Ted Prodromou: LinkedIn Results in 30 Minutes a Day--or Less

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Ted Prodromou shares the story of how he filled his client pipeline in less than 30 days by spending less than 30 minutes a day on LinkedIn answering questions and helping people. From the July 2013 Bay Area Consultants Network (BACN) meeting in San Rafael, CA.


<ul><li> LinkedIn Results in 30 Minutes a Day or Less Ted Prodromou www.tedprodromou.com </li> <li> LinkedIn Facts Surpassed 225 million members in May 2013 Adding 2 new members every second Over 50% of members are college graduates 9 of 10 executives use LinkedIn at least once a week (Forbes) 2.7 million company pages 1.5 million groups </li> <li> My LinkedIn 30/30 Challenge I would spend no more than 30 minutes per day on LinkedIn in June My only goal is to help as many people as possible. No promotions or selling of my services. I would share interesting articles from external websites, share interesting content from the LinkedIn timeline, Like content from the timeline, answer questions in groups, comment on group discussions and connect with people who are in my target audience. </li> <li> Preliminary Results First 10 Days The number of times I appear in LinkedIn Searches increased 120% The number of times my profile was reviewed by others increased 150% The number of people reaching out to me to connect tripled The number of people emailing or calling me after connecting quadrupled Traffic to my website increased over 400% And I picked up a couple of new ideal clients! </li> <li> LinkedIn Profile Views </li> <li> Website Traffic </li> <li> 3 Steps to Success Build a strong foundation Focus on helping others Be consistent </li> <li> Building a Strong Foundation </li> <li> Strong Foundation Your LinkedIn Profile is the key to success Think of your profile as a landing page where you need to make a strong first impression Complete your profile 100% - an incomplete profile looks unprofessional and you will appear in LinkedIn searches more often with a complete profile Make at least 500 connections Use a professional picture Use keywords in your profile and skills </li> <li> Professional Headline Most people use their job title or a non-descript phrase Treat it like a Tweet or Google Ad headline to entice people to click on your profile to learn more Use your USP to let people know how you can help them </li> <li> Would you connect with these people? </li> <li> Would you connect with these people? </li> <li> Where else does your Professional Headline appear? </li> <li> Save these pictures for Facebook </li> <li> Use keywords frequently </li> <li> Helping Others </li> <li> Status updates Share interesting articles, blog posts, videos and updates in your Status Updates You can use @ and # like on Twitter </li> <li> Share content from LinkedIn Today </li> <li> Like, Comment and Share </li> <li> Join in your networks discussions </li> <li> Endorse others </li> <li> Recommend others </li> <li> Send a personal note after connecting </li> <li> Comment, Like and Share Company updates </li> <li> Comment, Like and Share Influencer posts </li> <li> Participate in active groups </li> <li> Be Consistent </li> <li> What I learned When I was fully focused during my daily LinkedIn visits, the number of views of my profile increased, the number of Likes of my posts, and sharing of my content increased When I was just doing my time and not fully engaged, I had almost no engagement from others I could generate more engagement with 10 minutes of focused time than during 30 minutes of unfocused time Saturday is the best day to share content and engage others in conversation </li> <li> Have a plan Focus on interacting in no more than 2-3 groups at a time so you dont spread yourself too thin Never self-promote in groups. Focus on helping others and they will get to know, like and trust you which builds long- term relationships. Always send personalized invitations when you are reaching out to others Always send personalized emails to people you connect with and let them know why you appreciate them connecting with you Have fun! </li> <li> For more information ted@tedprodromou.com www.tedprodromou.com </li> </ul>