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It is important to wear matching accessories with a saree. You must be particular among jewellery and bindi.


  • 1. If you are wearing a saree, your attire is not complete unless you sport right kind of accessories. Jewelleries are most ideal accessories to wear with sarees.

2. Be Particular About your Jewellery 3. It is critical to wear a matching necklace with sarees. The necklace must be clearly visible. Gold jewellery is traditionally preferred for wearing with sarees but you can also go for silver or any other metal as per your wish. Dangle earrings are more suitable than studs for wearing the attire. You must not forget to wear bangles. 4. Bindi Women look beautiful in bindi. The colour of bindi should be decided keeping in mind the colour of the saree you are wearing. Slim women look prettier in tiny bindi. Larger binds are ideal for wearing with bright sarees as it helps in highlighting the face. 5. HandbagHandbag is such an accessory that look good all kinds of attire. It is true for sarees as well. Leather tote is the most ideal accessory for the attire. You can choose colourful bags to match with colourful sarees. Clutch also goes well with the Indian wear. 6. Banarasi Sarees are on sale online from reputed brands. You can also get the wear from a neighbouring


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