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<p>Top 10 Most Amazing Chemical Reactions in the World </p> <p>Top 10 Most Amazing Chemical Reactions in the World</p> <p></p> <p>10. Reaction of Sodium / Natrium (Na) with water (H2O) in Chlorine (Cl) gasSodium is highly reactive element and easily explode. When mixed with water, will immediately cause an explosion. In the video below Na react with water in the Cl gas producing yellow light and high heat. Heres the video:</p> <p>9. Reaction between Potassium Chlorate (KClO3) with Gummy Bear</p> <p>Potassium Chlorate usually use for disinfecting and fireworks. When Potassium Klorat boiled, anything added into it will explode instantly see the following video:</p> <p>8. Reaction between Magnesium (Mg) with Dry IceMagnesium is highly flammable and the fire will light very brightly. In this video you will see Magnesium burning in Dry Ice (frozen CO2).</p> <p>Video7. Meissner Effect</p> <p>When a superconductor is cooled below the transition temperature, then the character becomes diamagnetic. Heres the Video:</p> <p>6.Saturation of Sodium Acetate</p> <p>Sodium Acetate will be saturated when cooled or heated. If there is contact with another object crystallization happened.</p> <p>5. Superabsorbent Polymer</p> <p>A polymer can absorb water very quickly and a lot. Also called Hydrogel</p> <p>4. Hexaflouride sulfur that can make objects floatingSulfur Hexaflourode gases is odorless, colorless, and non-toxic. Besides can make things floating, inhaling this gas will cause your voice to be very low.</p> <p>Video3. Superfluid Helium</p> <p>When helium is cooled to -271 degrees Celsius, helium will turn into Helium II, Its called a superfluid. Fluid is very dilute, can even flow against the gravity of the earth! Check this out! :</p> <p>2. Thermite Reaction with Liquid NitrogenIn this video we will see how explosive Thermite reactions can be suppressed / cooled by Liquid Nitrogen. Wow!</p> <p>1. Briggs-Rauscher Reaction (OscillationReaction)</p> <p>This reaction is also called Oscillation Reaction. Fluid that had no color change color to a yellowish color, and then suddenly changed into a dark blue, then changed again to no color. The process repeated until around 10 times, then end up being a dark blue with a strong smell of iodine. Its really awesome! Check this out!</p> <p>Video</p>