Seppam

    Motivation O. Using texts published in Va-cation in Estonia in any purpose, is forbidden without permission of the publisher.

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    REGIO 2008Riia 24, Tartu 51010tel +372 738 7300

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    Valla nimiKihnu




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    Valla nimiKihnu


    REGIO 2008Riia 24, Tartu 51010tel +372 738 7300

  • 6Estonia Name the Republic of Estonia Area 45,227 km2. 1520 islands comprise

    about 10% of the countrys area, various bodies of water form 5% of Estonias area. 48% of the land is covered with forest, 7% with swamps and 37% with fields.

    People 1.36 million people. Tallinn, our capital, has 397 000 inhabit-

    ants. State language - Estonian. National bird the barn swallow. Nation-

    al flower the cornflower. National fish the Baltic herring.

    Independence Day 24. February

    Credit cards are accepted in most shops, hotels, motels and restaurants. Smaller countryside re-gions can be an exception, so make sure you have some cash with on you.Currency exchange is available in all banks and currency exchange outlets, also in the port, in Tallinn Airport, in many supermarkets and sev-eral hotels. Most shops are open 9-19 on workdays. Super-markets are open seven days a week and mostly 921, some even until 23. Souvenir shops are open on all weekdays 10-18.

    Most of the personnel in shops and restaurants speak English, in addition to Estonian, Finnish or Russian.Transportation You can come to Estonia by plane (, by train (, by boat or traveling across land. Bus-ses depart regularly to different destinations almost all over Estonia from Tallinn Bus Sta-tion ( Most towns offer car rental services. Many towns also have bicycle or inline skates rental services. - Estonia is covered with a network of gas sta-tions operating 24h. Cards and cash accepted. - The speed limit in Estonian towns is 50 km/h. On the roads out of town, it is 90 km/h unless the traffic sign specifies a different speed (the speed limit on some roads can be up to 110 km/h in summer. Pay attention to the signs!). When driving, remember to have headlights on. Safety belts have to be fastened both in the front and back!- Never drink and drive. Also, refrain from driv-ing when you feel tired or have taken some strong medication!- Parking areas in towns and municipal centers have been marked accordingly. You can pay for parking by purchasing a parking ticket, or use the mobile (phone) parking service if it is pro-vided by your phone operator. - International country calling code for Estonia is +372. If you want to make an international call, dial 00 first.

    - Public telephone booths accept specific phone cards (prices start from 50 kroons). You can also call at the expense of the receiver. Phone cards can be bought at hotels, tourist info centers, post offices, newspaper stands, etc.

    - Mobile phone pre-paid cards (Simpel, Pop, Zen, Smart) can be purchased at gas stations, bigger shops, post offices and newspaper stands.

    - Estonia has more than 700 public Internet ac-cess points and over 500 public WiFi ( networks in various pubs, hotels, librar-ies, gas stations, etc. in addition to that.


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