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Using Contribute. How to make changes to the 2012-2013 Catalog Narrative. The Basics. Contribute allows you to make changes directly to the online Catalog Narrative. No more marking up hard copies, no more second round! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Contribute Training 2006

Using ContributeHow to make changes to the 2012-2013 Catalog NarrativeThe BasicsContribute allows you to make changes directly to the online Catalog Narrative. No more marking up hard copies, no more second round!On December 1, the pages will be turned off, and no more edits will be allowed.At that point, Hope McPherson in University Communications will review for typos and consistency, and make any necessary changes.Setting up a connectionCIS has step-by-step instructions on the following page for setting up your Contribute connection. This slideshow just gives you the details you need to fill into their framework. Be sure to follow the pre-production directions!

Setting up a connectionThe URLs for the catalogs (step 3) are:


Editing a pageWhen youre on a page you wish to edit, click Edit Page. Youll then be able to make whatever changes you need. When done, simply click Publish.

Creating a link, part 1If you wish to make a word act as a link:Highlight the wordRight clickSelect Insert Link

Creating a link, part 2Browse to or type in a web page URLorEnter an email addressorSelect File on my computer for PDFs

If you want the link to open in a new window, indicate so in Advanced

Removing a linkIf you wish to remove a link:Highlight the linkRight clickSelect Remove Link

Notes about ContributeWithin the page editor, the only links we use are Publish, Save for Later, and Discard Draft. We do not use Send for ReviewThe interface is similar to Word. Very user-friendly! Hit Refresh to view changes youve just made.The Discard Draft button is your friend. If youve made a mistake you cant easily fix, simply dont save your changes.Degree RequirementsChanges to degree requirements can not be made in Contribute. Those are made in Banner, by Tiffany and Lee.If you have changes to these lists, please write them in a brightly colored pen on the pages we printed for you. If you have no changes, note that, too. Submit to Tiffany Shelton (UG) or Lee Staman (GR/DR), Suite 113, by December 1.

Contribute TipsKeep a browser window (e.g. Internet Explorer) open while youre editing, to see what it looks like.Take the Quick Tour and Contribute Tutorial. (Links on the programs start page.) These will really help familiarize you with the program!

Donts!The left navigation bar is off-limits; you will not be able to change it. If you have changes for this section, contact Ruth Adams (, font sizes & styles, and color are controlled by a style guide. Do not change these things. If you do, it will be changed back!

The long and shortContribute is here to make the process easier, not to complicate things. If youre having troubles, were happy to help!The changes you make are in pre-production. The pages youre working on are only available to a select few. If youre nervous about making changes, fear not! Yours is not the last set of eyes to check your work.Contribute is only accessible on-campus!Questions?Contact Tiffany SheltonStudent Academic Servicesx2635shelton@spu.eduDemaray Hall 151