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UK & India: PArtnering for Healthcare


  • UK & India :Partnering for Healthcare

    Trade & Investment: Healthcare 01/12/2012

  • UK healthcare industries include innovators and manufacturers of revolutionary medical devices and healthcare consultants who are exporting British expertise across the globe.

    Healthcare in the UKUK Companies in India

    DentistryDenfotex Research Ltd.PSP Dental Company Ltd.Delcam Plc.Prima Dental Group

    In-Vitro DiagnosticsFast Track DiagnosticsOmega Diagnostics GroupRandox Laboratories Group

    Medical Equipment & DevicesEschmann EquipmentTouch BionicsPenlon Ltd.EMS Physio Ltd.Endolite India Ltd.Brandon Medical Company Ltd.Viamed Ltd.









    Clinical Higher EducationThe Training GatewayKings College HospitalBirmingham City UniversitySheffield Hallam UniversityUniversity of YorkUniversity of the West of EnglandBMJ GroupAdam Rouilly

    Healthcare Services & Public Private PartnershipsMJ MedicalAlgeos India Pedorthic P Ltd.

    Healthcare Information TechnologyBT India P Ltd.BrenmoorSafe Patient Systems Ltd.Dan Medical Ltd.

    About UK Trade & Investment


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    The UK has leading expertise in a number of fields and is open to sharing knowledge and capability with Indian partners. Medical disciplines are recognized for their excellence in cardiology and cardio-thoracic surgery, gastroenterology, orthopaedics & joint replacement surgery.

    The UK is also a global leader in areas such as neurology, critical care medicine, nephrology, oncology, hand & micro surgery, reproductive medicine and healthcare technology and services.

    UKs academic and industry expertise has established itself as the leading global center for innovation in some of the fastest growing healthcare industry sectors. With over 100,000 industry experts employed in this sector, the UK healthcare industry is making waves around the world.

    This is achieved through cutting edge innovation in areas such as orthopaedics, surgical instrumentation, and the development of new ultraprecision manufacturing capability for medical devices. The UK also provides exceptional access to clinical trials, research collaboration and new product development along with pioneering healthcare R&D for multi-disciplinary teams focused on business growth.

    The UK also has an outstanding track record in drug development. It is the worlds largest pharmaceutical exporter, and the worlds third largest importer with an R&D investment of over 3 billion a year. This makes it one of the top 3 centres for pharmaceutical research.

    Healthcare sector is continually changing and offers some exciting products, services and concepts that should improve health for all. Whether it is medical devices, new equipment or digitalisation of health, the UK holds a leading position. Advances in technology and recent work on internal diagnostic products, such as camera pills which can broadcast real-time pictures from swallowed pills passing through the body, are just one of many advances that could improve the lives of millions.

    Healthcare in the UK

    NHS spends around 650 million annually on R&D and there is significant collaboration with both private sector and universities where the focus is on research into innovative technology, with testing and development being a regular part of activity, paving the way for innovation to be introduced.

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    The UK has a long history of working to help meet patient needs in India. Recent years have seen an increase in the number of UK providers who can support healthcare projects in India, either through having operations in India, or by having established partnerships with Indian firms to deliver cost effective solutions.

    IDENTIFYING YOUR UK PARTNER Step 1 - Please identify the areas you are interested in. Step 2 - Contact one of our team of specialists in India who can help introduce you to the UK companies or find others not in this booklet who are also keen to support healthcare in India. Step 3 - Talk direct to the companies you are introduced to, but if you dont find what you need, please ask one of our team to see if they can find other options for you.

    In todays market place global solutions to health problems are required, and UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) in India is ready to help you find the best the UK has to offer. UKTI can help you rise to the exciting opportunities and challenges that globalisation offers.

    UKTI has a dedicated team in India, across major metros and cities, to help you identify the best UK products, services and partners to help you with your business. UKTI also can help companies work with UK partners to ensure their success in setting up or expanding their business in the UK.

    UK Companies in India

    Additionally as many UK companies are supported in India with local representation, this provides faster and better response times and service levels for your requirements.

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    UK dental laboratories have relatively low staff numbers, due to the smart application of technology and processes. Innovation has been key to their success.

    The UK has been at the forefront of leading edge dentistry for over a century. The focus is on innovative products and materials that deliver better results for patients for longer. There are 21,000 practising dentists in the UK today compared to 16,000 in the early 1990s, according to the General Dental Practitioners Association. Science has expanded the horizons of dentistry, making it more like cosmetic surgery than basic healthcare, and more challenging to those in the profession.

    Tremendous advances have been made in the dental sector in recent years. Non-invasive treatments, digital dentistry and advances in materials are just one side of this progress, as leaders in dental practice also transform their surgeries into more relaxing environments. Today, a visit to the dentist is a relatively painless affair due to advances in non-invasive methods. Treatment with ozone and photoactive disinfection and digital dentistry makes crown and fitting of new teeth simpler. Stem cell technology, is exploring the possibility of growing new teeth to replace those lost through decay or accident.

    Scientists at the University of Leeds are investigating novel aesthetic dental restorative materials, with work into mica-based dental glass ceramics, which are particularly suitable for chairside processing. Dentistry schools at the University of Leeds and the University of Sheffield are active in the next generation of glass ceramics with high strength and fracture toughness that can bond to enamel, dentine and bone. Technology developments impacting upon the dental market include new bioceramics, improved alloys, fillers and cements, composites, regenerative materials, bone substitutes and drug eluting meshes.

    The UK Dental Appliances Manufacturer Audit Scheme (DAMAS) plays an important role in supporting the manufacture of dentistry related devices. The DAMAS scheme improves efficiency, reduces waste, cuts remake levels and saves times, this in turn enables cost savings to be passed onto customers.


    The UKs dental industry has a highly trained, highly skilled workforce. UK dental laboratories are well regarded, particularly by the private sector, with best performing labs working on implants.

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    Denfotex Research Ltd. PSP Dental Company Ltd.

    Denfotex Research Ltd.Suite 2, Forth HouseBurnside Business CourtNorth Road, InverkeithingKY11 NZ,

    PSP Dental Company Limited3 - 5 Dylan RoadBelvedereKentDA17 5QS,

    Scottish company DENFOTEX RESEARCH LTD. has been very successful in both the UK and Germany with its chair-side Photo Activated Disinfection (PAD) - a minimally invasive treatment that takes just 1 to 2 minutes and eliminates bacteria in all types of oral infection viz. in periodontics, perimplantitis, endodontics and caries. One of the best advantages of PAD is that it helps clinicians avoid the need to prescribe antibiotics.

    Also, Denfotex is now developing PAD for other medical applications including treatment of fungal foot/nail infections.

    PSP DENTAL COMPANY (UK) is one of the leading manufacturers of Dental Products in the United Kingdom. Based on the outskirt of London, we have been successfully manufacturing and trading a wide range of dental products for over 30 years, in the UK and worldwide. All our products comply with ISO and British standards and we are CE Marked. PSP Dental is also approved by the United States of Americas Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). We work with highly skilled Dentists, Clinicians and Technicians and also listen to Patients to ensure continuous assessment of the products, so that we will always supply you with the best products.

    Our organisation has highly motivated and dedicated team of Research and production Chemists, and our Management Team responds promptly and efficiently to the requirements of the Dental Profession.PSP Dental operates from specially designed modern premises equipped with uniquely commissioned high technology plant. We are certain that once you have tried PSP Dentals extensive range of products, you will be completely delighted with their superior performance and truly economical value.


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