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<ul><li><p>1116 THE SEVENTEENTH INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF MEDICINE.</p><p>extent the respect and confidence of all who knew him,and in a very special degree that of his seniors. Athis work he showed great capacity and energy, and this,combined with ability of a high order, singled him outamongst his contemporaries as the man to ask advice of orto seek help from; and his advice or assistance wastendered with such thought and generosity of spirit as tomake it doubly acceptable. His friendship was highlyvalued by all who possessed it, and his memory will longbe honoured at home and in China.</p><p>Dr. Gibb married in 1908, and his wife, who had been asister at St. Bartholomews Hospital, accompanied him whenhe went to take up his post at the Union Medical College,Peking. Two years ago he offered his services for plagueduty at Harbin, and he was sent by the Chinese Governmentto deal with the outbreak there. During last years revolu-tion he was in charge of the Red Cross organisation inPeking. The cause of his death is not yet known inEngland, but to add to his familys sorrow news came fromPeking a week later 01 the death of his elder son.</p><p>DEATHS OF EMINENT FOREIGN MEDICAL MEN.-Thedeaths of the following eminent foreign medical men areannounced :-Dr. Hermann Munk, the well-known Berlinphysiologist, at the age of 73, after a long illness. Notwith-standing his great eminence, it is generally understood thatwhen the chair became vacant in the University of Berlin bythe death of Professor du Bois Reymond, the PrussianMinistry objected to promote Dr. Munk from the extra-ordinary professorship which he had held since 1869 merelyon account of his Jewish religion. His early researches onthe functions of the cerebral cortex were recognised as soimportant that he was elected a member of the BerlinAcademy of Sciences when only 40 years of age-a veryuncommon circumstance. In addition to his post in theuniversity he also held the chair of physiology in theVeterinary School to which he was appointed in 1876.-Dr. 0. Langner, of Berlin, sanitary councillor.-Dr. H.Koenig, of Crefeld, sanitary councillor.-Dr. H. Pulz, ofDusseldorf, sanitary councillor.-Dr. L. Bach, of Marburg,privy sanitary councillor and professor.-Professor J. Disse,of Marburg.-Dr. J. Zuckermann, of Crefeld, sanitarycouncillor.-Dr. E. Heuss, p7ivai-docent of dermatology andsyphiligraphy in the University of Ziirich.-Dr. Joel W.Wright, formerly professor of surgery in the University ofVermont, Burlington.-Dr. N. Nahm, of Frankfort, thefounder of the first of the German consumption establish-ments, that of Ruppertsheim in the Taunus. His age wasonly 47, and he held the position of sanitary councillor.-Dr. Peter Keimer, docent of laryngology in the DiisseldorfAcademy of Practical Medicine.</p><p>UNSELFISH DEVOTION TO DUTY.-Dr. G. H. W.Robertson, J.P., has been awarded the medal of the Order ofSt. John of Jerusalem in England for his conduct in a railwayaccident in South Africa last year. The train by whichhe was a passenger ran over a steep embankment in themiddle of the night at a spot many miles from assistance ofany kind, and after extricating himself from the debris, Dr.Robertson, who had sustained very serious injuries, includingfour broken ribs, had himself carried round among theother unfortunate passengers, and rendered valuable servicein directing the treatment of the most seriously injured tillhe collapsed through pain and exhaustion.</p><p>THE friends of the late Miss Rosa Morison(lady superintendent of women students at UniversityCollege, London, 1883-1912) have formed a committee withthe object of raising a memorial to her. The Right Hon.Lord Reay is the president, Dr. T. Gregory Foster, Ph.D.(Provost of University College), the chairman, Lady Lockyerthe treasurer, and Miss E. Chick and Miss E. Goodyear the</p><p>, honorary secretaries. It is suggested that in the first instanceportrait medallions or busts should be provided, one to beplaced in University College and the other in College Hall ;and, in the second instance, that a loan fund or a scholar-ship should be instituted for the benefit of students con-nected with University College. Sympathisers with theseobjects are asked to communicate with the honorary secre-taries, Rosa Morison Memorial Committee, University CollegeGower-street, London, W.C.</p><p>THE SEVENTEENTH INTERNATIONALCONGRESS OF MEDICINE.</p><p>WE published in THE LANCET of Jan. 6th, 1912, a list ofthe officers of the forthcoming International Medical Con-gress, to be held in London, August 6th to 12th, 1913, underthe patronage of His Majesty the King. H.R.H. PrinceArthur of Connaught has graciously consented to open theCongress on Wednesday, August 6th, at 11 A.M., in theAlbert Hall.The personnel of the officers of Congress has not altered</p><p>since January of this year, but a few names have been addedto the vice-presidents of the sections, and death also hasremoved a few others from the lists.</p><p>THE GENERAL SESSIONS.The arrangements for the general sessions are as follows :</p><p>A general session will be held in the Albert Hall on each day,except Saturday, during the Congress at 5.30 P.M., atwhich the following general addresses will be delivered :Wednesday, August 6th.-Address in Medicine, Professor</p><p>Chauffard, of Paris.Friday, August 8th.-Address in Pathology, Geheimrat</p><p>Professor Paul Ehrlich, of Frankfort.Tuesday, August 12th.-Address on Public Health, Right</p><p>Hon. John Burns, M.P., President, Local Government Board.Address in Surgery, Professor Harvey Cushing, of HarvardUniversity. Address on Heredity, W. Bateson, F.R.S.</p><p>SECTIONS.The following is the programme of discussions in the</p><p>sections with the names of the reporters, so far as they aresettled, arranged in alphabetical order. We take the oppor-tunity of congratulating the honorary general secretary ofthe Congress, Dr. W. P. Herringham, and the officials of theSections, on the promptitude with which this programme hasbeen issued :-</p><p>Section I.-Anatomy and Embryology.Thursday, August 7th.-1. The Excitatory and Connecting Muscular</p><p>System of the Heart. (Jointly with Section III.) jEepOf</p></li><li><p>1117THE SEVENTEENTH INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF MEDICINE.</p><p>Monday, August llth.-4. The Chemical Pathology of the AlimentaryTract.Tuesday, August 12th.-5. Endogenous Metabolism of Proteins.</p><p>(Jointly with Section II.) Reporters: Dr. E. Abderhalden, Halle, a/S.Dr. H.Dakin, Seal Harbour, U.S.A.</p><p>Section IV.-Bacteriology and Immunity.Theories of Immunity and Anaphylaxis. Reporter: Professor Dr.</p><p>E. Friedberger, Berlin. Nature of Virulence. Filter Passers. Leprosyand Allied Bacilli.Friday, August 8th.-Cancer. (Jointly with Section III. (a).)</p><p>Reporter Dr. E. Freund, Vienna; Professor Dr. C. Neuberg, Berlin-Charlottenburg.</p><p>Section V.-Therapeutics (Pharmacology, Physio-therapy, Balneology).</p><p>Thursday, August 7th.-1. The Comparative Value of CardiacRemedies. Reporters: GHR. Professor Dr. R. Gottlieb, Heidelberg;Professor Theodore C. Janeway, New York, U,S.A.Friday, August 8th.-2. The Action and Use of Remedies for Pain</p><p>and Sleeplessness (excluding Anaesthetics, Local and General). Reporter: :Professor Dr. Hans Meyer, Vienna.</p><p>Saturday, August 9th.-3. A Laboratory Meeting.Monday, August llth.-4. Non-Bacterial Toxins and Antitoxins.Tuesday, August 12th.-5. Thermal Treatment: its Indications,</p><p>Limitations, and Risks. Reporter: Professor Landouzy, Paris.</p><p>Section VI.-Medicine.Thursday, August 7th.-1. The Pathology of Heart Failure.</p><p>Report,ers Professor H. Vaquez, Paris ; Professor Dr. K. F. v. Wencke-bach, Strassburg.Friday, August 8th.-2. Correlation of Organs of Internal Secretions</p><p>and their Disturbances. (Jointly with Section II.) Reporter ProfessorE. Gley, Paris ; Professor Dr. Baron Alex. v. Koranyi, Budapest;Professor Dr. Fredk. Kraus, Berlin.</p><p>Saturday, August 9th.-3. The Clinical Aspects of Haemolysis.Reporter Professor G. Banti, Florence ; Professor F. Widal, Paris.Monday, August llth.-4. Diabetes. Reporters: Professor Geo. Dock,</p><p>St. Louis, U.S.A.; Professor Dr. Karl van Noorden, Vienna.Tuesday, August 12th.-5. Differentiation of the Diseases included</p><p>under Chronic Arthritis. Reporters Professor L. F. Barker, Baltimore,U.S.A.; Professor Dr. Friedr. v. Muller, Munich.</p><p>Section VII.-Surgery.Thursday, August 7th.-1. The Operative Treatment of Malignant</p><p>Disease of the Large Intestine (excluding the Rectum). Reporters :Professor Raffaele Bastlanelli, Rome ; GSR. Professor Dr. W. Krte,Berlin.Friday, August 8th.-2. Diagnosis and Treatment of Early Renal and</p><p>Vesical Tuberculosis. (Jointly with Section XIV.) Reporters Dr.Felix Legueu, Paris ; Professor Victor Rochet, Lyons ; Dr. HansWildbolz, Berne.Saturday, August 9th.-3. The Surgery of the Arterial System.</p><p>Reporters: Professor Rudolph Matas, New Orleans, U.S.A.; ProfessorDr. V. A. Oppel, St. Petersburg.Monday, August llth.-4. The Treatment of Tumours of the Brain and</p><p>the Indications for Operation. (Jointly with Section XL) ReoftefS : :Professor Dr. Bruns, Hanover ; Professor Harvey Cushing, HarvardUniversity, U.S.A. ; Professor Dr. Freih. v. Eiselsberg, Vienna; Dr.H. H. Tooth, London.Tuesday, August 12th.-5. Intra-thoracic Surgery. _RepoftefS. Pro-</p><p>fessor Dr. F. Sauerbruch, Ziirich; Professor Theodore Zuffier, Paris.</p><p>Subsection VII. (a,).Orthopaedics.Thursday, August 7th.-1. Spastic Paraplegia. Reporters GMR.</p><p>Professor Dr. H. Kiittner, Breslau; E. Muirhead Little, F.R.C.S.,London; Professor Dr. Vulpius, Heidelberg.Friday, August 8th.-2. The Treatment of Scoliosis. reporters Dr.</p><p>R. W. Lovett, Boston, U.S.A.; Professor Dr. A. Schanz, Dresden.Saturday, August 9th.-3. The Treatment of Ankylosis. Reporters :</p><p>Dr. W. S. Baer, Baltimore, U.S.A.; Professor V. Putti, Bologna.Monday, August llth.-4. The Treatment of Tuberculous Joints in</p><p>Childhood. Reporters Professor Dr. Julius Dollinger, Budapest ;Professor John Ridlon, Chicago, U.S.A.Tuesday, August 12th.-5. Radiography of Bones and Joints, and its</p><p>Value in Orthopaedic Surgery. (Jointly with Section XXII.) Reporter :Dr. Fedor Haenisch, Hamburg ; Dr. Nove-Josserand, Lyons ; Dr. P.Redard, Paris.</p><p>Subsection VII. (b).Anaesthesia, General and Local.1. (a) Recent Methods for Producing Analgesia: (i) Spinal, (41)</p><p>Local and Regional; (b) Contrast the Immediate and After-effects,especially Shock-e.g., Spinal and Local Analgesia with InhalationalAnaesthesia, with Special Reference to Psychic Shock. Reporter :Professor Yandell Henderson, New Haven, U.S.A.</p><p>2. Recent Methods of General Anaesthesia: (a) Ether: (i) OpenMethod; (iy) Intravenous Method. Reporter Professor Dr. L.Burkhardt, Nurnberg. (iii) Intratracheal Method. Reporter : Pro-fessor S. J. Meltzer, New York, U.S.A. (iv) Nasal Method. Reporter :Dr. G. W. Crile, Cleveland, U.S.A. (v) Rectal Method; (b) The Use ofAlkaloids Alone or Before Inhalational Anaesthesia, Scopolamine andScopomorphine ; (c) Inhalational Anaesthesia in Association withAlkaloidal Bodies: (i) Nitrous Oxide in Major Surgery; (ii) Ether;(iii) Choloroform. Reported Dr. G. W. Crile, Cleveland, U.S.A.</p><p>3. Dosimetric Method of Administering : (i.) Chloroform; (ii.) Ether(a) Regulators ; (b) Mixtures.</p><p>4. Post-operative Effects and Toxxmias associated with Anaesthetics.5. The Selection of Appropriate Anaesthetic Agent and Mode of</p><p>Administration in Constitutional Dyscrasi2e which Render the Exhibi-tion of Certain Anaesthetics Inadvisable. Reporter: Professor Dr.Fritz Dumont, Berne.</p><p>6. The Management of Special Types of Patients and Operations..ROffet; Dr. Dudley Buxton, London.</p><p>Section YIIL-Obstetrics and Gynaecology.Thursday, August 7th.-1. The Treatment of Haemorrhage from the</p><p>Placental Site (Placenta Praevia and Accidental Haemorrhage) in theLater Months of Pregnancy. Reporters : GMR. Professor Dr.Doderlein, Munich ; Professor Dr. G. Essen-Mller, Lund.</p><p>Friday, August 8th.-2. Infant Mortality in the First Four Weeks ofLife. (Jointly with Sections X. and XVIII.) jBepfters Dr. A. K.Chalmers, Glasgow; Dr. Henry Koplik, New York City, U.S.A.; Pro-fessor Pinard, Paris.Monday, August llth.-3. Roentgen and Radium Therapy in Ciynx-cology. (Jointly with Section XXII.) Reporters Dr. Foveau de</p><p>Courmelles, Paris ; Professor Dr. Bernh. Krnig, Freiburg i/Br. ; Pro-fessor Dr. Albers Schnberg, Hamburg.Tuesday, August 12th.-4. Cancer of the Uterus (Body and Cervix) t</p><p>Operative Technique and Results. Reporters: Professor Dr. D. deOtt, St. Petersburg ; Professor A. Pollosson, Lyons; Professor Dr.Wertheim, Vienna.</p><p>Section IX.-Ophthalmology.Thursday, August 7th.-1. The Pathogenesis of Chronic Uveitis,</p><p>excluding the Syphilitic, Tuberculous, and Sympathetic Varieties.Reporters: Professor Dr. Ernst Fuchs, Vienna; Professor deSchweinitz, Philadelphia, U.S.A.Friday, August 8th.-2. Glaucoma Operations, with Special Refer-</p><p>ence to the Comparative Results Attained by Iridectomy and its RecentSubstitutes. Reporters: Professor Lagrange, Bordeaux; ProfessorPriestley Smith, Birmingham.</p><p>i Saturday, August 9th.-3. " Demonstration" Meeting or a Discussionupon a subject not yet determined.Monday, August llth.-4. Affections of the Eye Produced by Undue</p><p>Exposure to Light. Reporters Professor Carl v. Hess, WiirzburgJohn H. Parsons, F.R.C.S., London.Tuesday, August 12th.-5. Anaphylaxis in its Relation to Ophthalmo-</p><p>logy. Reporters Dr. V. Morax, Paris ; Dr. Aurel v. Szily, Freiburgi/Br.</p><p>Section X.-Diseases of Children.Thursday, August 7th.-1. Treatment of Tuberculosis in Childhood</p><p>from the Surgical Point of View, with Special Reference to the Bones,Joints, and Glands. Reporter: Dr. Mnard, Berck-sur-Mer.Friday, August 8th.-2. Infant Mortality in the First Four Weeks of</p><p>Life. (Jointly with Sections VIII. and XVIII.). Reporters: Dr. A. K.Chalmers, Glasgow; Dr. Henry Koplik, New York City, U.S.A. ;Professor Pinard, Paris.Saturday, August 9th.-3. Effects of the Ductless Glands on Develop-</p><p>ment. Reporter Professor Dr. Rudolf Fischl, Prague; ProfessorHutinel, Paris.Monday, August llth.-4. Infection of the Urinary Tract with Colon</p><p>Bacilli. Reporters: Dr. John Thomson, Edinburgh; Professor FrancesesValagussa, Rome.</p><p>, Tuesday, August 12th.-5. Polioencephalitis and Poliomyelitis.- Bepoffers Professor Flexner, New York, U.S.A. ; Professor Dr. PaulH. Romer, Marburg.</p><p>Section XI.-Neuropathology.Thursday, August 7th.-1. The Symptoms of Cerebellar Disease and</p><p>their Significance. Reporters: Dr. J. Babinski, Paris; Professor Dr.D. Rothmann, Berlin.</p><p>Friday, August 8th.-2. Motor Aphasia, Anarthria, and Apraxia.Reporters - Professor Dejerine, Paris; Professor Dr. Liepmann, Berlin.Saturday, August 9th.-3. The Relation of the Myopathies.</p><p>Reporter Professor Dr. D. H. Oppenheim, Berlin ; Professor ,Spiller,Philadelphia, U.S.A.Monday, August llth.-4. The Treatment of Tumours of the Brain</p><p>and the Indications for Operation. (Jointly with Section VII.)Reporters: Professor Dr. Bruns, Hanover; Professor Harvey Cushing,Harvard University, U.S.A.; Professor Dr. Freih. v. Eiselsberg,Vienna ; Dr. H. H. Tooth, London.Tuesday, August 12th.-5. The Nature of the Condition termed Para-</p><p>syphilis. Reporters: Dr. F. W. Mott, London; Professor Dr. Nonne,Hamburg.Hamburg. </p><p>S...</p></li></ul>