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  • 1. How much do you make per day?Thinkto getWhat if you saved a whole days income every week for a year? This could amount to the price of a car

2. Many people spend 50 AED a day on food Instead of Think A nonstop ight to Thailand costs less than 2,400 AEDthats just 50 AED or one less trip to the drive-thru per week 3. Many people spend 100s per month on shisha, hookah and entertainmentInstead of Think Diving lessons cost less than 1,200 AED,or one less trip to the hookah bar per month 4. Save the environment, save your money Instead of ThinkThenAn energy efcient lightbulb can cut your DEWA bill by 10%Next think about how you can better use your own energy 5. Cash savvy kids grow into intelligent adults who make good nancial decisions Instead of ThinkInstilling knowledge of nancial decisions is an integral partof a childs development 6. What are you saving for?housenew toy carholidayretirement life skillSetting a goal is the rst step towards making it a reality. Make a pledge today: what are you saving for? 7. Discover the silly things people spend their cash on Did you know that frivolous spending can account for 20% ofyour annual income? Stop spending on silly things and start saving today