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<ul><li><p>UK Capital Investments Group: Incomplete acknowledgements can create a headache, while buying a </p><p>property </p><p>There is a common cause of trouble for House buyers that which project they had booked flat or </p><p>apartment is delayed in its creation. According to UK Capital Investments Group a known name in real </p><p>estate world, the main reason behind this cause is that developer didn't get the essential permission </p><p>required for project approvals.</p></li><li><p>During the conversation between buyers and developers for selling a flat or apartment usually a </p><p>developer tells to buyers that all the approvals from the administrations are permitted or should be </p><p>permit very soon. However as across the country. </p><p>As per UKCIG Everybody get to see that their claim is not true because such developers needs to sell </p><p>their project at the time of the acquired customers they are more desperate to sell their project rather </p><p>than handover the project with their given time.</p><p> That is the reason the buyers didn't get their home on given time frame. So it is must for every buyer </p><p>that they should know the various stages of the project sanctions. </p><p>For ease of buyers at different stages of construction project must be informed of the administrative </p><p>permissions. </p><p>Pre Construction Approvals: </p><p>Approval for land acquisition </p></li><li><p>UK Capital Investments Group describes the first step to start working on any project for which </p><p>acceptances of the following must happen: </p><p>1. Freehold ownership of land should be one in which there are no disputes over ownership and It will </p><p>be easy to sale and there should be no outstanding or some kind of liability on the property. </p><p>2. The developer should achieve the land certificate correspond to the way the project have to </p><p>accomplish. </p><p>3. If the agricultural land to be built, the developer must achieve the permission granted certification </p><p>(change of land use or conversion into non-agricultural land) for non-agricultural land by the District </p><p>Collector's office. </p><p>The next step in the acknowledgement is to begin the project plan of building approval and get </p><p>permission of commencement certificate from Municipal Corporation or development authority. </p><p>4. Developers would have to gain approval for Environmental and related infrastructure because every </p><p>effect of the project should effect around the neighborhood. </p><p>Built-up area of 520 thousand square meters project have to take permission approved by the Ministry </p><p>of Forecasts and environment should be required. </p><p>For 615 meters building projects should take the permissions for Fire Clearance. If the building located in </p><p>air funnel zone it is also necessary to take permission from airport authority to obtain the height </p><p>clearance. </p><p>7. Depending on location need to take approvals from the National Monument Authority, Ministry of </p><p>Defense, National Highway Authority of India, Regulatory Coastal Zone Authority and traffic department </p><p>etc. </p><p>8. IT is also necessary to take approvals from the State Pollution Control Board. </p></li><li><p>After building completions, the approval is Service connections. Before handing over possession of flat </p><p>to buyers, developers should take the approval of related departments to lift water, electricity, license </p><p>and other services. </p><p>Rather than Temporary approvals sustainable NOC is required to achieve. Fire fighting &amp; pollution </p><p>control etc have achieved the final approvals from different departments who certify that the building is </p><p>safe and created during the construction of some kind is not a violation of the rules. </p><p>When occupancy certificate is ready before handing over possession of flats builder should have to </p><p>achieve the occupancy certificate from Local Authority or Municipal Corporation. </p><p>This certificate ensures that the project of certificate of construction has been approved according to </p><p>the plan, and can be given to capture buyers. </p><p>Where most buyers usually don't like to bother these permissions to explore, a little awareness about </p><p>these important things can avoid many problems that can take place anytime. </p></li></ul>