THE LONDON DIPLOMATIC LIST Alphabetical list of the ... LONDON DIPLOMATIC LIST Alphabetical list of the representatives of Foreign States Commonwealth Countries in London with the names designations of the persons

Download THE LONDON DIPLOMATIC LIST Alphabetical list of the ...   LONDON DIPLOMATIC LIST Alphabetical list of the representatives of Foreign States  Commonwealth Countries in London with the names  designations of the persons

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  • THE LONDON DIPLOMATIC LISTAlphabetical list of the representatives of Foreign States & Commonwealth Countries in London with the names && designations of the persons returned as composing their Diplomatic Staff. Representatives of Foreign States & Commonwealth Countries & their Diplomatic Staff enjoy privileges & immunities under the Diplomatic Privileges Act, 1964. Except where shown, private addresses are not available.

    m Married* Married but not accompanied by wife or husband


    Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan31 Princes Gate SW7 1QQ020 7589 8891Fax 020 7584 4801info@afghanembassyuk.orgwww.afghanembassyuk.orgMonday-Friday 09.00-16.00

    Consular Section020 7589 8892Fax 020 7581 09.00-13.30

    HIS EXCELLENCY DR MOHAMMAD RAHIM SHERZOY mAmbassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 17 May 2007)

    Mrs Hameda SherzoyMr Fateh Mohammad Sherzai m 1st Secretary (Cultural Affairs)Mr Farid Khan Popal 1st Secretary m (Political Affairs & Public Diplomacy) Major Mohamamd Sarwar m Deputy Defence AttachMr Ahmad Homayoon Froogh m Commercial AttachMr Mohammad Hassan Sobman m 2nd Secretary (Consular Affairs)Mr Abdul Majid Karzai m 2nd Secretary (Consular Affairs)


    Embassy of the Republic of Albania2nd Floor 24 Buckingham Gate SW1E 6LB020 7828 8897Fax 020 7828

    HIS EXCELLENCY MR ZEF MAZI mAmbassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 17 September 2007)

    Mrs Brigjida MaziMr Myzafer Alushi m CounsellorColonel Qemal Shkurti m Defence AttachMr Dastid Koreshi m 1st Secretary


    Peoples Democratic Republic of Algeria54 Holland Park W11 3RS020 7221 7800Fax 020 7221

  • Section6 Hyde Park Gate SW7 5EW020 7589 6885Fax 020 7589

    HIS EXCELLENCY MR MOHAMED SALAH DEMBRI mAmbassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 27 September 2005)

    Mrs Monique Paule DembriMr Nacerddine Sai m Minister-CounsellorMr Mourad Belmokhtar m CounsellorMiss Linda Briza m CounsellorMr Rabah Toubal m CounsellorMr Mohamed Khelili m CounsellorMr Ahmed Adib m CounsellorMr Mohamed Yacine Rezzouk m Diplomatic SecretaryMr Tarik Ibnouzied Haouache Diplomatic SecretaryMr Farid Belazzouz m Chancery AttachMr Khaled Benhamadi m Diplomatic AttachMr Youcef Belhasseb m Diplomatic AttachColonel Abdelkrim Benyahia m Defence AttacheLieutenant Colonel Abdellah Hafsi m Maritime AttacheMr Salim Deguiz m Diplomatic Attach


    Embassy of the Principality of Andorra63 Westover Road SW18 2RF020 8874 4806Fax 020 8874 4902

    HER EXCELLENCY MRS MARIA ROSA PICART DE FRANCIS mAmbassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 1 May 2007)

    Mr Reginald Alan Francis


    Embassy of the Republic of Angola22 Dorset Street W1U 6QY020 7299 9850Fax 020 7486 9397TELEX 8813258 EMBAUK 09.00-13.00 & 14.00-16.00Visa Section Monday-Friday 09.30-13.00 (Closed Wednesday)

    HER EXCELLENCY MRS ANA MARIA TELES CARREIRA *Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 10 November 2005)

    Mr Mario Afonso DAlmeida Mr Carlos Alberto das N. Erasmo de Almeida * CounsellorMr Manuel Pascoal Neto m First SecretaryMrs Carolina de Ftima Soares Caetano 2nd SecretaryMrs Anabela Florinda Andre Felix dos Santos * 2nd SecretaryMr Adriano Joao Marques da Silva 2nd SecretaryMr Manuel Edgar de Fatima Camacho m Second SecretaryLt General Jonatao Augusto de Morais m Defence AttachMr Antnio Sampaio Victorino Press Attach

  • Mrs Maria Helena Alfredo Covilh m Finance AttachMrs Domingas Vicente Gomes Sassa * Telecom AttachMrs Rosa Benigna Francisco Sobrinho * AttachDr Maria Guilhermina D.S. Gamboa Carvalho Head of Health Department


    High Commission for Antigua & Barbuda 2nd Floor 45 Crawford Place W1H 4LP020 7258 0070Fax 020 7258 7486

    HIS EXCELLENCY DR CARL ROBERTS mHigh Commissioner (since 3 October 2004)

    Mrs Pauline RobertsMrs Althea Allison Banahene Minister-Counsellor (Administration & Consular Affairs)Miss Curliss Bart Counsellor


    Embassy of the Argentine Republic65 Brook Street W1K 4AH020 7318 1300Fax 020 7318 1301www.argentine-embassy-uk.orginfo@argentine

    Defence Attachs Office (Military, Naval & Air Attachs)134-136 Buckingham Palace Road Second Floor SW1W 9TR020 7730 5957/9932/4356Fax 020 7730 2528/2444/2389

    Representation to IMO2nd Floor 27 Three Kings Yard W1Y 1FL020 7491 8785Fax 020 7491 8837

    Consulate General 27 Three Kings Yard W1K 4DF020 7318 1340Fax 020 7318 1349

    HIS EXCELLENCY MR FEDERICO MIRR mAmbassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 3 November 2003)

    Mrs Cecilia DuhauMr Osvaldo Arturo Juregui Minister (Head of Chancery)Colonel Carlos Mariano Saini m Defence & Military AttachCaptain Carlos Bartolom Castro Madero m Naval AttachGroup Captain Guillermo Dellepiane m Air AttachCaptain Eduardo Ral Polemann m Alternate Representative to IMOMr Enrique Ferrer Vieyra m CounsellorMr Javier Pedrazzini m CounsellorMr Santiago Villalba m 1st SecretaryMrs Carolina Prez Colman m 2nd SecretaryMiss Silvina Murphy 2nd SecretaryMr Matas Babino 1 st Secretary (Deputy Consul)Ms Vernica Harfuch Attach


    Embassy of the Republic of Armenia 25A Cheniston Gardens W8 6TG020 7938 5435 Fax 020 7938

    HIS EXCELLENCY DR VAHE GABRIELYAN mAmbassaor Plenipotentiary & Extraordinary (since 25 March 2003)

    Mrs Hasmik GabrielyanMr Mher Margaryan m 1st SecretaryMr Karen Israyelyan m 2nd Secretary (Consul)


    Australian High CommissionAustralia House Strand WC2B 4LA020 7379 4334 Fax 020 7240

    VacantHigh Commissioner Ms Frances Adamson m Deputy High CommissionerMr Steve Davis m Minister (Immigration)Ms Paula Ganly m Minister-Counsellor (Management)Mr Paul Geoffrey Charles Burnard m Minister CounsellorAir Commodore Steve Martin m Head Australian Defence StaffMs Kylie Hargreaves m Minister-Counsellor (Marketing)Mr Ravi Kewalram m CounsellorMr Richard MacNeil m CounsellorDr Mark Higgie m Counsellor Mr Paul Noonan m CounsellorMs Lisa Usback m CounsellorColonel Lewis Coyle m Army AdviserCaptain Paul Folkes m Naval AdviserGroup Captain Brent Crowhurst m Air Force AdviserMr Richard Gray m Counsellor (Defence)Mr Stephen Parkes m CounsellorMr Peter OHoy m Counsellor (Immigration)Mr Nigel Morris m Counsellor (Defence Materiel)Dr Anthony Szabo m Counsellor (Defence Science)Mr Tim Fitzgerald m Counsellor (Customs)Mr Chris Lines m Counsellor (Police Liaison)Ms Teresa Hart m 1st Secretary & ConsulMr Phillip Smith m 1st SecretaryMr Ashley Wright 1st SecretaryMs Julie Dowdle 1st SecretaryMr Neil Smith m 1st SecretaryMs Namali Mackay m 1st SecretaryLt Col Chris Andersen m Assistant Defence AdviserMs Sophie Hayes 1st SecretaryMs Susan King 1st Secretary (Police Liaison) Ms Janine Enniss m 1st Secretary (Police Liaison)Ms Amanda Moore m 2nd Secretary

  • Mr Damian McFarland 2nd SecretaryMs Joanne Christopherson 2nd Secretary & ConsulMs Wendy Anderson 2nd SecretaryMs Anitra Cowan 3rd SecretaryMr Joe Mitton 3rd Secretary


    Embassy of Austria18 Belgrave Mews West, SW1X 8HU020 7344 3250 Fax 020 7344 0292 09.00-17.00

    Cultural Section28 Rutland Gate, SW7 1PQ020 7225 7200 Fax 020 7225

    Defence Section18 Belgrave Mews West, SW1X 8HU020 7245 9594 Fax 020 7235

    Commercial Section45 Princes Gate, SW7 2QA020 7584 4411 Fax 020 7584

    HER EXCELLENCY MRS GABRIELE MATZNER-HOLZERAmbassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 28 October 2005)Ms Isabel Rauscher MinisterMs Elisabeth Koegler m Minister (Press & Information)Brigadier General Michael Derman m Defence AttachMs Renate Seib Consul (Administration & Consular Affairs)Mr Wolfgang Marchardt m Attach (Consular Affairs)Mrs Ursula Bauer-Kriegleder Attach (Social Affairs)Mr Johannes Wimmer m Cultural Counsellor, Director of the Austrian Cultural ForumMs Waltraud Strommer Attach (Cultural Affairs)Mr Michael Neumayr m Minister (Financial Affairs)Mr Gerhard Mller m Commercial Counsellor & Trade CommissionerMr Michael Mller Commercial AttachMrs Carmencita Nader-Uher* Financial Attach


    Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan4 Kensington Court W8 5DL020 7938 3412Fax 020 7937

  • Consular Section Tel/Fax 020 7938 5482

    HIS EXCELLENCY MR FAKHRADDIN GURBANOVAmbassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 21 September 2007)

    Mrs Saida SamadovaMr Orkhan Sultanov m 1st Secretary (Humanitarian)Ms Lala Huseynbayova 2nd Secretary (Economic, Humanitarian & Cultural)Mr Zaur Gasimov m 3rd Secretary (Consular)Mr Polad Mammadov * AttachMr Mukhtar Abduyev m Attach


    High Commission of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas10 Chesterfield Street W1J 5JL020 7408 4488Fax 020 7499 9937Information@bahamashclondon.netMonday-Friday 09.30-17.30Visa: Monday-Friday 10.00-13.00Collection: Monday-Friday 14.00-17.30

    HIS EXCELLENCY MR PAUL FARQUHARSON mHigh Commissioner (since 2 February 2008)

    Mrs Sharon FarquharsonMrs Julie A. Campbell * Counsellor & ConsulMiss Judith Francis Maritime AttachMr Frank Davis 1st Secretary & ConsulMs Nicole Archer 1st Secretary & Vice ConsulMiss Kenia M. T. Nottage Legal Attach & 2nd Secretary


    Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain30 Belgrave Square SW1X 8QB020 7201 9170Fax 020 7201

    Cultural Office30 Belgrave Square SW1X 8QB020 7235 1023Fax 020 7245 1073

    HIS EXCELLENCY SHAIKH KHALIFA BIN ALI AL KHALIFA mAmbassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (Since 24 July 2008)Shaikha Maryam Al Khalifa

    Mr Yusuf M. Jameel m Charge D'Affaires Mr Zeina Hamad Mubarak Al Khalifa 1st SecretaryMrs Safia Alawadhi m Cultural Attach


    High Commission for the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh28 Queens Gate, London, SW7 5JA 020 7584 0081-4

  • Fax 020 7581 10.00-17.30Consular Section Monday-Thursday 10.00-13.00 & delivery 15.00-16.30Friday 10.30-12.45 & delivery 15.00-16.30

    HIS EXCELLENCY MR SHAFI U AHMED m High Commissioner (since 1 August 2007)

    Mrs Sehelley ShafiMr M. Allama Siddiki m Deputy High Commissioner Ms Saida Muna Tasneem m Counsellor (Political Affairs)Mr M Forhadul Islam m Counsellor & Head of ChanceryMr Md Iqbal Hussain Khan m 1st SecretaryMr Mohammad Enamur Rahman Chowdhury m Minister (Consular Affairs)Mr Md Nazrul Islam Sikder m Attache (Consular)Mr Md. Shahabuddin Patwary m Commercial CounsellorBrigadier-General Abu Jahid Mohammad Fazlur m Defence AdviserCommander AKM Sayedur Rahman PSC m Assistant Defence AdviserMr Mansurullah Khan m 2nd Secretary (Protocol)


    Barbados High Commission1 Great Russell Street, WC1B 3ND020 7631 4975Fax 020 7323 09.30-17.30

    HIS EXCELLENCY MR L. EDWIN POLLARD O.B.E. mHigh Commissioner (since 18 October 2003)

    Mrs. Deanna Winifred Pollard

    Mr Donville Johnson m Deputy High CommissionerMr Anthony Wiltshire m Minister CounsellorMs Jannette Babb First Secretary - Commercial AffairsMr Andr Padmore m First SecretaryMrs Jennifer Cummins m AttachMrs Petra Roach m AttachMs Anica Bostic AttachMrs Valerie Marshall m Attach


    Embassy of the Republic of Belarus6 Kensington Court W8 5DL020 7937 3288Fax 020 7361 Hours: 09.00-13.00 & 14.00-18.00

    Economic/Commercial Section 020 7938 1633

    Consular Section020 7938 3677Opening hours: 09.00-12.30

  • HIS EXCELLENCY MR ALEKSANDR MIKHNEVICH mAmbassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 8 February2007)

    Mrs Tatyana Mikhnevich

    Mr Valery Kurdyukov m Minister CounsellorMr Aleksandr Sidoruk m Counsellor (Economic, Foreign Economic/Commercial Affairs, Head of Economic/Commercial Section, Investment, Technology, Interaction with the EBRD & other multilateral Organisation)Mr Sergei Zaikov m Counsellor (Co-operation with Law Enforcement Bodies in Combating Terrorism, Organised Crime, People & Drugs Trafficking, Representation of Belarusian Law Enforcement Agencies, Internal Security)Mr Alexander Shpakovsky 1st Secretary (Bilateral Economic/Commercial Affairs, Interaction with Businesses, E-Trade, Exhibitions & Fairs, Ecology, Legal, Administrative & Financial Affairs)Mr Nikolai Lychagin 1st Secretary (Consular Affairs, Legal Assistance, Tourism, Telecommunications, Diaspora)Mr Aleksei Shved m 2nd Secretary (Protocol, Culture, Education, Media, Region & Twinning Cities, Public Relation, Social & Humanitarian Affairs, Contacts with Diplomatic Corps in London)Mr Aleksandr Sidorkin m Attach (Computers & Logistics)


    Embassy of Belgium17 Grosvenor Crescent SW1X 7EE020 7470 3700Fax 020 7470

    Office of the Flemish Community & RegionFlemish House 1A Cavendish Square W1G 0LDFlemish Community020 7299 3590Fax 020 7299 3591Flanders Trade & Investment020 7307 7710Fax 020 7307 7711

    HIS EXCELLENCY JEAN-MICHEL VERANNEMAN DE WATERVLIET mAmbassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 18 September 2006)

    Mrs Maria do Carmo Veranneman de WatervlietMrs Jana Zikmundova m Minister-Counsellor (Political Affairs)Mr Bernard Quintin 1st Secretary (Political Affairs)Mr Eric Jacquemin m 1st Secretary (Head of Consular & Administrative Affairs)Mr Pascale Gregoire 2nd Secretary (Political Affairs)Mr Guy Van Glabeke 2nd Secretary (Consular Affairs)Mr Luc Lefere m Attach (Consular & Economic Affairs)Mr Marc Van Overwalle m Attach (Consular Affairs)Mr Nic Vandermarliere Attach for the Flemish CommunityMr Ben De Smit m Economic & Commercial Attach for the Flemish RegionMr Christian Mouvet Economic & Commercial Attach for the Brussels RegionMr Didier Denayer m Economic & Commercial Attach for the Walloon Region


    Belize High CommissionThird Floor 45 Crawford Place W1H 4LP020 7723 3603020 7723

  • High Commissioner (vacant)Ms Lou-Anne Burns Martinez Counsellor/Acting High Commissioner Mrs Pauline S.I. Williams-Sylvester m 1st Secretary


    Embassy of the Republic of Benin87 Avenue Victor Hugo, 75116 Paris00 331 45 009882/42 223191Fax 00 331

    London Honorary Consulate (see page).

    HIS EXCELLENCY MR EDGAR-YVES MONNOU m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 16 February 2004)

    Mrs Virginie MonnouMrs Arlette Dagnon Vignikin * Minister CounsellorMrs Rosemonde Deffon Yakoubou * Minister CounsellorMrs Gisele Balley Medegan * 1st CounsellorMr Daniel Danhin m 1st CounsellorMr Gervais Padonou m 1st CounsellorMrs Fernande Daga Monsi * 1st CounsellorMrs Julienne Nicole Elisha 1st CounsellorMrs Sylvie Akue Bossou m 2nd CounsellorMrs Opportune Migan * 2nd Counsellor


    Bolivian Embassy106 Eaton Square...


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