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  • 1. What is this all about? creationInventionsStipulationTechnologies

2. Brain Strong and undefeated = invincible Soul of the human nervous system Provide creative ideas or designs flood of information Each coin has two sides . Both positive and negative things done by the humanbrain. In further slides well talk about both. 3. Memory of Human brain1. memory capacity --- > 1 10 Tbmost likely value --- >3 terabytes2. Neurons--- >>100 million each neuron holds --- >1 bit. Imagination is much more important than the knowledge. 4. Positives 5. Invention of the fire The most important invention of the human brain. Helped humans to survive in Extreme conditions. 6. Invention of the wheel Human brain inventedwheel. Made life much easier. Travelling and carryinggoods became easier. Laid a base for todayslatest cars . 7. Invention of the Aeroplane The year was 1903 . When Wright brothers with their brain flew the first plane The thing which was thought to be impossible. 8. From wires to wireless Gram bells telephone to the modren Iphone was done by the human brain very easily. GPS global positioning system. cars will also inform other cars about accidents via the ad-hoc network to help them slow down in time, even before a driver can recognize an accident . Natural disasters -- earthquakes, cyclones etc. 9. Computer Technology that fits in the palm. Perform 3 billion calculations a second. Doing everything for human being Graphic work(corel draw,phtoshop) Calculation of complicated math equation Entertainment 10. From rags to riches Dhiru Bhai Ambani froma petrol pump attendantto Indias biggestbuisness house The house that ownsasia. Isnt this an example ofwhat all brain can do? 11. Anna Hazzare v/s corruption The bill for which Indiangovernments seemedhelpless . Anna hazare did it in just96 hours . What the governmentcannot do in 60 years. Thats what is mindpower. 12. Future weapons Nuclear technology 13. Some more Inventions Nano techonolgy Virtual Presence/ TelePresence 14. An idle brain is the devils workshop 15. Britishers concuring India British had the brain to rule a country like india forover 200 years . They came like a simple buisness doing company anbbecame the rulers of the country. 16. Attack at Hiroshima The worst thing happened was also the deed of thebrain. These pics depict the attack at hiroshima. 17. World Trade center and MumbaiAttacks 18. Scams by the brain 2G spectrum scam of 70,000crore rupees. Commonwealth games scam. IPL Scam. City bank employee steals400 crore. These are some negativethings done yet by the brain..cause without brain it is notpossible . 19. Properly using brain 20. Enhancing brains capabilities 21. conclusion The human brain can bedefeated by anotherhuman brain only andnothing else. All things illustratedpreviously cant be donewithout brain. Brain has the power todo anything its whereyou take it to . 22. Questions 23. Thanks