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  • Texas is the second-largest state in the U.S.
  • Area: almost 270.000square miles
  • Population: 24.7 million residents

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  • The dipthong/a/ becomes monopthongized to /a:/: ride [ra:d], wide [wa:d]
  • Southern drawl: breaking of the front vowels
  • pat [p j], pet [pej], pit [pj]
  • /z/ becomes /d/ before /n/
  • wasnt [w dnt], business [ bdns]
  • exception: hasnt [ hznt]


  • Drop /g/ in ing
  • taking / tek/, walking /w:k/


  • Use of past participle in place of past simple.
  • I onlydonewhat you done told me
  • Iseenher first
  • use of was in place of were.
  • youwassittin on that chair
  • Use of double modals.
  • hemight couldclimb the top
  • iused to coulddo that


  • Use ofeverinstead ofevery.
  • everwheresis the same place these days.
  • Use of(a-) fixin toorfixin towith the meaningabout to.
  • the planesfixin toland.


  • Howdy : a general greeting. A shortened form of how do you do?
  • Dijeetyet : did you eat yet?
  • Ol boy : a good friend
  • Looker : an atractive woman


  • Yall : you all
  • Over Yonder:analogous to over there
  • Coke:Any flavor of soda.


  • Conversion of one-syllable words into two-syllable words.
  • big:bee-yug.
  • pen:pee-yun.
  • cat:ca-yut.


  • Conversion of ing into ang
  • fingerfanger
  • singsang
  • thingsthangs

12. script

  • Amarillo, Texas. Ah, North Texas, up in the panhandle. Twenty-two. In Huntsville, Texas. I am going to Sam Houston State University. Ill be starting my junior year in the fall. Yeah, I have a younger sister thats nineteen, and a brother thats twelve and a brother thats six. And my parents are divorced, so I have lived with my mom and my dad, my step-dad since I was five. So Im not very close to my real dad. Well my mom is white and my dad was Hispanic and since I didnt really get to know him, I probably am the most whitest Mexican youve ever met in your life. No. No, I dont even like Mexican food.