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This is the story of inception of boxes. They have evolved over time to provide you more agility and comfort for collaborating with groups, businesses and external contacts.


  • 1. I have been around for centuries. I have been helpful to people in so many ways that I have had many avatars, in metals, in wood, in cardboard, in ivory; and over the years I have assumed many shapes and sizes. I have been indispensable to the human kind. I am immortal. It is not surprising that I will appear in the virtual world. box story

2. Yes! NOW I have a virtual avatar!. 3. cherrypickbox is a collaboration software for your enterprise. Your employees can create virtual boxes that will enable them to share files, forms, messages and events within and outside of your enterprise while protecting the privacy and security of your enterprise data. It is simple and easy to use. Put the contents in the box, share! Thinking out of the box has a new meaning, I am, 4. You can toss all contents into a virtual box and share. You can throw forms, documents, messages, alerts and other events. Even better! As you throw it organizes itself. The box can hold different contents such as Messages, Documents Videos, Forms Events and Alerts contents of the box 5. boxes, many types You can create standard boxes, drop boxes, pick-up boxes and public boxes. The boxes can be shared externally or internal to a business. The private box provides facilities for members to keep their private contents. Each box has a different purpose and helps you to create a powerful collaboration mechanism for your business. internal Private box drop external pickup 6. private box Private box helps a member to keep private contents including draft materials. Private box is also a place where a member can store old mails and documents extracted from mail systems. Members can use the private box as a staging area before moving contents to boxes where there are members. 7. internal Internal boxes support communication between members of the box. In these type of boxes, any member can post a content. These posts can be to addressed to all the members of the box or to specific members of the box. Internal box restricts membership to internal members of a business. 8. external External boxes allow members of different businesses to work seamlessly together. Teams across businesses can collaborate without leaving their office (network domain). The synchronous technology keeps the boxes in sync. 9. drop Drop box is what it means . Members can drop contents to be picked up by a receiver. The receiver can be an application or a person. In addition to the recipient, these types of boxes allows creating box relationship manager. The members of the box can be grouped based on pre-defined characteristics. These groups can then be assigned one or more relationship managers to support the group. 10. pick-up The Pick-up box is meant for members to pick up contents sent by a sender. The sender can be an application or a person. In addition to the sender, these types of boxes allow creating box relationship managers. The members of the box can be grouped based on pre-defined characteristics. These groups can then be assigned one or more relationship managers to support the group. 11. public Public boxes are meant for mass communication and social collaboration. Noticeboards and Knowledge are public boxes that can be used for notifications and knowlegde sharing. Members can create public boxes for their social needs such as forming clubs or friends circle using Interest group boxes. Blogs provide the means to express and share thoughts with defined circle of followers or with all. 12. members Members of a box can be -Internal, meaning those who belong to a business -Foreign members who do not belong to the business but need access. For e.g., contractors and individual external associates. - Partner members who belong to a business partner. 13. devices as members Members of a box are not restricted to human members. Devices too can be added as members of a box. For e.g. Display panels when added as members can be used to disseminate information. Surveillance Cameras as members can post photos/videos to the box. 14. applications as members Application members can be used in cases when information posted by members needs to be processed by a business app or when a business app has to post data to members. Application as members lets a business extend the usage of a box to meet its business needs. 15. It stands out as a collaboration platform as it facilitates peer-to-peer collaboration between business enterprises besides internal sharing. It accomplishes this without having to necessarily use a common data storage, by employing a patented technology. cherrypickbox will improve your enterprise productivity in leaps and bounds It will take less than 24 hours to install and get started. Put everything you care about in the box.


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