the providence of restoration chapter 9. restoration of the three rights means “restoration of...

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  • The Providence of RestorationChapter 9

  • Restoration of the three rights means restoration of elder sonship, restoration of parentship and restoration of kingship.A. Formula of Restoration1.Formula of Restoration from the Viewpoint of the Restoration of the Three Rights

  • a.Realms of Gods Dominion (Original Order) and Satans Dominion GodAdamEveCainAbelSatanAdamEveCainAbelOriginal orderPrincipled worldOrder centered on SatanUnprincipled world in a pseudo-form of the Principle

  • Only the realm of Satans dominion exists in reality, and the dominator was Satan. Yet, to dominate this world was not easy even for Satan.


    - Human conscience, never listens to the voice of Satan.

    - Mutual relations in the realm of Satans dominion are the relationships of enemies to each other.

  • b. Restoration of Elder Sonship

    The Foundation of Faith is to let Abel change his direction by himself. Abel should bring Cain back to Gods side. This is the Foundation of Substance. The Foundation for the Messiah is the foundation to restore the elder sonship of Abel.

    Original relationship: The elder son, Cain, is closer to God than the second son, Abel.

    Relationship after the Fall: The second son, Abel, is closer to God than the first son, Cain.

  • GodAbelCainSatanAdamEveCainAbelrestoraton ofElder sonship

  • If Satan loses the elder sonship, next he also loses the parentship and the kingship; therefore he tries desperately to keep his elder sonship.

    Therefore Cain persecutes Abel and tries to kill him if possible.

    Only true love, sacrificial love, makes it possible to restore the elder sonship.

  • Excerpts from Fathers words in Abels Right Path from the Providential Point of View:

    To let Satan surrender I should be superior to Satan. To be superior to Satan I should have something which Satan does not have, and should do something which Satan cannot do. Satan has everything and stands in the position of being able to do everything. Something Satan does not have is true love, something Satan cannot do is self-denial and self-sacrifice.

  • Therefore, if I deny myself, sacrifice myself and live for the sake of others, especially for the sake of my enemies centering on true love, Satan has no way but to surrender. If Satan denies himself, sacrifices himself and lives for the sake of others, then from that moment, Satan cannot be Satan any more, because Satans original nature is selfishness.

  • Satans original nature is selfishness; therefore as long as Satan is Satan, Satan cannot deny himself, cannot live for the sake of others happiness, and can never live for the sake of his enemies.

  • Therefore Satan has no other way but to surrender in front of the person who denies himself, sacrifices himself, lives and dies for the sake of others. Moreover he cannot but surrender with his heart being moved. Teacher discovered this and carried this out in my life, and on this foundation we are meeting in todays circumstance. If you also go this way which Teacher walked, surely you can gain victory.

  • Persecution is Gods second strategy to transfer the right of ownership from the persecutors to the persons who are persecuted.

    The course of indemnity is the course to cross over, while being beaten, not the course to avoid.

  • c. Restoration of Parentship

    (1) Restoration of Eve

    (a) Restored Eve

    Restored Eve means Eve who has returned to the realm of Gods dominion.

  • GodAbelCainSatanAdamEveCainAbelEveTrue AdamMessiahsubstantiation of Satan

  • (b) Mission of Restored Eve

    The mission of restored Eve is to cutt off the relationship with Satan, bring about unity of her children, and become one with True Adam embracing the children. They all are born anew and return to God.

  • (2) Restoration of Parentship

    When True Adam accomplishes the marriage with his new bride as the representative of restored Eve, True Adam and his bride can stand in the position of True Parents: This is the restoration of Parentship.

  • d.Restoration of Kingship

    After the restoration of parentship, once they enter the realm of Gods direct dominion, passing the completion stage of the growing period, the heavenly right of dominion over all things is to be granted, that is, the restoration of kingship; furthermore they are to accomplish the restoration of the ideal of creation.

  • SatanAdamEveCainAbelCainAbelEveTrue Adam(Messiah)Godsubstantiation of Satan useless in the providence of restorationRestoration of Elder sonshipRestoration of ParentshipRestoration of Kingship( )

  • 2.Horizontal Application of the Formula of Vertical RestorationAccomplishment of the Ideal of CreationTrue ParentsRealm of Gods DDRestoration of KingshipRestoration of Parentship(3rd Blessing)(2nd Blessing)fathermotherstepchild true child adopted childservantservant of servantsMessiahF/MF/FF/SF/MRestoration of Elder sonship(1st Blessing)Restoration of 3RightsVertical 8stagesThree Styles of the Formula of RestorationGod

  • GodcosmosworldnationtribeclanfamilyindividualSatancosmosworldnationtribeclanfamilyindividualAbelCainAdamSatanVictorious Realm of True ParentsRealm of direct dominionRealm of Satans nonaggressioncoming of heavenly fortune=AbelCainAbelCain

  • 1989.08.31Day of Settlement of the Eight Stages: (Pal Jeon Shik)

    Cosmic victory of the restoration of elder sonship

    1989.09.01Proclamation of Heavenly Parentism:

    Cosmic victory of the restoration of parentship

    1991.07.01...Proclamation of Gods Eternal Blessing:

    Cosmic victory of the restoration of kingship

  • True Parents were welcomed by M. Gorbachev.

    Kim Il Sung, was impressed by the true love of True Parents. Through this the providence of restoration of elder sonship on the cosmic level became substantial.

    True Mother stood as cosmic-level True Parents together with True Father in the World Rally for the Inauguration of the WFWP. Through this the restoration of parentship on the cosmic level also became substantial. 1990.04.111991.12.061992.04.10

  • Eve should have indemnified her own failure by going the reverse course. Namely, Eve should have cut off her relationships with her father, Satan, and her husband, Adam, practiced a life of consecration with repentance, accomplished mother-son cooperation, and brought about the reconciliation of Cain and Abel.B.Historical Application of the Formula of Restoration 1. Eves Mission in Adams Family

  • To tell the conclusion, Rebekah could gain victory in the mother-son cooperation regarding Cain and Abel as men, but could not realize the mother-daughter cooperation and failed regarding Cain and Abel as women, that is Leah and Rachel. 2. Rebekahs Mission in Jacobs Family

  • JacobLeahRachellegal wifeWoman in Cainposition(Realm of Gods dominion)GodconcubineWoman in Abelpositiondirection of providence change of direction

  • The way of unity between Leah and Rachel was closed. The way of restoration of the elder daughtership by Rachel was lost. The providence for unity of women as Cain and Abel in Jacobs family ended in failure.

  • Rebekah should have gone to Labans wife, and should have taught and persuaded regarding the way Leah ought to surrender to Rachel. She had to appeal to Leah and Laban, together with Labans wife. Rebekah was able to bring about the unity of Esau and Jacob as men Cain-Abel, but concerning Leah and Rachel as women Cain-Abel, she was unable to bring about their unity.

  • Tamars Story

    Jacob won the submission of Esau. He accomplished the crossing and reversal of good and evil for the first time in the providence of restoration. But Jacob and Esau were already 40 years old at the starting point of the crossing of good and evil between them. Satan still had to be separated in the period from 0 to 40 years old which was not yet separated. Tamar was the woman who took on such a responsibility. 3. Tamars Mission

  • AbrahamIsaacJudahErOnanShelah(4th son)JudahTamarZerahPerezelder brotheryounger brotherexchange in mothers wombJacob123

  • Tamars Faith

    Why did Tamar take such an action? Tamars action was motivated neither by sexual desire nor an emotional connection with Judah. She engaged in the relationship with her father-in-law to preserve the blood lineage of Judah.

    The most important issue was Tamars motivation of heart only to please God. She had no concern for her life, honor or position. This was the victorious standard of Tamars faith.

  • 4. Marys Mission in Jesus CourseZechariahElizabethMaryWoman in Cain positionWoman in Abel positionlegal wifeconcubinechange of direction

  • Elizabeth indemnified the failure of Leah. Marys heart was identical to Tamars. Mary could inherit the victorious realm of Tamar and conceive the sinless child of God free from Satans accusation. She followed Gods Will, willingly throwing away everything.Elizabeth and Mary, who loved each other like mother and daughter or elder sister and younger sister, became enemies of love centering on one man, Zechariah.

  • The Messiah is the True Parent; for Jesus to become the True Parent he had to receive his bride.Godsister of J/BEveAdamJesusJ/BsistersisterbrotherbrotherSatans wife Jesus wifeArchangel

  • Mary lost the heart she once had and became ignorant of Gods Will. Why?

    In the providence of restoration, Joseph and Mary stood in the position to indemnify the Fall of the Archangel and Eve. Therefore, even though they were married, they should not have had any sexual relationship. Mary opposed the marriage of Jesus with the s


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