Ten Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Business

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Post on 15-Apr-2017




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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Ten things I wish I knew when I started my businessMichelle M. Keib</p> <p>TEN THINGS</p> <p>I wish I new when I started my own business . . .a personal journey of discovering what you really need to know.</p> <p>REAL LIFE IS UNEXPECTED</p> <p>IT ALL STARTS WITH A PLAN</p> <p>KEEP IT SIMPLEFOCUSEDVISIONORGANIZED</p> <p>BE A WISE OPTIMISTWHICH ADVICE MATTERS TO YOU?1. NAIVETY VS. OPTIMISM VS. PESSIMISM</p> <p>2. COLD CALLING</p> <p>NEVER STOP DOING ITCUSTOMERS BECOME FRIENDSVOICEMAIL AND EMAIL IS GOLDEN</p> <p>IF YOU SCRATCH THE SURFACE OF A GREAT ENTREPRENEUR, YOU WILL FIND A GREAT SALESPERSON.MARILYN CARLSON NELSON</p> <p>COLD CALLINGRESULTS</p> <p>COLD CALLING TIPSACT A ROLEEXPECT VOICEMAILCALL EARLY</p> <p>TIE BETWEEN MIND AND BODY3. WORK OUT</p> <p>BETTER BREAKS = BETTER PRODUCTION</p> <p>EXERCISE AND TAKE EFFECTIVE BREAKS</p> <p>IS YOUR MOST VALUABLE ASSET4. YOUR NETWORK </p> <p>NETWORKING DYNAMICS</p> <p>PRETEND TO BE SOMEONE ELSESEND POSITIVE ENERGY</p> <p>WHAT IS YOURS?5. RISK TOLERANCE LEVEL</p> <p>WHICH ENTREPRENEUR ARE YOU?</p> <p>AND LOVE IT . . .</p> <p>6. DO THE WORK</p> <p>YOU ARE ALWAYS WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE.7. YOUR PATH WILL FIND YOU</p> <p>Inspirational quotes can help you get through your day.</p> <p>Here is a shot of some of my post it notes.</p> <p>8. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ENERGY YOU BRING INTO A ROOM</p> <p>9. People make business decisions all the time that have nothing to do with business</p> <p>LOVE VS. FEAR IN DECISIONS</p> <p>10. The SBA is for the protection of the Banks not for Small Businesses</p> <p>SBA EXPORTER OF THE YEAR</p> <p>Michelle M. Keib President</p> <p>315.657.2620Mpactagency.com</p>