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An overview of Polar Latitudes Sea Explorer Antarctic voyages for 2013/14



2. About Polar Latitudes 3. We believe that why we do what we do is asimportant as what we do. Polar Latitudes was formed by polar travelprofessionals who love what we do, and whobelieve that through innovation and cooperationwith select partners, polar travel can be be er forour passengers, for our partners, for theenvironment, and for ourselves. There is a be er way to do business. 4. Service for your business: Our Partners expect and deserve fair anduncomplicated business practices. Our Partners need quick and easy access toinventory & pricing, clear and straightforwarddescriptions of programs and services. 5. Polar Latitudes has the support you needwith live web reservation access and nononsense booking proceduresOur commission levels are second tonone 6. WHEN TO GOThe Antarctic is easiest visited from thetip of South America (Ushuaia) where thecrossing to the Antarctic Peninsula is just2 days 7. The Antarctic summer lasts from lateOctober to mid March and the dailytemperature is around 0 5 degreesCelsius. 8. Late October December: The area is pristine and the best timeto see massive icebergs. Feels more like an expedition.Penguins abound and are nesting their eggs.January: Penguins eggs begin to hatch and there is plenty ofaction going on around the colonies.February - March: The mammals are out in full-force. Thewhales become more curious and you may spot the Orca,Humpbacks or Minke species, as well as seals. 9. The Team 10. Partnering with Polar Latitudes means you join with teams ofprofessionals who together have over 150 years of experience inproviding world class polar adventures.Meet The Home TeamJohn McKeon PresidentHe has been in the adventuretravel industry for over 20 yearswith the last seven specically inpolar expedition cruising. 11. Meet The Home TeamIan Michael Shaw ExpeditionsOperationsA native of Toronto, Canada, Ian hasbeen an expedition cruiseprofessional for over 15 years.Antarctica is Ians passion and hisstrength. He has led over 130expeditions to Antarctica on a dozendierent ships for a variety ofcompanies. 12. Meet The Home TeamChris Dunham Sales and ClientServices DirectorSales, customer service, or informationtechnology, her technical expertise and keena ention to detail make her a huge asset tothe Polar Latitudes team and ensure aawless booking procedure for our partners.CHRIS IS THE ONLY POLAR EXPERT LISTED ONCOND NASTS LIST OF TOP 130 TRAVELSPECIALISTS BY WENDY PERRIN 13. Meet The Expedition TeamJill Harvey Expedition LeaderAs both a six-year veteran of over 70polar expeditions as well as a glacialresearcher in the Coast Mountains ofBritish Columbia, Jill has made icesomething of a vocation. 14. Meet The Expedition TeamColin Baird Marine Mammal SpecialistGrowing up on Vancouver Island, Colindeveloped a love of the sea at an earlyage while paddling, sailing, boating, andscuba diving around the rugged west coastof British Columbia. In 2002, Jean Michel Cousteau selectedColin as the Director of Field Operationsand Head Trainer for the Free Willy/KeikoProject. 15. Meet The Expedition TeamJamie Wa sMarine Ecologist / BiologistDr. Mikolaj GolachowskiMarine Biologist Dr. Dmitri BaninOrnithologist and Marine BiologistCecilia Hed MalmstrmGeographer/Glaciologist 16. SPECIAL GUESTSTim & Paulina Carr South GeorgiaSpecialistsAs the islands only permanentinhabitants for 14 years, Tim andPauline have a unique andcommanding relationship with SouthGeorgia.Tim and Paulina will be joining ourgroup on the Antarctica Explorerdepartures. 17. The Ship 18. Explorer Suite Porthole 19. Sea Explorer Suite 20. Sea Explorer Suite - Veranda 21. The Deck Experience 22. The Voyages 23. CLASSIC ANTARCTICA 12 DAYS The shortest of our three itineraries. Oers an abundance of wildlife viewing. Possible stops at active scientic or historicbases. 24. WEDDELL SEA 15 DAYS This special holiday itinerary embarks on December 20th, 2013and disembarks on January 3rd, 2014. 25. ANTARCTICA EXPLORER 22 DAYS The Falklands & South Georgia via Buenos Aires. (And reverse) 26. TheExcursions 27. Reserve 28. CLASSIC ANTARCTICA 12 DAYS 29. SEA EXPLORERAVAILABILITY - 2013-2014 30. CLASSIC ANTARCTICAAVAILABILITY - 2013-2014 31. CLASSIC ANTARCTICAAVAILABILITY - 2013-2014 32. GEAR SHOP INFO 33. Size 114 clients, 70 crew Service Customer Service Representatives per sailing Purpose-Built Ship triple ice hull rated 4,200 Gross Tonnage Education Naturalists, biologists and historians are all best inclass leaders. Lecturers are hospitality trained. Itineraries A real exploration of the nest Polar regions. Responsibility Small ships = less environmental impact.Why Chose the Sea Explorer 34. Only Through TravelProfessionalsDedicated Partner websiteGuaranteed commissionsCustom E BrochureFull Image Gallery