Top 10 Tips for Making Your Business More Effective

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Reaching new customers is more challenging than getting in touch with the ones you already have...


<ul><li> 1. 10 Tips forMaking Your BusinessMore Effective</li></ul> <p> 2. 1. Become an expert on yourcustomers, that isReaching new customers is more challengingthan getting in touch with the ones youalready have. If you can connect in new wayswith your current customers, you can find outwhy they do business with you and quitepossibly, what would lead them to doing morebusiness with you. 3. 2. Systemize your businessCreate manuals that document all proceduresinvolved in your operations including hiringemployees, position outlines, production procedures,production work-flow, sales and marketing,accounting and customer service. As you createthese documents, youll develop a better picture ofwhat you should be doing to ensure your business isrunning as efficiently as possible. 4. 3. Empower your employeesNo matter how hard you work, you simplycan't do it all yourself. So quit being such a"control freak" (yes, you) and startempowering the team around you to beresponsible for the day-to-day tasks involvedin managing your company. You'll be amazedat what they can do without you. 5. 4. Keep great people by nottaking them for grantedIf you have invested time into building avaluable team of employees, learn toappreciate them and acknowledge their effortsoften. Say thank you, and mean it. Its a littlething that goes a long way towards turning agroup of individuals into a loyal and motivatedworkforce. 6. 5. Create a word picture of whatyour business will look like in 3 5years timeIf you dont know where youre going, how can youtell if youre heading in the right direction? Itsimpossible, of course. The solution is to write adetailed description of the future of your company sothat you know what youre working towards. Then,regularly share your vision with the team who will helptake you there. This will engage them in the dreamand help make the journey significantly smoother. 7. 6. Measure your marketingresultsYou know you need to invest in marketing, but howcan you be sure its working? There are manydifferent ways to approach marketing, includingonline social networking, advertising, blogging andmedia relations, to name a few. Whatever you do,be sure to install measurable strategic indicators sothat you stay focused on your goals, and retain apicture of which marketing strategies you shouldfocus on. 8. 7. Hire the best businessprofessionals you can affordGetting your business to the next level willrequire a team of leaders with a proven trackrecord and excellent reputation: a moreexpensive team. When you hire the best youcan afford, you can rest assured their highersalaries will be more than worth it. 9. 8. Give regular, honestfeedback to your employeesIf you are involved enough in your business to beable to give your employees regular, usefulfeedback, youll go a long way toward fostering amore productive environment. Im not sayingbecome a micromanager, but you need be aware ofthe key projects underway, the lead roles andresponsibilities, and the potential challenges yourstaff is facing, in order to keep your team focused onachieving the goals of your business as effectivelyas possible. 10. 9. Solve problems ratherthan alleviate symptomsIt doesnt take long to recognize problematic patterns they are inherent in every growing business. Avoid thecostly mistake of slapping a bandage on a surfaceissue. Instead address the source from which theproblem is stemming. For example, dont just resolve acustomer complaint with a refund, do something toensure it cant happen again. This approach will saveyou time, money and morale in the long run. 11. 10. Use a gatekeeperAs a business owner, there is never enough time inthe day to accomplish everything you need to do. Ifyou install an assistant to manage your schedule,youll double your productivity, which means youllsave more valuable hours for more purposeful work.In other words, it is more economical than trying todo it all yourself 12. Mark Wardell is President &amp; Founder of WardellInternational , an advisory group that helps businessowners plan and execute the growth of their companies. Theauthor of seven business books, Mark also writes regularlyfor several national &amp; international business publications.Email him at </p>