Theatre Survival Plan in Uncertain Times

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Arts Reach article on Theater Companies Survival in Uncertain Times by Carl Sylvestre - Pages 5 - 9 (June 2009)


  • 1. PRST. STD. Arts Reach Unlimited U.S. Postage 524 San Anselmo Avenue P A I D San Anselmo, CA 94960 San Anselmo, CA Permit No. 41 ADDRESS SERVICES REQUESTED Volume XVII Issue 5 $30 The Art and Science of Enhancing Your Mission, Attendance and Fundraising Visit .com tsreach etails and for d ister! to reg Conference- at-a-Glance October 8, 2009: Patron Technologys E-marketing E-mersion E-vent Arts Reach Edition October 9 & 10, 2009: Regular s we enter a new decade in what board members who are equally impa- Conference A has still felt like a new and very chaotic century, how are the arts tient because they see that things have been stagnant for a long time? October 11, 2009: going to restructure their marketing, fund- If you realize that the old practices Revolution in the raising, and governance efforts to capture simply wont work any more, then this is Board Room Day, patrons who are changing exponentially? the conference for you. Join like-minded Presented by Kay professionals for an extraordinary week- Sprinkel Grace Are you ready for the wave of change? end of learning, discussing, socializing, Are you anticipating which new technolo- and relaxing. With a theme this timely Inside gies, messages, and cultivation strategies will be the most effective for your unique situa- and a line-up this strong, it might liter- Arts Reach: ally prove to be the conference where the tion? Have you set the most prudent course Trends 2 future of the arts in North America for for maximizing short-term donor net income Survival Strategies 5 the next decade is determined. Budgeting 10 and long-term contributed income growth? Are you ready for younger board members Messaging 12 See pages 15-19 for complete details LA Conference 15 who have different expectations and for older ARTS REACH SUPERTEAM RTS EACH UPER EAM 1 Arts REACH 1-888-881-5861 1
  • 2. What Comes After the Recession? BY MAL WARWICK re you thinking that the vision and mission that drive I thought through the nonprot A youve got enough prob- lems now without being your efforts cant be fullled this year, or next, or even the one after sectors prospects for the future. distracted by thoughts of how First, donors will cease to be that. So, its essential you keep in youll raise money a year or two or statistics. mind how the changes you put in Mass mail will be pass. Todays three from now? I thought so. But place now will affect your chances segmentation tools will be primi- hear me out, please. of thriving once the economy tive by comparison with tomor- Right now, nally starts upward again. rows targeting techniques. as economic I was given an opportunity to One-to-one marketing will be a conditions bear think about this challenge when necessity, not a fantasy. down more and I was invited to speak briey at a Large charities clinging to enor- more heavily on luncheon held during the Direct mous donorles will lose ground your organiza- Marketing Association Nonprot to those that emphasize donor tion, chances are Federation Washington Nonprot quality over quantity. youre making changes . . . changes Conference in Washington DC, Donors will shun nonprots that in the ways you raise money, in the early this year. Three overarch- treat them like numbers. Those programs you trim and the ones ing realities clearly stuck out as you fund fully, perhaps even in the people who work with you. Tough See Mal Warwick in person as he presents the opening times impose change. keynote and a breakout session at the Arts Reach But its not enough to survive. National Arts Marketing & Development Conference in No doubt your organization is in Los Angeles October 8-11, 2009. Visit www.artsreach. business for the long haul, because com/conference.html for more details. H EAC TS R EAM AR RT SUP E Ruddlize It: Marcom On Call A s a member of the Arts Erik Curren of the American Shake- will revolutionize your marketing Reach community, you speare Center says, Wow! Thanks for program and process. Visit www. may have read one of my the detailed feedback. You really are the for complete details articles in the Arts Reach journal Go To Guy for analysis of collateral. or contact me directly at 408-234- or attended one of my sessions at If you know me already, then you 3670 or with an Arts Reach conference about