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  • MARCH/APRIL 199 7






    CHALK TALK ........ 30

    SELECTION PROCEDURES ............ 31

    FACES IN THE GYM .. 32

    REEBOK COACHING CORNER ............ 34


    CLASSIFlEDS ............................... 42


    Steve McCain won the 1997 Winter Cup Challenge. Olympian John Macready took second followed by Olympian John Roethlisberger and Jay Thornton who tied for third.

    SUMMER CAMPS ...... 13

    USA Gymnastics polled some of its national team mem-bers to find out what they thought of summer gymnastics camp. Read their comments, Opll1lOnS, and suggestions . Also, check out the summer camp directory on page 13.

    I " II ' , I II I I I I ' , @, .


    1996 Olympic Gold Medalist Amanda Borden signs a few autographs at a National Gymnastics Foundation reception in Anaheim, (aliI., during the Reese's International Gymnastics (up.


    ....... . ... ... 2 1 The teams of Amy Chow/Shannon Miller and Chainey

    Umphrey /Chris Waller won the fourth annual Reese's International Gymnastics Cup in Anaheim, Calif. , Jan. 25.

    RHYTHMIC CHALLENGE .. ...... 26

    Natalie Lacuesta won the 1997 Rhythmic Challenge, her first senior national all-around title. The event was held in Downers Grove, Ill., Feb. 7-8.

    GYMFEST .. .. .. .. . ......... . .... . .... . .. .. . . . . 2 8

    The fourth annual National Gymfest was held in AnaheiI , Calif., Dec. 6-8. Twenty-seven clubs from all over the United States turned out. Even a club from Slovenia madethe trip to participate.

    Le": The senior group from Oregon Academy performs an exhibition routine during the 1997 Rhythmic (hallenge.

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    Kathy Scanlan Editor

    Luan Peszek Designer

    Julie T. Jones Men's Program Director

    Ron Galimore Women's Program Director

    Kathy Kelly Rhythmic Program Director

    Nora Campbell Education and Safety Director

    Steve Whitlock

    USA Gymnastics Board 01 Directors

    Chair: Sandy Knapp; President: Kathy Scanlan; President Emeritus: Mike Donahue; Constituent Members: Amateur Athletic Union: Mike Stanner; American Sokol Organization: Jerry Milan; American Turners: Betty Heppner; College Gymnastics

    Association~M: Roy Johnson; National Associa tion of Collegiate Gymnastics Coaches for Women: Gail Davis; National Association for Girls and Women in Sport: Mari lyn Strawbridge; National Association of Women's Gymnastics Judges: Yvonne Hodge; National Collegiate Athletic Association: Chris Voelz, Tom Dunn; National Federation of State High School Associations: Susan True; National Gymnastics Judges Association: John Scheer; National High School Gymnastics Coaches Association: John Brinkworth; U.S. Associa tion of Independent Gym Clubs: Lance Crowley; U.S. Elite Coaches Association for Men's Gymnast ics: Mark WiUiams; U.S. Elite Coaches Association for Women's Gymnastics: Gary Anderson, Roe Kreutzer; U.S. Men's Gymnastics Coaches Association: Marc Yancey; U.S. Rhythmic Gymnastics Coaches Association: Suzie DiTullio; Young Men's Christian Association of the USA: Rick Dodson; USA Gymnastics National Membership Directors: Men's: Ray Cura, Jim Holt; Rhythmic: Tamara Dasso, Alia Svirsky; Women's: Linda Chencinski, David Holcomb; Athlete Directors: Tanya Service Chaplin, chair; Chris \Naller, vice chair; Kristen Kenoyer \,yoodland, sec; Michelle Dusserre-Farrell, USOC athlete representative; Wendy Hilliard, Vanessa Vander Pluym, Peter Vidmar, Conrad VOOr5

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  • More than 80 senior gymnasts from across the country were vying ~ for one of the 14 spots on the Men's ~ U.S. National Team at the 1997 ~ Winter Cup Challenge in Battle ~ Creek, Mich., February 14-15. ~ There were two preliminary ; rounds of competition on Feb. 14,

    ~ and the top 30 competitors advanced to the final round of competition on Feb. 15.

    Steve McCain, 23, from Houston, Texas, but now training at UCLA, took the title with a score of 53.250.

    McCain said, "After las