the worst mistakes you can make with dynamics gp

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The worst mistakes you can make with Dynamics GP. Slides include: Not Backing Up, Chart of Account Errors, Deleting, History, Ignorance, Ownership, Reconciling, Security, Year End, Attention to Detail, Customizations, Implementations, Support and more tips. For more from Vertical Solutions visit


  • 1. The Worst Mistakes You CanMake With Dynamics GP Mark Polino - I.B.I.S., Inc. John Lowther Sta-Home HealthGPUG Summit 2011November 8-11 Caesars Palace Las Vegas, NV

2. Not Backing Up Backing up only the sample DB Not backing up files, forms, reports, etc. Not backing up before year end Not backing up before SQL commands Not backing up to separate drive Not performing TEST RESTORES!GPUG Summit 2011 Las Vegas 3. Chart of Accounts Errors Framework too small Not updating the chartfor GP Wrong account postingtype GPUG Summit 2011 Las Vegas 4. Deleting Drop Table Remove Delete Batch Budget Deleting the LDF/MDF files Deleting SQL Elements users, procedures,views, etc.GPUG Summit 2011 Las Vegas 5. History Not Maintaining History Maintaining Inconsistent History Running utilities without HistoryGPUG Summit 2011 Las Vegas 6. Ignorance What does this utility do? Testing Mass Modify in Production Activating Account Security without setup Changing posting settings Testing in production Using Auto ShrinkGPUG Summit 2011 Las Vegas 7. Ownership No process owner Lack of business buy in Separating decision making fromconsequences No implementer/poor implementer Lack of internal resourcesGPUG Summit 2011 Las Vegas 8. Reconciling Multiple AR/AP accounts Bringing unreconciled accounts into GP Timing Differences Setup Transactional Not maintaining history Posting in summaryGPUG Summit 2011 Las Vegas 9. Security Locking security down to the point thatpeople cant do their jobs Security through obscurity Everyone a Power User Turning off company master security Not rebuilding security from v9 to v10+GPUG Summit 2011 Las Vegas 10. Year End Running Fixed Asset Year End Close withoutdepreciating through Year End Not checking account types Fixed Asset calendar out of sync with FiscalYear Closing year multiple times [GL, Inv., etc.] Not backing up GPUG Summit 2011 Las Vegas 11. Attention to Detail SQL statements without a Where clause Trying to remove one history record andremoving them all Not validating correct posting [payroll, GL,etc.] Allow Logs or TempDB to grow uncontrolledand use up all available space GPUG Summit 2011 Las Vegas 12. Customizations Customizing to fit old system Customizing instead of using ISV solution Customizing for today with no room forchange Solving problems with complicatedprocesses instead of customization No customization support GPUG Summit 2011 Las Vegas 13. Implementation Not running and clearing catch updepreciation before 1st depreciation run Running the full GP client remotely over VPN Truncating zeros with Excel/CSV on masterdata load Assuming that change is easy Under training Under communicatingGPUG Summit 2011 Las Vegas 14. Custom search engine dedicated to DynamicsGP Search more than 100 sites with tens ofthousands of resources for supportinformation on Dynamics GP Web ( Mobile ( Android ( GPUG Summit 2011 Las Vegas 15. More Tips GPUG Summit 2011 Las Vegas