Top Ten Tips for Decorating Your Home using Canvas Prints

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<ul><li> 1. Top Ten Tips for Decorating Your Home using Canvas PrintsTop Ten Tips for Decorating Your Home using Canvas PrintsDeliver colour as well as intrigue to your wall space with Canvas Prints, a traditional form ofinterior decorating that is extremely popular with contemporary creative designers.Fortunately, one of the biggest advantages of decorating with prints is definitely the fact thatit is easy to replicate the professionally designed appearance on your very own. Simply byfollowing these top 10 tips, youll be able to create a special, captivating room at a low price.Tip #1: Choose your colours based on furniture and motif.Whilst it isnt absolutely necessary to match your furniture to the particular colours of yourprints, the colours must complement each other. In fact, todays more abstract trends call forfurniture and artwork that consist of a combination of complementary colours and designs.For this purpose, the artwork and furniture you actually choose should attempt to convey acolour motif that plays on darks, lights, or a combination that suggests an element like thesea or the sunset. The rooms purpose can help you select its motif. This is covered in thefollowing tip.Tip #2: Select print themes which complement your tastes Getting canvas prints nowadays iseasier than ever. You can easily choose from a number of subjects, including abstract as wellas nature prints. Nevertheless, photo to canvas and also personalised prints are alsopopular. If you have taken an especially stunning photograph or prefer to decorate yourhome with photos of your loved ones instead of traditional wall art, personalised prints andphoto to canvas options allow you to do so in a unique and also sophisticated way.Tip #3: Take into account a rooms function prior to selecting a print. The prints and alsocolours you choose for a home office, for example, are usually a lot different than the printsyou select for a infants nursery. Colours have different properties. Some, like yellow, aresoothing. Others, like red, are invigorating. Yellow colours and prints of yellow items in nature- sunflowers, for example - would be suitable in a nursery. In a home office, however,abstract prints in dark blue would signify professionalism and seriousness. </li> <li> 2. Tip #4: Choose the print sort based on how you plan to use the printsThere are several styles of layout choices for Personalised Gifts. These include the following:- Standard Wrap: The image wraps around the sides of the canvas- Gallery Wrap: The image also wraps around the sides of the canvas, but those sides arebigger.- Standard Black Sides: The image does not wrap around the sides of the canvas. The sidesare black.- Gallery Black Sides: The sides of the canvas are black but larger than in the standard blacksides choice.You can also select more creative layouts for your prints, such as splitting one large pictureup into several smaller sized prints and hanging all of them side by side.Tip #5: Position your prints so they present your room in a positive light.The way you choose to present your prints is dependent on the size of the room and effectyou are trying to give. Some of the choices for presentation include: </li> <li> 3. - Framing art and displaying it on mantles, bookshelves, windowsills, and tables.- Hanging art upon the wall, in small groups, or hanging a single piece.- Letting art sit on the floor. This makes the room look much larger.Tip #6: Hang up prints in unusual pieces for excellent conversation starters.Dont feel that the only method to do a print justice is by hanging it on a single wall that ispainted to emphasize it. Instead, unusual places for art often help to make that art stand outeven more. For instance, you may consider several pieces over an indoor balcony railing orplacing a piece of canvas, under glass, upon your kitchen table.Tip #7 Choose Personalised Prints to add symbolism and pay tribute to your loved ones inyour home. Many families use artwork as a way to memorialize family who have passed oreven the achievements of family members. Personlised prints, which often can includeeverything from graduation collages to paintings of ancestors, can easily do this in asophisticated technique.Tip #8 Pick prints that you will be comfortable with for years to come. It is a good idea toconsult current trends whenever making print selections, but also make sure you haveselected images that will stand the test of time. In the event that you dont think you will likethem in a year or so, dont select them.Tip #9 Consider the whole familys tastes when picking prints. Just because you thinksomething works well in a room really does not mean that the person who most frequentsthat room is going to like it. Physical space plays a huge part in productivity. If you select a </li> <li> 4. print that others do not like, that might actually keep them from getting work done.Tip #10 Very carefully plan room designs before buying prints. Cut large pieces of paper thesize of each print that you plan to purchase, and tape all of them on the walls in order toensure your room design will look perfect before your wall art. </li> </ul>