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  1. 1. Upcoming Cars in India Lot to Choose
  2. 2. All automobile markets across the globe will see the introduction of new models of cars at regular intervals. This is essential to remain competitive as well as to be in line with the changing technologies as well as the changing preferences of the buyers. In India too, makers compete with each other to provide the buyers new and improved versions of existing models or even a brand new model. Without continuously working towards offering better products, no manufacturer can survive in these times of tough competition. The awareness of the buyers is also at a high level and with lot of information available on fingertips, it is important to match the expectations if one has to succeed. Here are some of the upcoming cars in India. As one can see, these cars belong to various makers and hence the availability of choices in each segment would delight a potential customer. All one has to do is match ones need to the available choices that could fit in ones budget.
  3. 3. New Honda Jazz This hatchback is getting ready for a second innings in India. It was originally introduced in 2009. However, it could not survive in the market owing to the rising fuel prices. Now, Honda is getting ready to launch it again in India with due changes as needed. Priced between 4.70 lakh to 7.50 lakh rupees, the Jazz is expected to hit the roads in July 2015. Hyundai Creta This compact SUV is expected to reach Indian roads in July 2015. Hyundai Creta has been launched in some other global markets like China. It was named Creta only recently and was called i25 until then. Creta is expected to carry a price tag of seven to thirteen lakh rupees in India. Once introduced, it is expected to heat up the competition in the compact SUV segment.
  4. 4. Ford Figo Aspire Another car all ready to roll out on to the Indian roads is the Figo Aspire. The car has been undergoing rigorous tests and the production version will soon roll out of the Gujarat plant of Ford. In fact, this will be the first car to roll out of the plant there. Priced between 5.50 lakh to 7.50 lakh rupees, the Figo Aspire could be seen on roads in July 2015. Apart from these cars, many other cars like Renault KWID priced between 2.5 to 4.5 lakh rupees, Maruti Suzuki S-Cross SX4 priced between 8 to 14 lakh rupees, Chevrolet Trailblazer priced between 32 to 40 lakh rupees, Toyota New Innova priced between 10 to 15 lakh rupees and Maruti Suzuki iK2 priced between 7 to 11 lakh rupees are also expected to be launched soon in India. Read More Information : http://autoportal.com/newcars/honda/jazz/ http://www.carsexpert.in/honda-cars/jazz/