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<p>Top Web Design &amp; Development Trends in 2013For every online business, web design plays a great role. In order to make an online business solid and valuable, the website should be appealing and winning to the online users. Regardless of its size, a website should have relevant content for its audience. A well developed and well optimized website will improve the business online presence. Thus, it has become a fundamental need of every business to have an attractive and professional business website. Most of web design companies in Dubai provide best web design &amp; development services. To remain competitive, every business or company wants to stay in the limelight of their target audience and relevant industry. Thus, it is an important aspect to keep a track of latest trends and exciting elements looming in your field.Like all forms of art Web design and development also subjects to go with trends. Keeping knowledge of latest trends in market will help both a professional web designer and a small business owner. Web design and development is such a fast growing industry that many companies even dont know that their site can look versed and out dated just in few months or a year after it has been created. Thus, it is very important to pursue the latest trends in design and development and stay competitive. Here are some of the latest trends in web design and development to watch out for in 2013:1. Responsive Web Design A responsive website will read the visitors screen size and fits within the borders. While using a non-responsive website on a mobile device will shrink all the elements of the website and may create an unsightly scroll bars. On the other hand, a responsive website will arrange the elements and display an appropriate layout. The basic idea of introducing a responsive web design is to support all major devices from desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones etc.2. Retina SupportThe credit goes to Apple for this term retina support. It has been claimed that the density of retina display pixel should be high enough that the pixilation will not be noticed by human eyes at a normal viewing distance.3. Minimalist Landing PagesCreation of quality landing pages is all about creating new leads for your business. The idea of minimalism goes with the new website and web development trends. The focus is shifted to the core product by keeping everything simple. 4. Social Media BadgesOne can locate social media badges to articles or blog post anywhere in the layout where they are required. These social media badges are largely used by various website visitors or fans. Social media badges like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn shares the content quickly and effectively. 5. Fixed Header BarsA fixed header bar property will allow stapling header bar onto the website. It offers a constant navigation support to the visitors while scrolling down the page.These are some of the major web design and development trends that are most trending in the year of 2013 and many more still can be found online. The key behind all these latest trends is to provide a better solution to a user.</p>