The importance of cloud containers and Docker

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Docker and Cloud Containers help you transport applications throughout the development/deployment lifecycle. This brief presentation explains how containers help developers.


Slide 11DevOps and the CloudThe power of containersDaryl PereiraSocial Business ManagerIBM Ecosystem Development@CagedEther1The cloud is critical for software development today! Scalableto meet modern demandsOffering best tools for the jobFlexible Concentrate on developmentnot on the hardwareWhere once Java dominated now demand for skills covering a number of comp2But software consists of many components3And goes through many stages on its way to productionDeveloper laptopDevelopment networkTesting environmentLive in production4Each phase is like planting a garden! All those components need to be carefully configured for the environment5What you need is a plant pot you can move aroundPortableShielded Adaptable6Enter the world of Linux cloud containers! Containers are isolated, but share OS and, where appropriate, bins/librariesFaster deploymentLess overheadEasier migration=7Example: Docker on SoftLayer with RationalDevelop for private, hybrid or public cloud, using software development lifecycle tools ++89Daryl PereiraSocial Business ManagerIBM Ecosystem Development@CagedEther9


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