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  2. 2. Successful People Are Always Looking For New Opportunity & Take The First Mover Advantage
  3. 3. Timing In Life & Business Is Everything!
  4. 4. Important Dates April 1 Sept 4, 2015 Travogal Pre-Launch
  5. 5. There Are 3 Things That Impact Your Earning Potential During the Travogal Pre-Launch Period WHEN YOU JOIN The Earlier You Join The Better MEMBERSHIP LEVEL Elite Is The Goal PERSONAL SALES The More The Better .at least 2
  6. 6. What Happened At The Start Of The Pre-Launch? REGISTRATIONS BEGUN Choose A Membership, Make Payment, And Start Marketing. Elite Is Best To Maximize Your Earnings. FOUNDERS CLUB BEGUN Receive Entries* In Prize Draws Totaling 2% of Global Sales In Founders Period. BECOME A TOP PRODUCER Share in 2% Of Global Sales Monthly As A Top Producer The Earlier You Become An Elite The More BONUS Entries You Receive In Founders Club Prize Draws
  7. 7. Rewards Program Roll Out CLUB CASH REWARDS & MATCHING BONUSES Launched Maximize Your Earnings By Being An Elite Member With 2 Personal Sales LIFESTYLE REWARDS & MATCHING BONUSES Launched Maximize Your Earnings By Achieving The Rank Of Team100 TRAVEL4FREE REWARDS & MATCHING BONUSES Launches Sept 1 Maximize Your Earnings By Being An Elite Member With 2 Personal Sales
  8. 8. Important Dates SEPT 1, 2015 TRAVEL4FREE REWARDS GO LIVE!
  9. 9. Important Dates Sept 5 2015 OFFICIAL LAUNCH
  10. 10. Travel4Free Rewards Will Be PAID On ALL New Membership Sales & Upgrades From April 1 Aug 31, 2015 FIRST TRAVEL4FREE REWARDS PAID AFTER SEPT 1
  11. 11. Initial Positioning of Tokens in the Global Line for the official launch on The Travel4Free Rewards Program on Sept 1, 2015, works as follows: Each Membership Pack and Upgrade Pack has a number of Tokens. Your First Token is called your Parent Token and your other Tokens are your Child Tokens All Tokens generated from every sale in TRAVOGAL are positioned into a vertical line one under the other called a Global Feeder Line which determines the order Tokens enter Global Line number 1 All the Parent Tokens will be entered first and then the Child Tokens
  12. 12. Positioning of Parent Tokens occurs as follows: Elite Premium Premium Club Club Elite Elite Club Premium Club Club Elite Premium All Parent Tokens generated up to Aug 31 are entered into the FEEDER LINE one under the other in order of when they joined Travogal for the Travel4Free Rewards Program. Child Tokens are then placed into the FEEDER LINE under ALL the Parent Tokens
  13. 13. Your Membership Level Matters! Elite Premium Premium Club Club Elite Elite Club Premium Club Club Elite Premium The Feeder Line is then re-structured in real time prioritizing what membership level the parent token belongs to. Elites move to the top, next the Premiums, and then Clubs
  14. 14. Your Personal Membership Sales Also Matters! 10 7 6 9 6 6 6 4 4 3 2 2 2 After restructuring the Feeder Line according to your initial membership level the system then looks at each Token and how many personal sales each member has that belongs to that Token. The parent token of the member with the most personal sales moves higher up the Feeder Line.
  15. 15. The Date You Achieve A Membership Level Also Matters 10 7 6 9 6 20/04/15 9.15am 25/04/15 2.16pm 4 4 3 2 2 2 If the parent token has the SAME membership level and the SAME number of personal sales the system will then look at the DATE and TIME the Membership Level was achieved. So if two Elite members has the SAME number of personal sales the member who became an Elite first would move ahead.
  16. 16. On Sept 1 when the Travel4Free Rewards Program goes live the following happens: The system empties all the Parent and Child Tokens into Global Line 1 The Parent Tokens with 6 personally referred membership sales will be automatically given an Express Pass to Global Line 2 and earn the first Travel4Free reward Accelerator Credits will start being generated on all NEW activity once the initial FEEDER LINE has been fully emptied.
  17. 17. How do you maximize your earnings from the Travel4Free Rewards leading up to the Sept 1 launch? Aim to become an Elite Member as quickly as possible Create as many personal sales as possible NB: Please review the Travel4Free Rewards PowerPoint Presentation and the Rewards Overview PDF for a detailed explanation of the Travel4Free Rewards Program