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1. TRANSPARENCIES AND SLIDES IDENTIFICATION POINTS HISTOPATHOLOGY FOR MIDTERM MBBS 4th Year 2012 By SIDRA NAWAZ SIRSYED COLLEGE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES FOR GIRLS 2. TRANSPARENCIES 3. CVS: ANEURYSM The muscle fibre of themedial core has disappearedand replaced by collagenousfibrous tissue. In the lumen of theaneurysm there is a layer ofdeeply red stained thrombosisb/w the thrombus and fibroustissue there is lipid richzone, platelates, fibrins, redcells behind the thrombuswhere is thin track of freshblood in the media. 4. CVS: MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION One day old ifarct shows coagulative necrosis and wavy fibers.widend spaces b/w the dead fibers contain edema fluid and scattered neutrophills. Dense polymorphonuclear leukocyte infiltirate in area of acute myocardialinfarction of 3 to 4 days duration. 5. CVS: THROMBOSIS Thrombus consist ofpale staining finelygranules sheet offused platelates andeosinophilic strandsof fibrins. There is also amoderate populationof monocyteslymphocytes andpolymorphs inthrombus. 6. GIT: Adenocarcinoma of colon Pleomorphic cells are present. There are several acini filled with mucous There is necrotic debris surrounded by macrophages. C.T is filled with plasma cells. 7. GIT: Carcinoid tumor A goblet cell carcinoid type which shows abundant mucous producing signet ring type of cells. The nodule is composed of tumor cells embedded in dense fibrous tissue. Composed of island,trabeculae, strand s, glands, or sheets of uniform cells with scant, pink granular cytoplasm and a round to oval stipped nucleus. 8. GIT: Chronic peptic ulcer The classic peptic ulcer is a round to oval, sharply punched out defect. During the active phase, the base of the ulcer shows 4 zones: inflammatory exudate, fibrinoid necrosis, granulation tissue and fibrous tissue. The fibrous base of the ulcer may contain vessels with thickened wall or with thrombosis. 9. GIT: Crohns disease Cluster of neutrophils within a crypts are reffered to as Crypt abscesses. Noncaseating granulomas are present. It include abundant neutrophils that infiltrate and damage crypt epithelium. 10. GIT: Tubovillous adenoma Shows mixed pattern of both villous and tubular type. Consist of hyperchromatic single layer of cell lining the glands secreting pale mass. Head of stalk consist of large closely paked gland & tubular irregular in sized lined by deeply basophilic epithelial cells. 11. GIT: Typhoid Ileum Peyers patches inthe terminal ileum toenlarge into sharplydelineated plateau-like elevations up to8cm in diameter. Draining mesentericlymph nodes arealso enlarged. Mucosal sheddingcreates oval ulcers,oriented along theaxis of the ileum. 12. GIT: Ulcerative colitis Crypt abscessesare present. Diffuseinflammatoryprocess limited tomucosa andsuperficialsubmucosa. Architectural cryptdistortion is alsopresent. 13. GIT: Villous adenoma Many finger like villi arises directly from muscularis mucosa. Each papillae are lined by dysplastic epithelium with fibrovascular stromal cone. The cone of the villous infiltrated with lymphocytes & plasma cells. C.S. shows 2 glands with columnar epithelium with proper basement membrane. 14. SLIDES 15. Acute tubular necrosis 16. Adenocarcinoma of colon 17. Chronic pyelonephritis 18. Cirrhosis with nodules 19. Cirrhosis 20. Folicular carcinoma of thyroid 21. Hashimotos thyroiditis 22. Tubovillous adenoma of colon 23. Ulcerative colitis


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