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  • 1. Tips To Help Financial Advisors Increase Customer Satisfaction
    • Presented By:
  • Dennis Tubbergen
  • GTBK Marketing

2. When You Increase Customer Service, Your Clients Notice

  • Great customer service is crucial to a successful business. As a financial planner, your clients look to you for long-term stability and security.
  • You need to understand what they are looking for, and then you need to provide that.
  • As Dennis Tubbergen of GTBK Marketing often notes, Client satisfaction should be the cornerstone of any financial planning professionals.

3. Think Outside The Box

  • GTBK Marketinghas successfully kept client satisfaction high for years, and a great deal of their success has been due to the ability of Dennis Tubbergens creativity.
  • GTBK Marketing has created many plans that provide unprecedented flexibility while ensuring that clients assets are protected.
  • Dont be limited by your current programs; understand what your clients need, and provide for them.

4. The Assured Legacy Program

  • One of the most notable GTBK Marketing Programs is the Assured Legacy Program, which gives clients unprecedented control over how their assets are transferred to their heirs.
  • This program provides a unique, personal touch by giving grandchildren an annual check as a gift from their grandparent.
  • In addition, the plan withholds most of the funds until the heir is of an age to be responsible with the money.

5. Dynasty Trust

  • When a Dynasty Trust is established, the funds are kept separate from all other financial assets and cannot be touched during a divorce, bankruptcy, lawsuit or other form of financial disaster.
  • The Dynasty Trust Program was created, by one of the topestate planners in the nation, to ensure that children of a divorcing couple would not lose their inheritance in divorce proceedings.

6. The Immediate Legacy Program

  • This plan was created by GTBK MarketingsDennis Tubbergenin response to the desire of clients to leave significant assets to charity during their lifetime.
  • The Immediate Legacy Program allows donors to have no net cost of their donation, and permits the charities to use the assets while the client still holds them. The program is a benefit to charities and donors alike.

7. Always Ensure The Security Of Your Clients Information

  • Financial planning gives you access to some of your clients most sensitive information.
  • You have to be trusted with it, as you need to know everything to offer the most complete planning solutions.
  • You also need to ensure that their information is completely safe, and the old systems dont work in the digital age.

8. Keeping Information Safe

  • There are many ways to do this. The best ones will offer selective access to private information without keeping it so secure that only the client can have access.
  • The best way to keep client information private is to invest in a storage system that is secure, efficient and reliable.

9. Applying These Ideas To Your Own Situation

  • As a financial planner, you will have your own client base to consider.
  • These examples are significant to being a successful advisor.
  • Let the needs of your clients guide you; if something is frequently demanded, create the idea to satisfy your clients needs.
  • If its a success, offer it to other clients who might benefit.

10. All These Changes Will Keep Clients Happy

  • By being flexible, creating new solutions and ensuring your clients privacy, youll become a leader in customer satisfaction.
  • Your clients will be happy with your service, youll receive great feedback and youll see an increase in new business as you get the best advertising of all: positive word of mouth.


  • Dennis Tubbergen, GTBK Marketing CEO has over 25 years in the financial services industry. GTBK Marketing is a professional marketing and practice management services firm serving CPAs, attorneys, financial advisors and insurance agents.GTBK Marketing, based in Grand Rapids, MI, provides consulting, marketing support, training, services, strategies and information to more than 24,000 professionals. GTBK Marketing specializes in offering intellectual property and strategies, support services such as customized mailing lists and marketing materials, as well as training programs, including financial professional seminars.

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