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You have to do more than social media; you have to do social marketing. - Mediotype


<ul><li> 1. Twitter Tactics </li></ul> <p> 2. Why Social Media? Primary Objectives/Benefits: Building relationships Listening to the market Promoting content Influencing buyers You have to do more than social media; you have to do social marketing. 3. Why Twitter? The New-Age Newspaper Primary source for live events and breaking news More than 500M users as of 2012 Top 10 most popular sites Large following signifies strong online affinity for your business MedioFact: 15% of online adults use Twitter, and 8% do so on a typical day. 4. Who Uses Twitter? Demographic Groups: African Americans More than 28% use Twitter Young Adults 26% of Internet users ages 18-29 use Twitter Urban/Suburban Residents Mobile Users: 20% of smartphone owners use Twitter MedioFact: Globally, there are more people with mobile phones than running water. 5. Leading Off Choosing a Username: Shorter is better Only 140 characters Use alliteration if possible 6. Leading Off Choosing Profile Photo: Logo &gt; Picture Less than 700k Writing Your Bio: Concisely describe what you do Explain how you help people Show some personality! 7. Case Study 8. Case Study 9. Follow the Leaders Becoming a Follower Accomplishes Four Goals: 1.Identifies relevant accounts 2.Encourages others to follow you 3.Associates yourself with industry experts and influentials 4.Creates a platform for initiating conversation 10. Follow the Leaders Follower Tools: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 11. Lead the Followers What Should You Tweet About? Do not use Twitter solely for self-promotion Build relationships; exude reciprocity Pay attention to what prospective customers are tweeting about, and react accordingly MedioConcept: All content should be helpful and ultimately create value in some way. 12. Lead the Followers MedioFact: The best time of the day to write a tweet is between 1pm-3pm EST. Tweet Tips: Engage followers and influencers by including an @ in your tweets Ideally your twitter feed should be a mix of tweets youve created, as well as replies and retweets 13. Lead the Followers The 80/20 Rule: Says to post 80% helpful or entertaining content and save 20% for self promotion. The 4-1-1 Rule: For every one self-serving tweet, you should re-tweet one relevant tweet and most importantly, share four pieces of relevant content written by others. 14. TweetChats Do You Speak #? A hashtag is a public conversation that allows you to easily participate in discussion about a unique topic Amazing way to engage with fans and followers Effective method for understanding and growing your community, while promoting your business/brand 15. Resources Useful Tweetchats: Insert examples of useful #s. not sure what you want me to do here in terms of whether i should include mediotype twitter or hashtags etc 16. Resources </p>