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Task Force on Instructional Technology. Technology Environment for Teaching and Learning. Carl Harris, Jeff Crowder. Oxygen Principle. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Main Topic: Concept. Concept. Concept.

Technology Environmentfor Teaching and LearningCarl Harris, Jeff Crowder

Task Force on Instructional Technology1Oxygen Principle2In the future, computing will be human-centered... available everywhere, like batteries and power sockets, or oxygen in the air we breathe. It will enter the human world, handling our goals and needs and helping us to do more while doing less.

-- MIT Project Oxygen Network as a fabric for...CommunicationCollaborationImmersion3Desirable AttributesTechnology infrastructure should be...UnobtrusivePervasiveExtensible... a platform for innovationContext-Aware

4unobtrusive doesnt get in the way, dont have to know its therepervasive not just everywhere, but in every context and with conte4Major InitiativesWireless/mobile improvementsUnified communications systemApplication platform virtualization5Wireless OutlookCoverage and capacity improvementsMore bars, more placesDistributed antenna system for mobile carriersCampus wireless technology upgrades for better experience in large lecture halls6Wireless OutlookImproved wireless network on-boarding and off-boardingSeamless transition from mobile carrier networks to campus networkUnobtrusive access control7Unified CommunicationsIntegrating different modes of communication over the networkaudiovideotext, images, shared documents/tools, etc.8Allowing us to derive new and useful ways of collaborating...Collaboration with...any combination of participants located anywheremultiple mediums for interactionminimal administrative or technology overheadany combination of devices9Platform VirtualizationEnable innovative application development by reducing cost of entryMinimal out of pocket expenseOffload administrative overheadShare hardware resources and other infrastructure10"Who will pave my information super-driveway?" - Zigurd Mednieks in Telirati Newsletter #31, 12 Oct 1998.

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