using the microscope rules for using the microscope binocular head

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    Using the MicroscopeRules for Using the

    Microscope1. Use two hands to

    carry a microscope,one hand holding thearm, the other holdingthe base.

    2. Only use lens paperand water to clean thelenses.

    Parts of theMicroscope


    bodyrevolvingnosepiecemechanical stage

    light source


    Parts of theMicroscope

    fine focusadjustment knob


    coarse focusadjustment knob

    Parts of theMicroscope

    light switch

    mechanical stagepositioning knobs

    objective lenseson revolvingnosepiece

    binocular headwith eyepieces

    Binocular Headinterpupillary scale window

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    Setting theCalibrated

    Diopter Ring

    diopter ring

    set line

    Revolving Nosepiece


    Scanning Objective: 4X

    Low Power Objective: 10X

    High Power Objective: 40X

    Oil Immersion Objective: 100X

    Rules for Using theMicroscope1. Always start off with

    the lowest magnificationobjective and work upto higher power oneobjective at a time.

    2. Always observe theobjective as it is rotatedinto place to ensure itdoesnt crash into the slide.

    Mechanical Stagemicroscope slide

    Rules for Using theMicroscope1. Lower the stage to its

    lowest point beforeplacing a slide on thestage.

    2. Be sure the scanningobjective is in place.

    3. Raise the stage to itshighest point withoutcrashing the slide intothe objective.

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    Rules for Using theMicroscope4. Focus initially by

    lowering the stageusing coarse focusadjustment knob.

    5. After getting a closefocus with the coarsefocus adjustmentknob, improve it usingthe fine focusadjustment knob.

    Substage Condenseriris



    Rules for Putting Away theMicroscope1. Rotate scanning

    objective into place.2. Lower the stage to its

    lowest point.3. Clean lenses, stage,

    body, and base ifneeded.

    4. Replace protectivecover overmicroscope.

    Lab ActivitiesGo to the Virtual Microscopewebsite and view theinstructional video online.


    Lab ActivitiesMake observations using thesimulated slides at the VirtualMicroscope website. Drawlabeled diagrams of vieweditems as described in theassignment.

    Lab Activities

    Complete the try this activities(see assignment for details).

    Complete other tasks asdescribed in the assignment.


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