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  • Troubleshooting With HP Printer Wireless Connectivity Error

    This Article is for HP printer users, shows how to start setup of wireless

    connection in HP printer.

    If your printer losses connections and goes off, then you become unable to print any document

    or scan it.

    Dont you worry, heres your solution.

    If you are setting up your printer for first time then you have to perform the following steps.

    Choose HP Customer Support and write down the model of printer in search field. Now

    Search for the wireless setup document. And start the wireless network on your HP printer.


    If you have configured wireless connection on your printer already, and still it is not working,


  • Follow these steps:

    Restart Your Computer System, Printer, and Router

    If your printer automatically goes off and has connectivity problems then you have to restart

    your computer, printer and router.

    There are some steps which you have to follow when you want to restart your

    printer wireless connection.

    1. Switch off the router power button or disconnect power cord.

    2. Also turn off the printer, and if there any USB plugged into printer then unplug it.


    If there is any USB or Ethernet cable is plugged into printer, the printer will not work wirelessly.

    3. If any program you are running in your computer, closes all of them, and shut down the


    4. Now reconnect power cord to router, and wait for any internet activity light which

    shows a normal connecting status.

    5. Switch on the printer.

    6. Switch on the computer system also.

    And now your printer will work properly.

    Hope this blog will help you, and if further you have any query want any assistance then contact third party

    HP Customer Support Phone Number @ (+1-800-862-1908).

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