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tyre oil, plastic oil, pyrolysis oil,Waste oil distillation machine from RESEM, for more infomation please contact us now ! RESEM provides Pyrolysis Oil Plant systems that convert petroleum based waste streams such as plastics & tires, into quality fuels, carbons. The products output after pyrolysis operation are as follows: 1. Crude oil: 40%~ 45 %( Because the oil production depends on the quality of the tyre and usually it's between 40%~45%) 2. Steel wire: 15% 3. Carbon black: 35% (can be used to make briquette) 4. Waste gas: 8% Contact Person: Sales DirectorMr. Mark Zhang Telephone: 0086-371-8613 9530 (main) Mobile Phone: 0086-135 2673 7736 (Anytime, you can also use "WhatsApp" or "Viber" to contact us) Fax: 0086-371-8613 1781 Email: sales@pyrolysisoil.net SKYPE: pyrolysisoil Yahoo Messenger: pyrolysisplant@yahoo.com QQ:578406830 Address: North 200m from Jiefang Xincun, Road Zhongzhou, Shangqiu, Province Henan, China Website: http://www.pyrolysisoil.net


  • 1. RESEM GROUP Distillation plant introduction SALES DIRECTOR: MARK ZHANG sales@pyrolysisoil.net
  • 2. CONTENT 1 Distillation Plant Flow Chart 5 The main parts specification 2 Distillation plant Components 6 Feasibility 3 Working Process explaination 7 Oil test report after distillation 4 Operating Notes 8 Customer showcase
  • 3. Distillation Plant
  • 4. Distillation Plant
  • 5. Distillation plant flow chart explaination Crude oil will be put into the pretreatment oil tank, after sediment and reaction with catalyst, it will be sent into evaporation oil tank for evaporate, heating system will support recycling heat of the oil to separate oil in different tempreture, oil gas after evaporated will come throught cooling system to be cooled down into light oil, it will be collected in the temporary oil tank with cooling pipe, tail gas will be collected by extral gas gathering device, and negative system will make a vacuum state in order to keep a negative pressure state for the process of evaporation, so it will reduce the distillation tempreture and control the best collecting effect of the light oil efficiently.
  • 6. Waste tire/ plastic /engine oil distillation plant made up by five systems: pretreatment system, evaporation system, cooling system, negative system and heating system. Pretreatment system made up by oil input pump, oil output pump, pretreatment tank, stirring air pump and so on Evaporation system made up by Evaporation tank, heavy oil storage tank, supply machine , and gathering machine. Cooling system made up by Plate condensor, temporary oil tank with cooling pipe, extral gas gathering machine, condensor pump, temporary oil tank pump, water pool. Negative control system made up by vacuum buffer tank, vacuum pump, water pool and so on. Heating system made up by reactor, dust removal device
  • 7. Heating system Distillation heating device Made by hundreds of pipes Keep heating the recycled oil from the pretreatment oil tank and evaporation oil tank Reduce heating time, increase heating area Easy to control tempreture
  • 8. Pretreatment system Pretreatment oil tank pull the crude oil into pretreatment oil tank and add some catalyst Using air stirring device to stir the oil and catalyst in order to make complete reaction Heating the oil to 60, suside oil 5 hours put the sediment outof the oil tank, recycle to use in another batch
  • 9. Evaporation system Pull two tons oil from pretreatment oil tank into Evaporation machine as basic oil Keep pulling oil from pretreatment oil tank and sending it to be heated Spray the hot oil to make touch with the cool oil in order to get evaporated oil gas Collect oil gas in different tempreture to the colling system Keep recycle to heat the oil to 330
  • 10. Cooling system High level extracting machine Oil gas will come into extractor from sideways so that the oil gas will rotate in the tank to split light oil gas and heavy oil gas Light oil gas will go on into cooling system to be cooled down Heavy oil gas will come down into the gathering machine
  • 11. Cooling system Plate cooling condensor Features: With hundreds of plate small pipe Cool down hot oil gas into liquid oil quickly copper material made plate Cost expensive Function: Hot oil gas will come through hundreds of small copper made plate with water cooling, it will be cooled down quickly to become liquid oil.
  • 12. Diesel and Petrol oil tank Features: Split initial boiling point oil and final boiling point oil into two oil tank to get two different kinds of oil In the bottom of the tank, it has cooling circle pipe to cool down hot oil gas again, that is why we call it second cooling oil tank On top of it, there are exhalation valve to keep normal pressure inside of the oil tank
  • 13. Negative system Negative device with Vacuum pump Features: Vacuum Buffer tank Reduce the distillation time keep negative pressure state with the help of water vacuum pump to neutralize with the positive pressure in evaporation tank pulling the hot oil gas come trough cooling system quickly keep all parts in negative condition
  • 14. Main parts specification Oil storage quatity required in pretreatment tank Catalyst additive content 80% 1% of tyre oil heating tempreture in pretreatment oil tank 60-80 Stirring time in pretreatment oil tank 1 hour Subsiding time in Pretreatment tank Working pressure in reactor Vacuum device working pressure petrol initial boiling point tempreture 5-6 h 0.4MPa -0.09-0.02 -200 Diesel initial boiling point tempreture Heavy oil boiling point tempreture Initial boiling and final boiling pointing tempreture test Light oil quatity requirment 200-350 >350 thermometer >60%
  • 15. Distillation oil test report


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