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About Us Sikabond AdhesivesSikaBond Construction Adhesive is a one-component, gun-grade, adhesive and sealing compound of permanent elasticity. There are actually three kinds of SikaBond adhesive, the liquid batten, fully bonded, and sound insulating. These are a polyurethane glue for wooden flooring used for bonding to substrates.

Sika Acoubond System

Everything you need to install 12.5m2 of solid or engineered flooring 12.5m2 roll of Sika acoubond underlay 10 x Sika T53 600ml sausages Underlay Adhesives

Sika T52FC (52 Wood floor) Sausage Box Of 20

Reduced sound radiation Hybrid system onto underlay & bonded Superior walking comfort High impact noise reduction

Sika Mb Primer Stabilizes substrate Prevents moisture penetration Easy application and solvent free provides a durable coating, ideal for delayed install

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