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  1. 1. Development of tourism in Tibet Holidaying in the mountainous Tibet has always been exciting. The snow capped mountains and their overwhelming grandeur have enticed people to explore them over and over again. The gyrating rivers that flow along the foothills of the mountains and the misty clouds simply are mesmerizing. Tibet the land of monasteries and temples is one of those places on earth that not only enthrals but also tranquilizes. The serenity of itsnatural beauty hasbeen ever welcoming for the tourists. Tibet located in the southwest region of China has long being a favourite destination for thetourists. Tourism have developed further in this region with exotic food and lodging arrangements. The typically Tibetan style hotels and cuisines are absolute delight. The soothing cold climate of the Tibet doesnt also let one get tired and fatigued butisrather ideal for trekking. Themystic of thehighlandstakesover all thesenses. The days spent in Tibet can be complete with a number of activities with lots of places to visit, from Nie Tang Budda to Shangri- la and then to Lhasa, its a memorable journey. Tibet Holiday getaway is the one of a kind that could be cherished for therest of oneslives.
  2. 2. Select packages that suit you You can select different packages for your Tibet Tour. You can cover from Shagri- La to Lhasa and then from Lhasa to Shigatse depending on the number of days you wish to stay in Tibet. The grand and massive Potala Palace in the Lhasa is a must visit tourist destinations amongst others. In the central Lhasa begin your sight seeing with the monasteries. The Drepung is the worlds largest monastery with about 10,000 monks. The mountainous roads of the Tibet lead to the Yamdrokotso, which is a holy lake in Lhasa. The turquoise blue waters of the holy lake make for indeed an admirablepart of thesight seeing. Things to know about Tibet The temperatures in Tibet vary from one place to another so much that it differs within a few miles. Its usually pleasant with the average temperature remaining within 8 degrees. It receives rains during the rainy months which starts from May and lasts till September. So generally speaking the best time for Tibetan holiday is from the March to- October when one doesnt feel too cold or too hot. The weather remainspleasant and ideal for travelling during thistimeof theyear.
  3. 3. While taking the Tibet Tourone should take adequate caution if travelling by the mountainous roads. If one is planning to take the hilly journey by car or by foot the rainy seasons should better be avoided because the roads remain slippery and since during these times mud slides or cave-ins take place blocking the road. It might also turn dangerous. Thusthemodeof transport whileexploring Tibet should be decided according to the prevailing weather. Tibet is an autonomous region that has its own rich aesthetic beauty and grandeur. A trip to Tibet is not only a pilgrimagebut also an adventureand an unforgettablejourney.