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Kelly Mora, Independent Director with Thirty-One Gifts



  • Every day is a gift to be shared

    Were better together

    Relationships are powerful. When we spend time

    together, were more than we could ever be apart.

    Sharing time, ideas, compassion and excitement is

    what makes life worth living! Th ats why I created a

    business that helps bring women closer. I wanted to

    give them the opportunity to celebrate, encourage

    and reward each other while working toward their

    fi nancial goals.

    As you get out of the house to enjoy the warm

    weather this season, set aside some time to connect

    with your girlfriends and new friends. Th is season

    is the perfect time to host a party with Th irty-One.

    Whether you choose a face-to-face, online or

    Catalog party, youll experience the amazing energy

    thats created when you reach out and connect.

    If you believe that every day is a gift to be shared,

    talk to your Consultant about becoming part of

    the Th irty-One family. Join us on our journey of

    sisterhood, support and success after all, when

    we come together, theres nothing we cant do!


    Cindy Monroe

    Founder, President & CEO


  • Fresh, exciting styles for every chapter of your life

    that work together with your Th irty-One favorites,

    plus even more personalization options!

    22-27Natural hyacinth, nautical navy and clean

    stripes bring a fresh feel to organization.

    6-1 5Terrifi c textures defi ne the season. Look for your

    favorite styles in metallic cork, pebble and snake.

    16-21Its time to get outside with roomier totes and

    bright thermals that hold everything you need

    for the perfect day.

    All new ways to make it mean more!

    personalization studio 48-52


  • Th irty-One Gifts is motivated by one simple mission empowering women.

    We give our independent sales Consultants all the tools, support and encouragement theyll need to

    run a successful business. Our commitment to celebrate, encourage and reward women for who they

    are has helped us become one of the largest and most successful direct-selling companies in the world.*

    Our functional and fashionable products help women organize their lives in style, while our career

    opportunity helps others reach their dreams. If youre interested in supporting our mission and becoming

    part of something bigger, talk to a Consultant today about joining her team.

    Want to learn more? Visit

    More than just a company

    *Based on the 2015 Direct Selling News Global 100.4 THIRTYONEGIFTS.COM

  • C.



    New Ahoy personalization.

    See page 50.


  • G. TOTE-ALLY THERMAL (8257) $45 EE See pg. 35First Mate (Large Curled Initial, Navy Blue)

    F. ORGANIZING SHOULDER BAG (3165) $45 EE See pg. 40Navy Pinstripe

    D. MINI ZIPPER POUCH (3013) $12 EE See pg. 44Natural w/ Navy (Dotty Circle, Hot Pink w/ Navy Blue), Navy Pinstripe w/ Anchor

    H. DOUBLE UP CROSSBODY (6204) $38 EEE See pg. 40Navy Pinstripe (Font B9, Hot Pink)

    E. FOLD-OVER WEEKENDER (4990) $80 E See pg. 42Preppy Pop

    I. TONS OF FUNDS (8139) $58 EE See pg. 43Candy Pink Pebble

    B. CINCH SAC (3039) $20 E See pg. 42First Mate

    A. CHILL-ICIOUS THERMAL (8415) $20 EE See pg. 34Navy

    C. CANVAS CREW CARRY-ALL (4778) $55 E See pg. 42Natural w/ Navy (Ahoy, Navy Blue w/ Aqua)







    Zipper closure keeps contents safe no matter how you use it.

    New Dotty Circle personalization.

    See page 50.

    Attach a Wristlet Strap to create a cute clutch.

    Th eres nothing you cant doStylish, smart, organized. With the right bag,

    you can conquer anything. Which style fi ts

    your life best?


    Leak Lock thermal lining keeps items cold.


    Th ese pair perfectly!


  • A.


    C. D, E.

    A. MINI ZIPPER POUCH(3013) $12 EE See pg. 44City Charcoal Swiss Dot (Stacked, Hot Pink), Natural w/ Navy (Diamond, Hot Pink)

    C. NEW DAY TOTE (8357) $68 E See pg. 41City Charcoal Swiss Dot (Font A5, Hot Pink)

    D. ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS (8021) $48 EE See pg. 43City Charcoal Snake, Tan Metallic Cork

    E. WRISTLET STRAP(8033) $8 E See pg. 43Candy Pink Pebble

    B. TIMELESS BEAUTY BAG(3849) $25 E See pg. 45City Charcoal Swiss Dot

    New Stacked personalization.

    See page 50.


  • How has being a Th irty-One Consultant impacted YOUR life?

    Living with an anxiety disorder, I was in a constant state of fear and panic. I had stopped leaving the house, stopped talking to my friends and started developing health issues and I thought thats how I would live forever. Th irty-One gave me the opportunity to focus on something positive for myself, reach out to others and basically LIVE AGAIN. It gave me my life back. Within 13 months, I went from not leaving my home to swimming in underground caverns in the Mayan Jungle (on a FREE trip I earned through Th irty-One!). Th is company taught me to love life and other people again. Even more importantly, it taught me to love myself again.

    Th is story is so inspiring! But it is not a guarantee of your own actual earnings. See page 54 for details about our Income Disclosure Statement.

    Weekend GETAWAY

    Patterns that WorkF. ALL PACKED DUFFLE (8319) $80 E See pg. 42 Navy Perfect Pendant

    H. GLAMOUR CASE (6121) $25 See pg. 45 Navy Perfect Pendant

    K. CINDY TOTE (3057) $72 EE See pg. 41 Navy Pinstripe (Font B4, Hot Pink)

    I. STYLE SETTER (8406) $40 a $128 value!See pg. 55 Tan Metallic Cork

    L. LETTERS FROM LONDON (6201) $18 See pg. 44 Tan Metallic Cork

    N. GO-TO TOTE (6208) $58 E See pg. 41 Navy Perfect Pendant

    J. AVENUE SCARF (8331) $28 See pg. 44 Navy Perfect Pendant

    M. LUNCH BREAK THERMAL (4182) $25 EE See pg. 34 Navy Perfect Pendant

    O. PERFECT CENTS WALLET (4808) $28 E See pg. 43 Navy Perfect Pendant

    G. HANGING TRAVELER CASE (8161) $35 E See pg. 45 Navy Perfect Pendant



    I, J.

    K, L.







    Hostess EXCLUSIVE!See page 55.

    Explore the Natural

    New Diamond personalization.

    See page 50.

    Solutions with styleYour journey begins with a single step and a few great bags.

    Create a stylish, coordinated set thats perfect for you.

    Your Go-To Trio

    Th ese go great together!

    JULIETQuinteroPrayers do get answered, and dreams

    do come true. I m living proof.

    DIRECTOR Winter Garden, FL Joined August 2014

    SPRING-SUMMER 2016 9

  • A. RADIANCE NECKLACE (8366) $38 See pg. 46Silver-Tone


    F. DREAM CATCHER NECKLACE (6148) $30 See pg. 46Silver-Tone

    D. KEEPSAKE CHARM (8514) $10 See pg. 47Arrow, You + Me

    C. WAX SEAL CHARM(6174) $15 See pg. 47Two-Tone

    I. LEATHER STITCH BRACELET (8393) $35 See pg. 47Candy Pink, Brown

    G. NATURAL STONE CHARM (8368) $12 See pg. 47Turquoise

    H. SQUARE STENCIL CHARM (8369) $15 See pg. 47Gold-Tone

    B. 24" DAINTY ROLO CHAIN (8197) $14 See pg. 46Silver-Tone

    E. BAUBLES & BRACELETS CASE (4585) $20 See pg. 45City Charcoal Swiss Dot

    Chain easily adjusts wear

    it two ways!

    Jewelry makes the perfect personalized gift!

    Your season to shineStart with your family. Add great girlfriends. Top it off

    with amazing opportunities. Th is is your season to shine!


    Share your favorite styles of the season.



    B, C, D.

    B, C, D.


  • D, F, G, H.


    Tell your story through your favorite charms.

    CAROL BeaucheminWe were in big trouble financially,

    and I prayed for an answer. Thirty-One saved my family. It saved me.

    SENIOR EXECUTIVE DIRECTORConcord, NH Joined January 2010

    Everyone at Th irty-One has a reason why theyre a Consultant whats yours?

    My family. When I joined Th irty-One, we were at risk of losing

    our home, and I needed to keep a roof over my childrens heads.

    We were being swallowed up in debt after the economy fell. Id

    been laid off from my part-time job and was home-schooling

    three children, so I needed something fl exible. Being home with

    my kids was very important to me, so Th irty-One was perfect.

    Despite being a relatively shy, non-party kinda gal, I fi gured

    I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    How quickly did you start seeing the benefi ts of being a Consultant?

    I knew within months that Th irty-One was an answer to my

    prayer, and choosing to believe in Th irty-One and in myself,

    I knew within six months that I could pay the mortgage! Today

    my Th irty-One income pays our household bills plus private

    school for my son, extracurricular activities, including Boston

    Ballet training for my daughter, a new car (because I gave mine

    to my college son), a camper and so much more. Plus, I have

    earned fi ve amazing, all-expenses-paid trips to Cancun, Riviera

    Maya and the Dominican Republic, perfect for renewing our

    marriage! Every day I thank God for Th irty-One my Hostesses,

    Customers, amazing team and Th irty-One family!

    Th is story is so inspiring! But it is not a guarantee of your own actual earnings. See page 54 for details about our Income Disclosure Statement.

    11SPRING-SUMMER 2016

  • B. WRISTLET STRAP (8033) $8 E See pg. 43Daring Cobalt Pebble, Caramel Charm Pebble

    A. ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS (8021) $48 EE See pg. 43Daring Cobalt Petal Punch

    A, B.







    B, E.


    C. TONS OF FUNDS (8139) $58 EE See pg. 43Tan Metallic Cork

    E. ROLLING JEWELL (8022) $38 E See pg. 43Caramel Charm Pebble

    D. PERFECT CENTS WALLET(4808) $28 E See pg. 43Navy Perfect Pendant

    I. EVERYTHING CROSSBODY (6210) $58 E See pg. 39Daring Cobalt (Font M2, Navy Blue)

    H. AWAY WE GO ROLLER (8159) $55 a $180 value! E See pg. 55 Navy Perfect Pendant

    G. FASHION GAMES (4937) $98 See pg. 38Cognac Woods Pebble

    Four interior pockets to store your phone, keys and other necessities.

    Interior pocket holds a phone.

    Explore the possibilitiesOpen yourself to new ways to make the most of the day.

    F. AVENUE SCARF (8331) $28 See pg. 44 Navy Perfect Pendant

    Hostess EXCLUSIVE!See page 55.


  • I.

    Adjustable strap lets you wear as a

    crossbody, shoulder bag or satchel.

    ANGIE Kerr

    Every day I go to work knowing I can make a difference in someones life.

    SENIOR EXECUTIVE DIRECTORChampaign, IL Joined July 2009

    What do you like most about being a Th irty-One Consultant?

    I love the fl exibility of being able to work around my

    familys schedule. I can be where I need to be every day.

    I also love the friendships Ive made. I would not have

    met many of these ladies if not for Th irty-One, and I cant

    imagine not having them in my life now. Learning and

    feeling empowered by them is incredible theres always

    someone willing to off er support and encouragement.

    How has your life changed since you joined?

    Th irty-One has given me the amazing work-life balance

    that many people hope for but are never able to have. I love

    to work, and I get to do that, but I also get to spend time

    with my family. I have the opportunity to put my ideas and

    talents to good use, which has increased my confi dence

    and boosted my self-esteem. I started Th irty-One to

    have something just for me. I had a high-paying job that

    I enjoyed, but with three small daughters at home and a

    busy work schedule, I needed some girl time. I didnt start

    out thinking I would make a career out of this, but I worked

    my business like a business, and things just grew and

    fl ourished from there.

    Th is story is so inspiring! But it is not a guarantee of your own actual earnings. See page 54 for details about our Income Disclosure Statement.

    13SPRING-SUMMER 2016

  • A. PARIS (8010) $78 E See pg. 39Daring Cobalt Pebble



    C, D.


    G. F.


    F. TRIPLE SLIT POCKET (8016) $12 See pg. 39City Charcoal

    E. MILES OF STYLE (8156) $88 E See pg. 38Daring Cobalt Pebble, Graphic Weave

    D. WRISTLET STRAP (8033) $8 E See pg. 43Citron Pop Pebble, Daring Cobalt Pebble

    B. UPTOWN MINI POUCH(4954) $18 See pg. 44Graphic Weave

    G. ZIPPER POCKET (8015) $12 See pg. 39City Charcoal

    I. ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS (8021) $48 EE See pg. 43Citron Pop Petal Punch

    H. CINDY TOTE (3057) $72 EE See pg. 41Graphic Weave (Large Signature Initial, Black)

    J. TOWNSFAIR REVERSIBLE TOTE (4940) $88 E See pg. 41Black Beauty Pebble w/ City Charcoal Snake

    K. THE SKINNY STRAP (8036) $18 See pg. 39Citron Pop Pebble

    C. ROLLING JEWELL (8022) $38 E See pg. 43Daring Cobalt Pebble, Black Beauty Snake

    Add it on! Pockets fi t in: Diamond District, Fashion Games,

    Miles Of Style and Paris.

    Success is a team eff ortBags in vibrant colors bring a fresh look, while pockets, zipper

    pouches and well-designed wallets keep you organized in style.

    Th ese pair perfectly!


  • H.


    D, I.

    C, D.

    J, K.

    Zipper closure plus roomy interior pockets.

    Zipper closure plus handy exterior pocket

    for your phone.

    Wear this reversible tote two ways!

    ANGIE DeLongWhen you spend some time in our

    sisterhood, you quickly realize how important we all are to each other.

    SENIOR EXECUTIVE DIRECTORPapillion, NE Joined December 2009

    Whats the best part of being a Th irty-One Consultant?

    I love that I get to help and encourage so many women in

    their journey to make additional income, get some girl time or

    earn products for free. I love the fl exibility I have, which allows

    me to work around our crazy, but fun, family schedule. And I

    love that our daughter gets to see me doing something I love

    empowering others and dreaming with action. Plus, our

    products make people happy. Whats not to love?

    How has life changed for you and your family?

    I no longer dread Sunday nights because I love Mondays.

    Crazy, huh? Who knew Mondays were so great?! Now I get

    to spend my day surrounded by powerful women. And not

    only have I made amazing new friends my husband and

    our three children also have incredible friendships because

    of Th irty-One. All fi ve of us have worked as a team to build

    a business that provides the extras, the vacations and the

    money for activities.

    Th is story is so inspiring! But it is not a guarantee of your own actual earnings. See page 54 for details about our Income Disclosure Statement.

    15SPRING-SUMMER 2016

  • A. B.



  • D.

    D, E.

    Every day is a new opportunityGet more done in less time when you team your favorite bags together.

    Mix and match our bold, new patterns and colors!

    E. DELUXE UTILITY TOTE (4441) $50 See pg. 32White Poppy

    C. TONS OF FUNDS (8139) $58 EE See pg. 43Candy Pink Pebble

    G. ALL-DAY ORGANIZING TOTE (4777) $45 E See pg. 32White Poppy

    D. ESSENTIAL STORAGE TOTE (4446) $28 E See pg. 33White Poppy

    B. TOTE-ALLY THERMAL (8257) $45 EE See pg. 35Ribbon Stripe (Font A1, Hot Pink)

    F. COOL CLIP THERMAL POUCH (8256) $15 EE See pg. 34Ribbon Stripe (Poppy Icon-It, Hot Pink)

    A. SOFT UTILITY TOTE(4942) $45 E See pg. 31White Poppy

    K. FRESH MARKET THERMAL (4181) $50 EEE See pg. 35White Poppy (Font A9, Hot Pink)

    H. PICNIC THERMAL TOTE(3034) $35 EEE See pg. 35White Poppy (Font A4, Hot Pink)

    I. BRING-A-BOTTLE THERMAL(4186) $10 E See pg. 34Ribbon Stripe

    J. LARGE UTILITY TOTE (3121) $35 EE See pg. 31Ribbon Stripe (Large Script Monogram, Hot Pink)

    Deluxe Utility Tote holds two Essential Storage Totes for fewer trips.





    Th ese pair perfectly!

    Make fewer trips Keep baby happy

    Chill with the team Fit more in



    SPRING-SUMMER 2016 17

  • New First Mate personalization.

    See page 50.