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  • The Girls in Their Summer Dresses

    Irwin Shaw Presentation by Jeff WhitePhotos From

  • Plot summary of The Girls in Their Summer Dresses

    Narrative mostly by dialogue

    Whole story takes place in one day

    Married couple on a walk on 5th Ave

    Wife notices husband continual admiring other women

    Wife mentions husbands roaming eye

    Husband brushes it off as just him merely, looking ateverything

    Day goes on, and the wife digs deeper and a quarrel ensues

    Husband claims its only natural for a man

    Wife disagrees with husband, grows insecure

    Husband eventually admits his lust for other women

    Wife crys, and ask to not talk about it in the future

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  • Characters - The Girls in Their Summer Dresses Michael Loomis (husband) From Ohio, middle aged man, shallow conversation, enjoys humor, girl watching, sports and drinking ; essentially superficial Frances Loomis (wife) Assumed from the Midwest, middle aged women, attractive, insecure (due to husband), enjoys movies, drinking and spending time with husband; also superficialVarious Women mentioned actresses,sales girls, dancers, young and attractive,dressed nicely, many different ethnic backgrounds

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  • Symbols - The Girls in Their Summer DressesSocial DrinkingWorldliness DressesThe evolvingstyle during this periodBusy 5th Ave, Lower Manhattan in 1930s & 1940s City LifePhotos from,

  • Intimacy and Distance between the two - The Girls in Their Summer Dresses IntimacyMichael holds Frances's arm as they walk Frances pats Michaels hand after the encounter with the first girl DistanceFrances withdraws hand from husbands after a second girl encounterMichael offers his hand to reassure Frances, she withdrawals hers and cries Clipart

  • Irwin ShawBorn in 1913, South Bronx, New York City, to Russian-Jewish immigrantsIrwin Gilbert Shamforoff - birth name, changed surname to Shaw in college

    Occupations Producer, Screenwriter, Book Author, Instructor at New York University Enlisted, U.S. Army -warrant officer during World War II.

  • Awards earned by Irwin Shaw American Academy of Arts and Letters; artistic merit awardTwice he received the O. Henry Award; short stories of exceptional meritThree Playboy AwardsPicture from,

  • Irwin Shaw Work Found InMagazinesColliers WeeklyPlayboyThe New YorkerThe Saturday Evening Post, and othersBooks Five Decades- 63 short storiesYoung Lions- inspired by Shaws experiences during the warRich Man, Poor Man PBS TV series in 1981 The Girls in Their Summer Dresses The MonumentThe Man Who Married a French,, Clip Art

  • Historical Background5th Ave in lower Manhattan was, and continues to be a tremendously popular area Why so popular?Prestigious shops Fine Dining Museums Crosses Central Park The It place to be seen in Manhattan

  • Sociological ImplicationsSocial influences on dress and clothingBig City living versus Little City living, and how this effects ones views Men are visually oriented, how this effects women's dress and style

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  • Psychological ImplicationsGender RelationsImportance of communication and sacrifice in a relationship DangersIgnoring a problemYearning for youthLustIs having a wandering eye a prelude to infidelity?

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  • What the critics say on Irwin ShawThough many of his elephantine novels, in particular "Rich Man, Poor Man," were great popular hits, his best work was done in his short stories --Washington Post Shaw writes with passion and tremendous punch, and drives the action forward with unfailing inventiveness." --Charles J. Rolo, Atlantic Monthly

    "Middlebrow fiction." Indicating that his work was meant to entertain -- Angela Yeboah, University of Illinois In life, Shaw received probably less credit from critics than he deserved(after death) his work has been more favourably [sic] regarded -- Peter Ravn Rasmussen, Author


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