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  • SUDAN & NUBIA The Sudan Archaeological Research Society Bulletin No. 20 2016


    W adi el- Allaqi

    Blue Nile

    White N ile

    Wad i Ho

    wa r

    W ad

    i M uq

    ad d a


    Wad i el-



    6th cataract

    2nd cataract

    3rd cataract

    4th cataract

    1st cataract

    Ni le



    0 250 km






    W adi Gabgaba

    Ancient sites

    5th cataract

    SARS surveys/excavations











    South Sudan


    Batn el-Hajar Jebel Umm Rowag


    W adi Halfa - Kerm


    Ko ro

    sk o

    Ro ad

    Bayuda Road Survey


    Begrawiya-Atbara Survey


    Fifth Cataract



    Jebel Dosha





    Barkal Jebel

    Sanam Abu Domel-Zuma Selib

    Gebel Adda

    Gereif E.



    Sabaloka E.

    Sennar E. SENNAR


    Jebel Moya


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    The Qatari Mission for the Pyramids of Sudan – 62 Archaeological Investigation, Conservation and Site Management at Meroe 2015/2016 Alexandra Riedel, Mahmoud Suliman Bashir, Pawel Wolf, Murtada Bushara Mohamed and Cornelia Kleinitz Textiles and Funerary Rituals. The Wrapping of 75 Offerings at Meroe and el-Hobagi Elsa Yvanez The Meroitic Cemetery of Gereif East. A glance 82 into the regional characteristics of Khartoum province Tsubasa Sakamoto Filling in the gaps. Excavations on the site 91 of Selib (1st to 13th century) Bogdan Żurawski Early Makuria Research Project. The Results of Three 110 Seasons of Excavation at El-Zuma Cemetery, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Mahmoud el-Tayeb, Ewa Skowrońska and Ewa Czyżewska The 2016 Season of Excavations at Kurgus 127 Andrew Ginns Gebel Adda and its environs: 50 years on 133 Reinhard Huber and David N. Edwards Sennar Capital of Islamic Culture 2017 Project. 146 Preliminary results of archaeological surveys in Sennar East and Sabaloka East Ahmed Hamid Nassr Preliminary Report on the Archaeological Survey of 153 Sennar State and the Southern Gezira State Project Fawzi Hassan Bakhiet and Abdelhai Abdelsawi Royal Regalia: a sword of the last Sultan 161 of Darfur, Ali Dinar Julie Anderson, Abdelrahman Ali Mohamed, Amani Nureldaim Mohamed and Elghazafi Yousif Eshag Durham University’s Sudan Archive – An overlooked 170 resource in current archaeological research? Chloe Ward


    Obituaries Sergio Donadoni (1914-2015), Silvio Curto 179 (1919-2015) and Alfredo Castiglioni (1937-2016) Alessandro Roccatti


    The Sudan Archaeological Research Society

    SARS, from inception to the present day: a summary 2 W. Vivian Davies The Sudan Archaeological Research Society: 3 the first 25 years Derek A. Welsby

    Kirwan Memorial Lecture

    Gebel Adda Excavations: The Unfinished Story 11 Krzysztof Grzymski


    The Inscriptions of Senwosret III at the Dal Cataract 14 W. Vivian Davies Recording Jebel Dosha: the chapel of Thutmose III Introduction 18 W. Vivian Davies Excavation 19 Isabella Welsby Sjöström Decoration and Inscriptions 22 W. Vivian Davies Inscriptions in the name of governor Neby 28 revealed by the restoration of miniature metal vases Mélanie Cressent and Aymeric Raimon

    El-Kurru 2015-16: Preliminary Report Introduction 35 Rachael J. Dann and Geoff Emberling Geology and Hydrology 35 Carola Stearns Late Napatan rock-cut structure 38 Sebastian Anstis and Geoff Emberling The Medieval Fortification, Settlement 40 and Cemetery Tim Skuldbøl, Martin Uildriks, Katherine Rose, Jacke Phillips and Abagail Breidenstein Archaeobotanical and Botanical Activities 46 Naomi F. Miller

    Art, Archaeology and Sensory Knowledge 47 Rachael J. Dann

    Settlement in the Heartland of Napatan Kush: 50 Preliminary Results of Magnetic Gradiometry at El-Kurru, Jebel Barkal and Sanam Gregory Tucker and Geoff Emberling

    Excavations in the Meroitic Cemetery at Berber, 57 Seasons 2015 and 2016 Mahmoud Suliman Bashir

    SUDAN & NUBIA The Sudan Archaeological Research Society Bulletin No. 20 2016

    Front cover: View south towards ‘Gebel es-Shams’ ridge near Gebel Adda and hilltop beyond (photo: Reinhard Huber).

    Sudan & Nubia is a peer-reviewed journal

  • Sudan & nubia


    El-Kurru 2015-16: Preliminary Report

    Introduction Rachael J. Dann and Geoff Emberling

    The c rrent ro ram o field or at and aro nd the shite royal cemetery o el rr be an in 201 and has contin ed to investi ate eat res revio sly excavated by eisner and to broaden o r no led e o the cemetery, its local context, and its later history Emberlin and ann 201 Emberlin et al. 2015).

    This re ort contains o r sections First, a st dy o the eolo y and hydrolo y o the local area, both o hich have

    contin ed to a ect archaeolo ical remains and their reserva- tion Second, a re ort on contin in excavation alon hat

    eisner called the city all more acc rately called a to n all iven its si e eisner ass med it to be contem orary ith

    the royal yramids o the th-7th cent ries , b t e have o nd it in act to be a ortification o Medieval hristian

    times Excavation o this area has also recovered settlement and b rial remains Third, a brie re ort on an archaeobot- anical st dy in the Medieval settlement Finally, a re ort on an innovative cross disci linary ro ect brin in to ether archaeolo ists and artists to consider ho their enco nters

    ith the sensory orld at the site a ect and trans orm the o t ts o their or This is a lon term ro ect that aims to create a ne ind o dialo e bet een t o inter connected disci lines, to create non traditional o t ts rom the field-

    or , and to rod ce nderstandin s o the ex erience o archaeolo y in a ne ly text red orm

    Geology and Hydrology Carola Stearns

    Geolo ic ex loration at el rr in 2015 oc sed on eo- mor holo y and hydrolo y o the site as ell as detailed strati ra hic descri tions o the bedroc in the area o the royal cemetery.

    El rr is located alon the ile on the so thern ed e o the bian latea , a com lex re ional bedroc li t ith a core o eo rotero oic crystalline roc overlain by at lyin sedimentary roc s At the site, the bedroc is ma ed as vial sandstones and siltstones o robable retaceo s a e Geolo ic esearch A thority o the S dan 1 , Geo- lo ic Ma o the S dan The roc s have not been ma ed in detail and recise strati ra hic correlations are n no n, so the se o the name bian Sandstone or Formation sho ld be avoided

    This section o the ile is incised in the eo rotero oic crystalline basement and has limited ood lain develo ment locali ed alon certain stretches o the river ere the ile is a yo th l stream, ollo in narro channels that are controlled by a lts and shear ones Th rmond et al. 2004).

    o nstream o areima, the observed contrast in bedroc on o osin ban s o the river and the very linear chan- nel s ests that the ile s co rse is controlled by a lar e, nma ed a lt n the north est ri ht ban , eroded

    sandstones cro o t the so th east le t ban a ears to be lo er in elevation and bedroc does not cro o t

    Geomorphology and Hydrology

    The ood history o the ile is related to the eather in the more h mid climates o the so thern head aters and not to local reci itation events Accordin to conversations

    ith villa ers and o r overnment re resentatives, in the last cent ry si nificant ile oods near el rr occ rred in 1 4 , 1 and 1 4

    El rr is sit ated bet een t o lar e, ell develo ed draina e systems late 1 and is itsel drained by a m ch smaller and less develo ed draina e system Fi re 1 that is not clear on satellite ima es The oodin o the wadi drainin the site is ca sed by intense local reci itation events Ac- cordin to eo le in the villa e, in a ty ical year, channeli ed

    o is stron , ha ens t o to three times, o s or abo t an ho r, does not fill the channels, and is erha s at best nee dee o ever, a ter the 201 excavation, the ate a atan mort ary tem le 1500 Emberlin et al 2015 ad acent to the wadi as ooded and a roximately 500mm o sedi- ment as de osited verland o rom hi her areas aro nd the mort ary tem le li ely contrib ted to this de ositional event n the royal cemetery, similar overland o events

    o ld have contrib ted si nificantly to the fillin o both the mort ary tem le and the yramid b rial chambers a ter they had been looted

    The devastatin ood that breached the o ter all o the

  • 36

    mort ary tem le ha ened beca se o its location at a si nificant bend in the wadi.

    The mouth of the wadi, here it meets the ile ood lain, is at the ed e o the villa e As ood aters o o t o the wadi and onto the ood lain, ener y dis-

    si ates and wadi sediments are de osited in a an sha