the influence of creative technology within fashion and textiles

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  • Creative Technology

    Exploring ways in which the traditional and cutting-edge can be fused to achieve new possibilities for the design and promotion of contemporary fashion and textile.

  • A creative technology agency We create inspiring ideas for a mobile rst,

    digital everywhere generation.

    Were integrating the digital and physical worlds to create the future for our clients.

  • The connected digital journey At home, out-of-home, in-store and

    within experiential environments.

  • Core Services

    Strategic and Creative Thinking


    Innovating Interfaces (Gesture control, Face and Voice recognition, Conductive Ink)

    Interactive Installations (Interactive Shop Windows, Billboards etc)

    Interactive Gamication (Apps and digital/physical technology)

    Mobile Applications (iOS, Android, NFC, i-Beacons, Google Glass)

    Responsive website design and development

    Virtual Reality, AR development and 360 content (Occulus Rift and Google Cardboard)

    Internet of Things (Software and Hardware Development)

    Social Media event amplication technology and applications

    Part of the Foolproof Group Innovation Award - Eventia Awards 2014 Best Use of Physical Interactive Technology Event Technology Awards 2014

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    Conductive Ink

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    Mobile & Big Data

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    Voice Recognition

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    Google Glass

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    Face Recognition

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    Google Cardboard & VR

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    RFID Social Amplication

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    Internet of Things

    Case Studies

  • Who we work with

  • Millennials: They'retech-savvy: As digital natives, this generation wasborn with technology in their hands. Millennials(also known as theMillennialGeneration or Generation Y) are the demographic cohort following Generation X. There are no precise dates when the generation starts and ends. Researchers and commentators use birth years ranging from the early 1980s to the early 2000s.

  • Wearables

  • Wellbeing and Fitness

    Apple watch

    Hexoskin and Ralph Lauren Biometric shirt

    Lechal's smart shoes with navigation technology to

    help the visually impaired

    Fitbit, Jawbone, Fitbug Orb, Nike Fuelband

  • Eyewear (AR & VR)

    Google Glass

    Microsoft Hololens

    Oculus Rift

    Samsung Gear

    Google Cardboard

  • Emerging Technology

  • LEDs and Movement Sensors

    Janet Cooke Hansen, is the president and chief Fashion Engineerof Enlighted Designs, Inc. her own business from the dream to became a light-up clothing designer (

  • Movement Sensors

    The concept oflesia trubats E-traces is based in capturing dance movements and transforming them into visual sensations through the use of new technologies.

  • LEDs and Movement Sensors

    After observing the motions of their bodies as they glide and pirouette, she realized that through contact with the ground, a lilypadarduinomicrocontroller board could record the pressure and actions of their feet and send the signal to an electronic device.

  • Conductive Ink / Paint

  • Tech as Fashion Accessories

  • Emotion Sensing Emotion Sensing Necklace: VIBE by Philips Design. Combines conductive ink and textile sensors. Can read multiple biometric signals of the wearer and communicate them to other wearers and devices.

    MOOD SWEATER is an emotive fashion that interprets emotions and displays mood

    instantly as an interactive light display. The GER: MOOD SWEATER sensors read

    excitement levels and translate the data into a palette of aective colours.

  • Tech & Fashion

  • Tech is cool. Partnerships

    Nokiahas teamed up with fashiondesign duo Fyodor Golan to create a phone dress.

    CuteCircuit has designed the Worlds rst Haute Couture Twitter Dress. Commissioned by EE to mark the launch of the companys super-fast 4G mobile network.

  • Partnerships

    PowerWellies: Wearable technology has its challenges, especially with how they get powered. Energy-harvesting solution by Orange in collaboration with Gotwind. The prototype uses a power generating sole to convert heat from your feet into electric current.

    Ray-Ban and Oakley collaborated with Google Glass to make wearable tech desirable.

    HTC One Xis inspired byCushnie et Ochs

  • Tech Fashion Promo

  • Technology in Fashion Promo

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  • Technology in Fashion Promo

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  • Technology in Fashion Promo

    Cardigan made 35,000 pairs of jeans per week until they closed the factory.

  • Technology in Fashion Promo

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    Hiut Jeans Interactive Store Installation (Conductive Ink)

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    Hiut Jeans Interactive Store Installation (Conductive Ink)

    The project ran for 6 weeksduring which sales increased 30% in-store, web trac to Hiut doubled and the project attracted global press/online/social coverage reaching in excess of10million. "I think it will be safe to say it doubled our trac on the site. At least. We got coverage all around the world on press and blogs because of it. We consider it a huge success. David Hieatt Joint Founder of Hiut Denim "We certainly noticed an increase in footfall. Due to some excellent social media coverage and many people came to check the window out even if they did not come in. That said, store visits increased at this time too along with sales of Hiut Jeans. In October by 30% and again in November by a further 20%. Danny from Rivet & Hide


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    Face Recognition Installation Face in the Snow @Jonathan Trumbell

  • Exciting future in the fusion between Technology & Fashion

  • Thank You Nick Thompson


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