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<ul><li><p>8/9/2019 The Enemy of my Enemy - Chapter 1 *SPOILER*</p><p> 1/9</p><p>The Enemy of my Enemy</p><p>Chapter 1 Diplomacy</p><p>Junie! Come back here with that! I was using it to prepare for my next class.Logan Rostren chased after the giggling girl who streaked through the Academy</p><p>hallway, a small crystalline rod in hand. Her green eyes gleamed with mischief and her</p><p>dark curls bounced atop her shoulders as she ran. Try as he might, the broad-shouldered</p><p>and bearded man could not keep up with the spirited child, stumbling as he rounded thecorner.</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 The Enemy of my Enemy - Chapter 1 *SPOILER*</p><p> 2/9</p><p>As he put a hand up against the wall to prevent from falling, and glanced ahead</p><p>down the corridor, he caught sight of an athletic-looking middle-aged woman</p><p>approaching from the other direction, just past the stairwell.Stop her, Dee, Logan called out. She wont give me my rod back.</p><p>Dee extended a hand and grabbed the girls arm as Junie attempted to rush past</p><p>her. Ah, ah, June Bug. What did your daddy tell you about borrowing things without</p><p>peoples permission? Dee said with a feigned frown. Give Logan back his rod.</p><p>The girl struggled to free herself from Dees grasp, but to no avail. Somewhatmore muscular than the average woman, Dee had more than enough strength to restrain</p><p>the rambunctious child. Eventually Junie ceased her struggling and relented. She offered</p><p>the shiny magical trinket back to its rightful owner.</p><p>Logan took it back from her with an unhappy sigh. He opened his mouth tospeak, but before he could say anything, there was a loud clatter on the stairs as a tall,</p><p>slender, blond man rushed down them, with a full looking satchel in hand. He paused at</p><p>the base of the steps, glancing expectantly first at Dee, and then at Logan.</p><p>You two dont have time to stand around, he insisted. You need to go pack.Pack? Dee questioned. Why would we need to pack, Clayton? Where are we</p><p>going?Seaforest, Clayton stated bluntly heading towards the front door.</p><p>Hunh? Dee exclaimed, visibly startled by his response.</p><p>Are you crazy? Logan admonished. Never mind the fact that Seaforest is on</p><p>the other side of civilization, you two cant go there. Youre Renegades. That would belike leaping into shark-infested water with an open wound.</p><p>Clayton shrugged.</p><p>Suit yourselves. Youll be the ones scrambling when the time comes.Dee did not argue. She turned into the stairwell and headed up the steps to</p><p>prepare for a journey. She realized Claytons conviction was due to the fact that the</p><p>clairvoyant had seen something to come. If he believed that they would be travelling toSeaforest in the near future, then that was exactly where they would be going.</p><p>Dee had lived much closer to Seaforest once, as a girl, but she had never crossed</p><p>the border into the kingdom proper. Such a journey would truly be something new forher. It would be exciting, and she missed exciting.</p><p>She was surprised that Logan seemed so resistant to the notion. The university-</p><p>trained mage had known Clayton for almost as long as Dee had, and he had spent many</p><p>more years exposed to the blond Renegades gift, while Dee was away serving with theTemplars of Oron, a group of holy protector knights and soldiers. She wondered if the</p><p>idea of having to journey so far from the Academy frightened the bearded man. He had,</p><p>after all, spent all of his life secluded in or around Anthis, and for the most part, at eitherMagic University, or the Cerissa June Academy of Blended Magic. He had also lived in</p><p>the shadow of his mentor, Renaldo, for more than twenty years. Dee had a hard time</p><p>sympathizing with Logan if he was dreading this voyage. She had been living at theAcademy for more than a year and a half now and was starting to crave the opportunity to</p><p>wander. She had not been much of a homebody since she had left her family home as a</p><p>girl.</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 The Enemy of my Enemy - Chapter 1 *SPOILER*</p><p> 3/9</p><p>Logan paused a few moments, staring at Clayton with dismay, before he too</p><p>started up the stairs. He could feel a mild panic creeping into his stomach. He knew if</p><p>the clairvoyant said that they would be going, then he had no choice in the matter. Thatdid not stop him from being anxious about the trip. He had heard all of the tales about</p><p>how Renegades were received in Seaforest, and he could be persecuted just for</p><p>associating them. As far as he was concerned, he had already dealt with enough of thestigma in liberal-minded Anthis.</p><p>Clayton walked over to the front door, and dropped his bag on the floor just as</p><p>Reid was passing by. The half-elfin Renegade paused for a moment, giving theclairvoyant a curious look.</p><p>Going somewhere? he asked, sure that the younger man had classes scheduled</p><p>for the afternoon.</p><p>Seaforest, Clayton insisted.What? Reid exclaimed in disbelief, taking a step back.</p><p>There was a knock at the door. Still regarding Clayton with a puzzled expression,</p><p>Reid stepped forward again and pulled the door open. Further increasing his surprise, he</p><p>found himself face-to-face with Snyder. While he had aged over the years, the bard stilllooked sufficiently like he had when the two men had last parted ways that Reid had no</p><p>difficulty identifying him.Well, hello there, the half-elf said, with eyebrows raised. Did you finally</p><p>decide to take me up on the offer of a teaching position?</p><p>Before the last word had escaped his lips, Reid noticed someone standing in the</p><p>shadow of the building, behind the half-satyr. Reid strained his eyes for a moment.Is that Tom with you? the half-elfin Renegade stammered. But I thought</p><p>The prince stepped out of the shadows and into the doorway with Snyder. Reid</p><p>could see that he had been mistaken. Tom would have been much older than the youthfuladult standing beside the bard, and the Reid could see the glimmer of silver scaling along</p><p>the strangers jaw-line.</p><p>Im not here looking for a teaching position, Reid. Im here on a diplomaticventure, the half-satyr announced, grinning. Id like you to meet my step-son, and</p><p>prince regent of Seaforest, Prince Emrys.</p><p>Reid looked startled, but Clayton did not. He nodded, giving the prince the onceover.</p><p>Why dont we get the formalities over with so we can discuss the voyage? Dee</p><p>and Logan are packing, but theyll be back down shortly, the clairvoyant said</p><p>nonchalantly.Reid glanced back at Clayton. Seaforest? Dee and Logan? You do realize that</p><p>Renegade magic is illegal there?</p><p>Clayton shrugged.Well sort out those details as well. The prince regent here needs our help. Are</p><p>you prepared to deny him that? He is, after all, here on behalf of the Renegades in</p><p>Seaforest.Well I was prepared to explain all of that, Snyder remarked, wearing a curious</p><p>smile. But apparently someone beat me to it. How did you learn of all of this?</p><p>Before this gets complicated, how about we make some proper introductions,</p><p>and that will clarify things, Reid insisted. Come on in.</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 The Enemy of my Enemy - Chapter 1 *SPOILER*</p><p> 4/9</p><p>He led the bard and the prince into the Academy Common Room, closely</p><p>followed by Clayton.</p><p>Ill apologize first for not being better prepared to receive you, but I honestlydidnt know that you were coming, the half-elfin Renegade began.</p><p>Then how did he know? the half-satyr asked, gesturing towards Clayton.</p><p>Snyder, meet Clayton, one of our instructors and part of the Academypartnership. He also happens to be our local clairvoyant, Reid chuckled, placing a hand</p><p>on the blond mans shoulder. Hes Gilliss younger brother. You remember Gillis, my</p><p>original partner?As a matter of fact I do, vaguely. Nia and I were with you when you first met</p><p>him at the crossroads. Is he around? the bard questioned, glancing about.</p><p>No. He and Burrell, the man who apprenticed Reeree after the Admission Trials,</p><p>moved to Alma to open another branch of the Academy. Theres actually more of ademand for magical instruction than you might think, especially in a city the size of</p><p>Alma, the half-elf admitted. Speaking of Nia, are you still in touch with her?</p><p>Reid had not managed to put two and two together the fact that the prince bore</p><p>slight scaling and Snyder had referred to the young man as his step-son had not registeredwith him yet.</p><p>You could say that, Prince Emrys laughed. Snyder recently married mymother.</p><p>Your mother?</p><p>The puzzle pieces finally all came together for Reid, but that just led into another</p><p>question.How? No, wait a minute. Im sure theres some very bizarre explanation that</p><p>I probably dont really want to hear in the first place. Ill just take your word for it. Nia</p><p>and Toms son - go figure.As they spoke, the dark-haired girl who had been teasing Logan earlier crept into</p><p>the Common Room, her curiosity peaked by the presence of the two strange men.</p><p>Junie! a warm, feminine voice called. Junie, where are you hiding now?She jumped, and glanced over her shoulder as she heard her mother calling for</p><p>her. The sudden motion caught the mens attention. It also drew the attention of the</p><p>persom whom she was trying to avoid. Finch, the elfin redhead who was Junies motherand Reids wife, took notice of the girl from the corridor and headed into the Common</p><p>Room after her.</p><p>I told you to clean your toys up from the courtyard twice already, but they are</p><p>still there, she chastised, and then she stopped abruptly, staring at Reids guests. After afew seconds of looking a little stunned, she approached Reid.</p><p>You didnt tell me we had visitors. Very nice to see you again, Snyder. It has</p><p>been a long time, hasnt it, she said quietly, with a smile.A long time, her husband agreed. This is Snyders step-son, Prince Emrys. He</p><p>has come seeking some assistance with an issue involving the Renegades in Seaforest.</p><p>Clayton has suggested that he, Dee and Logan will be going back to Seaforest with theprince. Prince Emrys, this is my wife, Finch.</p><p>Instead of greeting the prince regent, Finch instead turned her focus to Clayton,</p><p>mortified by the idea that he was considering accompanying Emrys back to Seaforest.</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 The Enemy of my Enemy - Chapter 1 *SPOILER*</p><p> 5/9</p><p>Clayton, no. Its much too dangerous. You cant go there. Besides, we need</p><p>you here, she pleaded.</p><p>Youll have no problem replacing me, and Renaldo knows a woman, Danica,who lives close to Marcotta and who will come to fill in for Logan. We have to go,</p><p>Finch. Its very important. In fact, were going to go, Clayton informed her.</p><p>Finch looked very disturbed by Claytons claims.They wont be travelling alone, Finch, Snyder reported. Emrys brought an</p><p>entourage of royal guard with him. And as far as their safety within Seaforest proper,</p><p>Emrys is prepared to offer them diplomatic immunity. That means theyll be able to useRenegade magic without fear of any repercussions.</p><p>Without fear of repercussions from the authorities, perhaps, but what about the</p><p>general public? From what I understand, the average person in Seaforest considers any</p><p>Renegade a menace. Why is this necessary? the elfin woman demanded, hands on hips.Because Im two votes away from overthrowing the law against Renegade magic</p><p>altogether. I need that one little piece of incentive to lure those last votes to my side. If I</p><p>have a well-functioning blended contingent from your school, I can present them as a</p><p>good example of how Renegade magic can be used in a disciplined manner, in anacceptable manner. The people positioned against the Renegades in Seaforest are fear-</p><p>mongering. If I have a means of assuaging those fears, I can bring an end to thisridiculous law. I wont be left vulnerable to assassins the way that my father was because</p><p>the law-makers wish to restrict my ability to protect myself. I wont leave my family</p><p>vulnerable either, the prince declared with solemnity.</p><p>Finch immediately backed down.Im sorry about your father, and yours is a worthy cause. If you promise to do</p><p>everything in your power to keep Clayton, Dee and Logan safe, then Ill withdraw my</p><p>objection.Dee and Logan chose this point to also make an appearance in the Common</p><p>Room, which was rapidly becoming crowded. They both came to a sudden stop, eyeing</p><p>the strange men who sat by Reid.Well, Im not ready to just let them go. I dont care what Clayton says. I have</p><p>questions that need answering to my satisfaction. For one, Dees just a student. Why</p><p>should she be going? Reid demanded.Well, Im not going without her, Clayton insisted. I dont want to go</p><p>anywhere if shes not with me. I spent enough time without her. And for another, who</p><p>better to watch out for me and Logan. Shes multi-talented and is well versed in</p><p>protecting others, thanks to her time with the Templars. Well have a need for a varietyof her skills. Im sure of that.</p><p>I want to go, Dee said stubbornly. Clayton promised me adventure when I</p><p>agreed to stay with the Academy. So far, I havent seen any.Alright, how about Logan then. Hes a Master, not a Renegade. Why should he</p><p>go? the half-elf protested.</p><p>Yes, Logan said supportively. Why should I go?The prince said he wanted a blended contingent, and I cant see you sending</p><p>Finch, or Renaldo, so that leaves Logan. Hes right for the task. I think hell even</p><p>surprise himself, Clayton told them. He just doesnt know it yet.</p><p>I truly believe the best way to get those who are sitting on the fence to listen to</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 The Enemy of my Enemy - Chapter 1 *SPOILER*</p><p> 6/9</p><p>us is by having a Master there to speak on the Academys behalf, Emrys commented.</p><p>What better proof that the Renegades and Masters are able to work well together than</p><p>confirmation from someone who has done so for years. We were also planning to headover to Magic University to see if Urwick might be willing to send us a missive</p><p>discussing your current alliance. The more support I can get with regards to striking the</p><p>Renegade law, the more likely my efforts will come to fruition. We havent executedanyone in Seaforest for the use of Renegade magic since my father took the throne, but as</p><p>long as that law exists, every Renegade in Seaforest is at risk. Snyder here can attest to</p><p>that. It was a close call on his part.The bard nodded in agreement.</p><p>It was a very unpleasant experience, but at least its over and done with, and my</p><p>name has been cleared. There are, however, Renegades in prison in Seaforest who dont</p><p>deserve to be there, and many more who have been forced into exile to avoid persecution.If the ban is lifted, and the law struck down, Emrys will be able to pardon them. Theyll</p><p>be free to return to their homes and their families. Nia and I will also be able to visit</p><p>Emrys without fear. Its a matter of righting a wrong created by prejudice.</p><p>Reid seemed to be mollified by their explanation. He looked over at Logan.Im not going to ask you to go if you arent truly willing, but I also know how</p><p>pointless it is to argue with Clayton. If you wont go, Ill be forced to ask Renaldo tomake the trip. You know he wont refuse me, but you also know he isnt getting any</p><p>younger, and this voyage would be hard on him.</p><p>Logan frowned. If he said no, his aging mentor would go in his stead, and he was</p><p>even more uncomfortable with that idea than he was reluctant to go himself. Succumbingto guilt and peer pressure, he confirmed his willingness to make the jou...</p></li></ul>