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  1. 1. When decorating a area, several people get worried about the larger items such as pieces of furniture aswell as wall coloring and neglect a few of the lesser items. Generally there are several smaller itemswhich will help finish off a great design and draw the room together. Next are a few items which can beeasily incorporated into your next design project.1. RugsRugs can be used in many situations throughout the home and appear fantastic when matched withyour decor. There are designs available which make it much easier to mix and match other objects inyour room. Rugs can be used in several ways as in under a kitchen table, in the hall, and under the bedjust to name a couple. They go well with any sort of floor coverings. It is not important if you havehardwood, carpet, laminate or tile. A rug will definitely enhance your floors and give your room an extrasparkle.2. Lightswitch platesLightswitch plates are 1 of the many overlooked items whenever it comes to room design. It must be thefact that we are so used to the basic old white switch covers which are standard in most homes.Presently there are quite a few sorts and designs of wall plates available such as creative accent wallplates. These range from plastic, to stone, to metal, to tile, and many more. You will absolutely have aneasy time finding the perfect plate for your current switches and outlets. Since right now there is thiskind of a large selection available it will be easy matching your existing decor. Wallplates are usually notthat pricey and should be included in every single room design.3. LampsOne more item which is usually unnoticed, are lamps. Many people do not think about putting a lamp totheir particular rooms design because they are happy using the ceiling lighting which they currently own.Sometimes incorporating a reading table lamp next to your sofa or an accent light fixture in the cornerof the area can do miracles and add some extra charm to your layout. With a low price tag, an accentlamp should absolutely be used in any homes design.From this article you can see there are numerous items which are quickly neglected when peopledecorate their rooms all through their own house. These basic objects can be extremely useful in placingthe finishing details on your design. These kinds of accessory pieces can absolutely make a differencewithout overwhelming your style. So next time you shop for room decor, do not neglect the rugs, switchplates, and lamps.