Three Reasons to Retire Early Overseas

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Three Reasons to Retire Early Overseas

Retirement is ChangingMany people have done the math for traditionalretirement and it doesnt work. But the concept of retirement is changing.

Retirement ChallengesDont want to scrimp today for something far in the future.Dont want to sacrifice current quality of life.Balance current sacrifices with future lifeCant save enough to fully fund retirement

The Increasing Human Lifespanretirement at 60 doesnt mean what it used to

Retirement at age 60

Todays retirees livesMy grandparents lives

My Retirement Rehab

What Retirement Looks Like TodayGetting away from the nine to five grind.Use technology to work, but keep some of your time freedom.Earn an income doing something you enjoy.Create a life you wont want to retire from.

Reason #1: TaxesA high taxable income can make make retiring at home very expensive.


U.S. Income Taxthe hefty cost of living in the U.S.

Federal income taxes, FICA, and local income taxes.Arizona21%

Gross IncomeOwed Income TaxIncome After Taxes



$79KFederal Income Taxes and FICA.Florida18.75%

Gross IncomeOwed Income TaxIncome After Taxes




Income Tax Abroadtaxes as a permanent resident overseasFor expats utilizing Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE).Living Abroad0%

Gross IncomeOwed Income TaxIncome After Taxes




Reason #2: The U.S. DollarThe strength of the U.S. dollar has made living abroad more affordable.


Costs of Living Around the Worldlooking at Numbeos Cost of Living Comparison in other countries

New York City, USA$7,200Phoenix, USA$3,659

Fort Lauderdale, USA$4,835

Merida, Mexico$1,435Chiang Mai, Thailand$2,04749% cheaper than New York33% cheaper than New York72% cheaper than New York80% cheaper than New York

Reason #3: HealthcareAffordable healthcare abroad is a very attractive prospect.

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An Expats HealthcareAs an expat worker I enjoy a great medical and dental insurance package.My familys coverage is worldwide, except for the United States.We are not allowed any elective care in the United States.A colleague was forced to sue the insurer when his wife became ill and was hospitalized while visiting home.

the high cost of retiring at homeHealthcare in the USAAmajor studyof sevendeveloped countriesshowed both elevated costs in the US anda wide variation within the US.

A standard MRI was $1119 in the US, but $215 in Australia and $181 in Spain.

Some places in the US were paying over $3000 for an MRI.$$$Get the information we only give to subscribers

seven costs in developed countriesCost of Hip Replacement

The same operation can be had for just over $7000 in South Africa and just over $16,000 in the UK.Average American Hip ReplacementA standard hip replacement costs an average of just over $29,000 in the US, but runs as high as $57,000.$29,067

SpainSouth AfricaNewZealandUnitedKingdomSwitzerlandAustraliaUnitedStatesofAmerica$6,757$7,685$15,465$16,335$17,112$19,484$29,067

now and in the futureHealthcare factsMexico, Thailand, and Hungaryrankedbest for getting good but cheap dental care.

If you are working today outside a corporate insurance plan,you are forced to choose to take risks you dont need to take if you live abroad.

Fidelitys annualstudyprojected a 65-year-old couple retiring in 2016 will need $260,000 to cover healthcare costs in retirement, up from $240,000 in 2015.

I have not seen a single forecast of a declining rate of healthcare cost increases.Read More on Retiring Abroad

Retire early Live overseas Save on taxes Work on your own terms Stretch your buying power Find affordable healthcare

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